Monday, 29 July 2019

Niagara Regime's Solution to Homelessness

The Niagara Regime Authority's solution to homelessness is to divest themselves of the problem; to wash their hands of responsibility for the homeless; to spend more of the taxpayer's hard earned money to pay someone else to take the blame for the Regime's failure. 

Government in the Niagara Region is classic example of the cost of over-governance being the prime cause of homelessness.
News Alert Niagara is stating its belief that the Region is headed in the wrong direction. 
Continually adding new costly committees, agencies, or government entities of any name is the mantra of every failed society throughout history. 
It's in the governments inimical style to just form another committee, agency or ministry to do the job that we have hired or elected them to do.
Our Canadian government is responsible for the fastest growing poverty rate anywhere in the world and the government in Niagara is no exception. In fact Niagara with a population of approximately 450K is the most over-governed area in the country! Government is the primary cause of homelessness predicated on the exponential expansion of government causing the rising cost of home ownership

Logistics tells us that it is a mathematical certainty that the current trajectory of our Canadian Governments (Niagara included) will lead to societal collapse! 
So, after decades of feckless rhetoric what is the Niagara Regime's answer to the problem of homelessness? 
Contrive ANOTHER BUREAUCRACY to drive up the cost of home ownership! 

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

NPCA Strikes Again!

There goes the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) again trying to spread their gospel of Authority.
Near the end of a very interesting NPCA Board meeting the NEW NPCA Board Members decided to throw in an astonishing half-hearted apology to the former NPCA Board Member and former Regional Councilor Bill Hodgson.
Bill Hodgson was the NPCA Board member who attempted to keep the former NPCA Executive and its pack of corrupt board members from going off the rails.

What the former NPCA could not tolerate was the fact that Bill Hodgson had something that they didn't have and that was Integrity!
In fact it must have come as a shock to the former scoundrel-laden NPCA when the public disagreed with their conduct to such a degree that the miscreants found their sorry asses kicked to the curb.
However, since the new NPCA Board is in the mood to do what is right maybe, just maybe, they could or should consider an apology to the innocent Citizen/victims of the past corrupt NPCA bums who abused and in some cases totally destroyed them.
For the benefit of the new NPCA Board we have added just a few of the Citizens that the NPCA and their pals in the judiciary abused and destroyed.
Without dwelling on what was in the exhaustive report regarding the failures of former NPCA boards or the conduct of NPCA executives we will simply supply a response to the exception.  
This Link takes you to the 'News Alert Niagara' study in political Corruption.
Below you will find just 12 of the many stories pointing out the horrendous stories of abuse suffered by Canadian Citizens at the hands of Conservation Authorities.

Here is a story of a couple who did everything right to start their little business in Welland, Ontario only to be destroyed by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. (NPCA)
On top of going back to college, getting all required permits and even paying $thousands for an environment assessment the NPCA crushed them after their first few sales and on what basis? 
On the basis of connected underground aquifers, a non-existent Black Gum Tree and a dead turtle skeleton in the roadside ditch. 
The Laws permitting this lunacy run closely akin to the old witch-craft trials.

Then there is the story of a couple who made the big mistake of purchasing a so-called ‘Provincially Significant Wetland’ predicated on their love of all things in nature.
Mistake, because taking on the obligation as official PSW managers, they have suffered harassment, extortion and even malicious prosecution, which the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has been known for in the past. 
The Niagara Regional Government not only condones this specious conduct, but they even participate by lending regional staff time and facilities including their legal department.

