Friday, 3 August 2018

A Study in Political Degradation: NIAGARA

Years of scrutinizing the machinations of the Niagara Regional Government has brought ‘News Alert Niagara’ to the following disturbing interim expose`.

An examination of the July 26, 2018 special meeting held at 4:30 pm is indicative of a municipal government in decline. 

Starting with the very timing of the meeting. CAO Carman D`Angelo used this tactic during his tenure at the Niagara PeninsulaConservation Authority (NPCA). By holding council meetings during working hours reduces the number of citizens observers. This deliberate tactic is not a mistake!

The 4:30 meeting could have been used for the volatile 2 hour in-camera session leaving the regular 6:30 meeting for more Niagara Citizens to witness their sick and feckless behavior!

Several of the 3-dozen sign carrying protesters complained about Councilor Volpatti’s comment that of a population of over 400K ‘is this all you could muster’. Not surprising considering her seconding of foul-mouthed lying bully and NPCA operative, Councilor quirky Quirk’s motion to derail discourse on the Ontario Ombudsman’s report.

Carman D`Angelo came into being as CAO of the Niagara Region by speciously accepting and using confidential information exposing D`Angelo’s true character for what it is! The vote to hire this miscreant was skewed by the NPCA clique steeped in the corruption and conduct of the NPCA.

Councilor and NPCA operative Bruce Timms tried to categorize the Ombudsman’s description of illegal acts and lawlessness as mere ‘Mistakes’.

The Ontario Ombudsman’s report was brought on by a myriad of so-called ‘Mistakes’ like locking Niagara Citizens out of their regional council meeting! Or the ‘Mistake’ of confiscating media equipment without ‘colour of right’! Or the ‘Mistake’ of expelling media from a public council meeting! Or the ‘Mistake’ of spending $95,000 TAXPAYER DOLLARS (without council approval) on a Toronto lawyer for the sole purpose of negatively impacting the Ombudsman’s efforts in a specious effort to protect D`Angelo’s dirty donkey!

The Ombudsman’s did not refer to ‘Mistakes’! The Ombudsman’s report referred to illegalities, lawlessness and criminal acts. Apologies are offered for mistakes! Apologies are inappropriate for illegalities! Apologies are not appropriate for lawlessness and certainly not for criminal activities as in the criminal mischief (Criminal Code 430 (1) of Councilor Annunziata, which is the genesis of $hundreds of thousands in cost to the overburdened Taxpayer and all this gargantuan effort, wasted time and still no investigation!

Now after 8 months these lawless miscreants have never responded to our dialogue requests nor have they returned our stolen property.
The truth is that Chair Caslin’s half-baked apology was made to no one and only made at all because he and his sordid CAO were outed by the Ontario Ombudsman.

Chair Caslin and his sordid CAO didn’t even acknowledge that the victims of their lawless conduct where present in the Council Chamber. 

Neither Chair Caslin or his sordid CAO have contacted their victims or even responded to their victims.

Perhaps Chair Caslin and his sordid CAO could salvage some semblance of their integrity if they would temper their half-baked apology with their resignation.

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