This crime story began when Conservation authority drained ‘CONSERVATION Land’ onto the White Family farm. Mr. White senior died under the strain of illicit litigation leaving Son Dave and his Mother to carry on defending their innocence against NPCA employee perjurers, who were themselves terminated for not lying good enough!  
Dave complained because the CA was flooding his land. So the Conservation Authority simply changed the designation of Dave’s land to wetland and charged him and his mother with farming a wetland. After four years in court, their entire life savings was sucked out of them. 
The Region’s lawyer, representing the Conservation Authority asked the judge to have Dave White and his 82-year-old mother thrown into prison for 2 years and he also requested a $50,000 fine plus costs and all this in the NPCA’s failed attempt to pad their bank account. 
However, Dave had proven that the Conservation Authority had changed the mapping and the water course flow in the creeks — amongst other things — to suit their own case. 
In the end, the judge saw through the malicious scheme and chastised Niagara Region's Lawyer for using the court system as a weapon against common people. 

Another failed and costly attempt involved the NPCA in a decades long vendetta against an innocent City of St. Catharines, Ontario resident.
A cabal of so called environment protectors unleashed a tyrannical assault, not only against an innocent citizen, but also against the environment that they are supposed to protect!

Perhaps no other story epitomizes the tyrannical predilection of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority as that of Mr. Len Greenaway’s story recently written in Niagara this week Newspaper.
The NPCA cannot claim any description other than tyrannical when it accepts donated property and then cuts off common and traditional emergency water supply simply because it has acquired that power!
The NPCA has be getting away with tyranny based on framing their tyranny as conservation!

Other NPCA tyrannical activities include their attempt to destroy the last remaining 'Wetland Forest' in Niagara Falls, Ontario in favor of Rich Chinese Developers!

NPCA Tyrants take custody of popular hiking forest and immediately sell off healthy old growth trees leaving the tree tops cluttering the hiking trails!

NPCA Tyrants allow millions of tons of Carcinogen toxic waste to be piled hundreds of feet high with-in the urban boundaries of Welland , Ontario for a gift of $5million!

NPCA Tyrants expands authority over private property and people’s homes!

The same NPCA tyrants that lord their authority over private citizens and their private property are the same Tyrants that build commercial banquette halls on our much vaunted UNESCO World Biosphere conservation park paid for by the company that created Mount carcinogen! 

After losing their years-long persecution against an innocent St. Catharines city resident, the NPCA and City convinced a court that by finishing his legal Solar array project he further violated the law under the spurious argument that he created a new development. This corrupted equity theft cost the Citizen additional $thousands!

Consider Jean and Peter Thomas' story because I believe you will find it interesting to learn building a sand ring on your property to exercise horses; will land you in court, fighting for your property rights resulting in huge legal fees, a $600,000 lien on your home and tens of thousands in fines and all because they did NO damage to the environment.

Instead of the NPCA trying to chisel more hard earned dollars out of the hapless taxpayer over climate Change, which is something the NPCA can do nothing about, they could ask our seemingly feckless hundreds of lawyers of the Attorney General's office to investigate the horrendous abuse of power under the former NPCA.

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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Government Fidelity

NPCA stands for 'Niagara Peninsula' Conservation Authority.
Past NPCA corrupt empire builders expanded 'their authority' to include Hamilton and Haldimand.
Since 1946 the NPCA carried out its mandate in relative harmony - that is until a corrupt cabal of individuals took control of the agency aided and abetted by the spectacularly inept Ontario Liberal Government of Premier Kathleen Wynne.
Former Cabinet Member of the McGuinty/Wynne Liberal Government and member of the failed Standing Committee on Government Agencies was none other than Niagara Regime Chair Jim Bradley who failed in his duty to control the NPCA or even respond to the constant outcry from suffering Niagara Citizens.
If we had a government worth its salt it would take a look at what these corrupt conservation authorities have done to innocent Citizens!
‘News Alert Niagara’ chronicled the devastation caused by corrupt NPCA individuals who often stated that they were ‘untouchable’ in their financial destruction of innocent property owners on the flimsiest of charges for the sole purpose of enriching their agency.
It was during the years of the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals that the wheels of the conservation agency started to come off leading to the total ouster of the NPCA executive and all of the Niagara board members; a devastating court trial and a formal lecture from Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk.
More disturbing Links:
The NPCA Board has been improperly populated with cronies and used as a political plum to augment the pay of self-serving politicians.
Sadly, there is still a dearth of a skills-based matrix populating the NPCA Board of Directors.
Former NPCA Chair Sandy Annunziata revealed that his team had discovered long-lost orders-in-council that indicated Niagara was entitled to just five seats on the board.
However here in the ‘Land of Lunacy’ the best response we can get from the Chair of the NPCA Board is “21 is less than 31” (Min 2:52); meaning 21 board members for the $10 million NPCA is less than the 31 councilors for the $Billion Regional Regime.
"Authorities that disrespect the public purse deserve no respect!" -Preston Haskell 
Except for the bloated Niagara Regional Regime, the NPCA has more board members than any City in the Niagara Region has councilors! The city of St. Catharines, the largest city in Niagara has twelve (12) councilors. Including the Mayor the City of Toronto is successful with twenty-six (26) councilors.
Interesting math – interesting values!
Predicated on the math-logic of the Regional Lunatics equality for the NPCA would be 100 board members of dubious value; Toronto with 2.5 million population could argue to have over 650 Councilors based on Niagara Region’s 125 Councilors for a population of 450K.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Dire Warning for Canadians

Never in the history of our country has the Citizens been at risk from their own government!
Click here for the rest of her story
News Alert Niagara has been reporting on many horror stories of Citizens suffering and even being destroyed by their own government and an overabundance of government agencies as evidenced and followed in our article: 
You can go the way of so many others by spending your fortune to fight government in our  contemptible lower courts which pick off citizens one at a time or you can join your fellow Citizens in a fight to get your Property Rights into higher courts; higher courts all the way to the supreme court where there is hope for property rights. 
Good News! You can now fight back WITHOUT risk! 
You can join the 'Constitutional Challenge'!
Furthermore, your Financial support to Patent Research will be refunded upon a successful resolution or property rights. 
What's the old adage? You can pay now or pay later and because your money hungry government is coming for you on the slightest pretext.
Remember the best defense is a good offence!

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Lying loser returns

On January 16, 2016 'News Alert Niagara' published an article under the heading 'Official Niagara Baffle Gabregarding an overload of bovine waste emanating from the Niagara Regional Regime and in particular the Regime's former CAO Harry Schlange.
Now we find that the lying loser has returned as the CAO of the Niagara Municipality of Grimsby.
How Nice!
How could this happen? What due diligence was conducted by those hired and elected by the Grimsby Citizens?
With very little effort they would have discovered the true nature of their potential hire. The first thing of paramount importance is the fact that Schlange is not only a liar but a liar under oath; a perjurer in his court deposition. They could have examined the integrity of a individuals who would perjure themselves in order to harm a citizen who disagrees with them or is critical of their conduct. Perjury made worse by the cost to the Niagara Taxpayer of a $Quarter Million!
CITATION: Bracken v. Regional Municipality of Niagara Corporation, 2015 ONSC 6934
COURT FILE NO.:  10408/15
What effort did the Grimsby authorities make to check into Liar Schlange's past conduct or his historic adventures starting in Fort Erie before hiring him? 
With all the resources of government, why is it that a little media outfit like 'News Alert Niagara' is left to publicly sound the alarm as in the article: A Close Call for Niagara Taxpayers.
How can the Municipal Town of Grimsby go from spending hours and hours trying to legally retrieve taxpayers hard earned money all the way down to hiring a disreputable Character like Harry Schlange?
So Sad!

Can you say Trust, Transparency, Integrity?

This man can. And so can the Niagara Regional Regime's Council!
However, 'A Better Niagara' spilled the beans as to a Municipal Government that actually walks the walk when it come to standing up for their constituents. It's called Integrity!
Read Mike Williscraft's article in 'NEWSNOW' for the full story on Grimsby's effort to do more than 'forget about it' as juxtaposed with the feckless Regional Regime's bovine waste of 'lets just make sure it doesn't happen again'. 
While the Municipality of Grimsby has spent hours and hours delving into the legal possibility of recouping the loss of hard earned taxpayer dollars, the Regional Regime has been wasting hours and hours agonizing over their own political remuneration and an expensive 'Kathleen Wynne style scheme' to defraud the Citizen by changing the pay scale formula to allow pay increases for the Regime's employees at twice the rate of the Consumer Price Index!                                                                                 

It is interesting to note that it was senior Councilor Gale who recognized the revolting specter being viewed by the Niagara Constituents and who called on council to "cool it". More interesting is the fact that Chair Bradley sat stoically failing to shepherd his flock; failing to guide his council to get back to the business of addressing the many issues plaguing Niagara and Niagara Citizens. 
Was Chair Bradley's new gang's first effort to address the many ills that face their Constituents; Their own contemptible secrecy; Their corrupt scheduling; Their illegalities and equity theft; Their war on free speech; and their penchant for becoming the arbiter of who is or who is not media? No! Bradley's new gang of what must now be rightly termed as miserable miscreants decided to attack the taxpayer with the serious government induced affliction of homelessness by attempting to pile on more homeowner taxes for the Regime's benefit.
And when was the last time any of those we have elected or hired addressed the ridiculous overload of Niagara politicians?
Was the former Kathleen Wynne Cabinet Minister concerned about the inordinate amount of valuable time attempting to increase taxes to enrich the Niagara Regional Regime as opposed to considering the increased cost burden on the hapless home owner?  
Kathleen Wynne and her Cabinet Minister Bradley enriched everyone EXCEPT the Citizen and now Bradley has brought this shame to Niagara!

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Friday, 12 July 2019

Fighting for Transparency

Following to The Auditor General's address to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) 'News Alert Niagara' made a May 21, 2019 request for background information on the new NPCA board members.
We took the position that since the NPCA Board members where by en large simply appointed then the public should have some background information as to just what related expertise the new Board Members brought to the table.
Today (July 11, 2019) we received word from Erika Navarro, the NPCA communication specialist that information Biographys have been added to the stark list of names.
Good Afternoon Mr. Haskell,
Hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to touch base regarding your recommendation below, sent to us in May.

Please be advised that bios have been added to our website:

Thank you,


Please Note that some Board Members even add their Email Address!


    Board Chair Dave Bylsma was appointed to the NPCA in December 2018 and elected Chair in January, 2019. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from McMaster University.
    He is serving his first term on regional council in his capacity as mayor of West Lincoln. He was a councillor in West Lincoln for the 2014 to 2018 term. He has run in eight federal elections for the Christian Heritage Party since 1993.
    In 2000, he started Designer’s Doorstop Inc. which manufactures kitchen cabinet doors and currently employs four at his Vineland facility. He is a member of the West Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Niagara Woodlot Association and the Canadian Christian Business Federation.

    Member Bylsma attends Presbyterian Church in Beamsville, where he plays the piano. He and wife Sylvia are raising seven children in St. Anns, with two married children residing nearby.
    On the NPCA Board, Chair Bylsma is on the Audit & Budget, CAO Selection, Governance, and Watershed Floodplain Committees, as well as serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Huson has been a life-long resident of Niagara and is serving her first term on regional council.
    She is currently the director of advancement and communications for Momentum Choir, a charitable organization that promotes and nurtures the musical talents of adults with disabilities. She also works at Brock University providing executive support, and financial, administrative and project management cross-functionally within the Registrar’s Office in addition to coordinating Brock’s graduation ceremonies.

    Member Huson is a graduate of Brock University having a master’s degree in Political Science with a specialization on Public Policy. Her academic research focused on Niagara’s economic development model and institutional change. She additionally holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization on Marketing. She has a passion for operations management, strategic planning and effective governance.
    Member Huson is an avid hiker, having a membership with the Bruce Trail and an avid interest in preserving and protecting Niagara’s environmental landscape. She is also passionate about entrepreneurship and supporting the growth and development of small to medium sized business in our community.

    She currently resides in the Town of Pelham, with her husband Todd and daughter Natasha. Her hobbies include graphic design, painting, and photography.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Huson is on the Audit & Budget, CAO Selection, Governance, and Watershed Floodplain Committees, as well as serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member MacKenzie is a resident of Grimsby and is a graduate of the University of Guelph, with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Fish and Wildlife Biology.
    His extensive career in conservation includes 39 years with the Hamilton Conservation Authority, managing Conservation Areas and the Fifty Point Marina, eventually stepping into a Director of Customer Services and Operations position.
    He is currently Commissioner of the Niagara Escarpment Commission, Director of the Hamilton Naturalists Club, Bird Study Group, and coordinator of the Grimsby Wetlands. He has previously served as President President of the Ontario Marina Operators Association, President of the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club, and Founding Director of the Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch.

    Member MacKenzie has a high desire to give back to the community and foster a strong appreciation of the superb natural heritage of the Niagara Watershed. His conservation efforts span from combating invasive species to the five-year fight he and others undertook to have the former sewage lagoons converted into a natural wetland space. He firmly believes in the benefits of being active in nature for physical and mental wellbeing and would like to build on the immense benefits of providing and protecting natural areas close to where people live.
    He enjoys sharing his love and knowledge of nature with others, in addition to writing, hiking, kayaking, nature photography, biking and art.
    On the NPCA Board, Member MacKenzie serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Metcalfe is serving his first term on the NPCA Board of Directors representing Haldimand County, Ward 2.
    At the County, Member Metcalfe serves as Chair, Engineering & Capital Works, Vice Chair, Corporate & Social Services, Member of the Agricultural Advisory Committee, Court of Revision, and Heritage Haldimand.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Metcalfe is Vice Chair of the Audit & Budget Committee and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Shirton is serving his second term on the NPCA Board.
    At the County, he is the Chair, Public Meeting for Planning Applications, Vice Chair, Engineering and Capital Works, Business Development and Planning Advisory Committee, Court of Revision, Haldimand County Public Library Board and the Museums Advisory Board.

    On the NPCA Board, Councillor Shirton is on the Governance Committee and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Clark has more than 20 years of private sector experience in executive management, public affairs, communications, government relations, and community engagement.
    His public affairs consulting firm, Brad Clark Associates, specializes in community relations. He was honoured to serve in Ontario’s 37th parliament, as MPP for the Riding of Stoney Creek, Minister of Labour, Minister of Transportation, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.

    Currently, he is a three-term Hamilton City Councillor for Ward 9 - Stoney Creek. He serves on the boards of Directors for both the Hamilton Conservation Authority and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Clark is Chair of the Governance Committee and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    In 2007, while working for Environment Hamilton as a Project Manager, Member Johnson led her community to fight development that would greatly alter the natural environment of their neighbourhood. She was successful in this endeavour and others.
    In 2010, Member Johnson was elected as the City of Hamilton’s Ward 11 Councillor. She is presently serving her third term as the elected official for Glanbrook Ward 11 which is within the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority watershed.

    To better serve the residents of Glanbrook and due to Member Johnson’s past experience and interest in both the Agricultural and Rural Affairs as well as Conservation Authorities, Brenda requested the City of Hamilton’s appointment to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board and has been a Board member since January 2019.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Johnson is Vice Chair of the CAO Selection Committee and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Wright is currently serving on the NPCA Board of Directors, representing the City of Hamilton.
    He holds a B.A. Sc. in Civil Engineering from University of Waterloo, with a focus on water resources, as well as a M.B.A. from York University with a focus on general management.
    Member Wright has approximately 12 years of experience working at the NPCA, first as the drinking water source protection coordinator/project manager and eventually as manager of Technical Services. Working as a project engineer in the environmental consulting field with more than 15 years of experience, he focused on soil remediation, soil and groundwater studies, and environmental site assessments, among other areas. He has taught several technical courses at a community college.

    Member Wright enjoyed participating in the activities of the organization for many years, and as such, is looking forward to his continued contribution to the NPCA as a board member.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Wright is on the Audit and Budget Committee, serves on the Source Protection Authority, and is the NPCA liaison on the Source Protection Committee.


    Member Beattie has served on the NPCA Board of Directors, as a citizen representative for the City of Hamilton, since 2011.
    He has more than 20 years of experience as an operations manager, 39 years in integrated steel plant maintenance, and 42 years as a community volunteer, school trustee, and small business owner. He holds a B.A. Sc. in Civil Engineering from University of Waterloo, with a focus on water resources, as well as an M.B.A. from York University with a focus on general management.

    Member Beattie resides in Winona and has held the titles of Board Chair, Board Member, and President for the Winona Peach Festival since
    1975. He has been married to Georgina for 48 years, with 4 children and 8 grandchildren.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Beattie is on the CAO Selection, Audit & Budget, and Watershed Floodplain Committees and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Foster was first elected to Lincoln town council in January of 2001 and served continuously representing Ward 1. He was elected to regional council in 2018 and is serving his first term as a regional councillor.
    At Town of Lincoln, Member Foster held many roles including deputy mayor (seven years) and chair of planning and development (nine years). He also chaired the Corporate Priorities / Business Planning Committee for a total of eight years, a position which included chairing the budget process for the Town of Lincoln.
    Member Foster has an extensive background in information technology and is currently a senior manager at LifeLabs, a Canadian-owned company that provides healthcare services across Canada.

    His education background includes a BA in political science from McMaster University, a master’s degree in library and information sciences from Western University, and he is currently studying towards a master’s degree in public administration from Western University. Rob has also achieved his Project Management Professional designation.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Foster is Vice-Chair of the Governance Committee, sits on the CAO Selection and Audit & Budget Committees and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Rick Brady is a resident of the City of Niagara Falls, and is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, possessing a Bachelor of Arts. Additionally, he has taken Management courses from the IVEY Institute.
    He is a Professional Planner and has worked in both the private and public sectors, and as a Full-Time Professor at Niagara College.
    Member Brady is eager to share his skills and knowledge with the Board of Directors and hopes his experience will be helpful in leading the NPCA on a path forward.

    He is the past President of the Niagara Falls Nature Club, past Chairman of the Niagara Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, past member of the Ecological and Environmental Advisory Committee at Region of Niagara, and past President of the Niagara Falls Rotary Club.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Brady is on the Watershed Floodplain Committee and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Zalepa is serving his first term on regional council. He served six years as councillor from 2008 to 2014 for the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, which included being chairperson of Community and Development Services, chairperson of Urban Design Committee, member of Municipal Heritage Committee, member of Committee of Adjustment and chairperson of Corporate Services.
    As an active community member, he is a volunteer for 809 Network Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets as chairperson of the squadron
    sponsoring committee, a Board member for Riverbrink Art Museum in Queenston, minor hockey as coach and referee, and member of the Niagara Association of Realtors, Ontario Real Estate Association, Canadian Real Estate Association and Canadian Professional Sales Association, among others.
    Member Zalepa was owner of Real Estate Brokerage for 25 years and is currently the director of strategic growth for Century 21 Canada
    corporate head office. He was past president of the Niagara Association of Realtors, past chairperson of the Ontario Real Estate Association Government Relations Committee and past chairperson of Canadian Real Estate Association MLS Technology Council.

    He is a member of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Sailing Club and has an interest in keelboat sailing and racing.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Zalepa is Chair of the Audit & Budget Committee and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Steele is serving his first term on regional council in his capacity as mayor of the City of Port Colborne. He was a Port Colborne Councillor for Ward One from 1996 to 2014. He has been in the insurance business since 1982 and is the owner of C. M. Steele Insurance Brokers Ltd., established in 1898.
    Member Steele has extensive community involvement including being President of Port Colborne Minor Hockey from 2002 to 2016, past
    president of Port Colborne Lions Club, Vice-president of Niagara South Insurance Brokers Association, past member of Niagara College Foundation, and Chair of Port Colborne Vale Health and Wellness Centre Building Committee, among others.
    He is a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario, the Niagara South Insurance Brokers Association, the Chamber of
    Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

    He is married to Debby and has three sons, Mitch, Mack and Riley.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Steele is Chair of the CAO Selection Committee and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Smith was born and raised in St. Catharines. He served Canada in many regions of the world before retiring in 2011 after 25 years of service at the rank of Major.
    He has been active in the community in advocating transparency, accountability and integrity as foundational to good governance and the keys to building trust between the public and their elected officials. He was recommended to be a NPCA Board Member by the City of St. Catharines and was approved by the Region of Niagara to service on the NPCA Board commencing in June 2019.
    Member Smith is the founder of an international, non-government organization (International Children’s Awareness) and has been on that Board for 25 years. He volunteers his time working both locally and internationally in different African nations.

    He and his wife Margaret live in Port Dalhousie and have three children who live across Canada.
    As NPCA Board Member, Smith serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Whalen is a graduate of Niagara College, who has served four terms as an elected councillor for the City of Thorold and is serving his first term on regional council.
    He is the CEO of the Thorold Community Credit Union, and has more than 45 years in financial management, including a major chartered bank, and more than 32 years in the credit union system. He was past treasurer for over 25 years with the West St. Catharines Business Association.
    As a councillor with the City of Thorold, Councillor Whalen was a liaison to the Thorold Business Improvement Area, Thorold Non-Profit Housing, Thorold Sports Runway of Recognition, Thorold Santa Claus Parade, Allanburg Community Centre Board of Directors, Thorold Community Grant Committee, City of Thorold’s Corporate Services Committee, and Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee.

    Member Whalen has more than 30 years coaching minor sports including minor hockey, baseball, soccer and girls all-star fastball, and enjoys playing hockey in the St. Catharines over 45 Hockey League as goaltender.
    He has been married to his wife Joanne for more than 45 years and has three children and 11 grandchildren.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Whalen is on the Watershed Floodplain Committee and serves on the Source Protection Authority.


    Member Feor is a resident of Fort Erie, and possesses an undergraduate degree in Commerce, with specialization in Accounting, from the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa.
    She also has a graduate certificate in Environmental Management and Assessment from Niagara College and is completing a Master’s of Environment and Business (MEB) from University of Waterloo.
    Member Feor has worked as a financial auditor and a strategy consultant in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and currently teaches at Niagara College, delivering courses in accounting, entrepreneurship, and ethics.
    She believes that a healthy ecosystem is the most valuable asset to improved human well-being and is critical to the integrity of our Niagara Peninsula watershed.

    She is a daughter, sister, and an aunt with deep roots in Niagara, and her hobbies include biking, gardening, and traveling.
    As NPCA Board Member, Feor serves on the Source Protection Authority.




    Member Ingrao is a resident of the City of Welland. He is a Licensed Paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario and has a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Cape Breton University.
    He currently sits as the appointed Chair and Member of the City of Welland Property Standards Appeal Tribunal Committee, the Dog/Animal Appeal Tribunal Committee, and presides, facilitates, and adjudicates appeal matters pursuant to various bylaws and compliance with Administrative Orders.
    Member Ingrao has extensive experiences in the law sectors, as he is retired from Manager of Legal Activity and Prosecutor for the Department of Health, Environmental Health Division, Regional Municipality of Durham.

    He is committed to ensuring that the Niagara Peninsula, with its rich Indigenous history; National history; the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, the Welland Ship canal system, and other natural environmental wonders, are safe, protected, productive and reserved for future generations to come.
    He and his spouse Julie have 4 children and 9 grandchildren, all committed to supporting education, the arts, sports and social justice for all.
    On the NPCA Board, Member Ingrao is on the Governance and Watershed Floodplain Committees and serves on the Source Protection Authority.

The Credentials of the new NPCA Board Members hopefully indicates potential for a marked improvement.