Saturday, 30 April 2016

Where is the outrage?

Isn’t it extraordinary that those we have elected and hired sit in polite and stately silence even when they can’t, or heaven forbid won’t, account for $Tens of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars?

Worse yet is the theatrical display of some councilors trying not to be obvious in their attempt to prevaricate or even disrupt the notion of conducting a full forensic audit to discover the financial hemorrhaging of scarce tax dollars.

Click here to witness the Niagara Region audit committee in action

In Niagara the most dangerous thing a politician can do is to challenge the gravy train. That is exactly what one courageous councilor is doing. Councilor Volpatti is demanding a complete forensic audit on projects that have exceeded budget by $TENS OF MILLIONS. What would cause councilor Volpatti to take such a stance knowing full well the fate of other tax fighters?

And just what do we hear from some of our voracious councilors? We hear that ‘those in control at the time are no longer with our regional government so we’ll just have to make sure it doesn’t happen again!’

Horse shit! 


Anyone that has had anything to do with these gargantuan losses need to be dragged back and held accountable! Find out who is responsible for lost documents!

While Councilor Volpatti is demanding a full forensic audit and Councilor Petrowski is spilling the beans regarding several $MULTI-MILLION over budget projects, most of the council act like they are deciding whether to have coffee or tea! 

It’s bad enough when you have a cock-up of $hundreds or even $thousands but when the losses range into $TENS OF MILLIONS the question has to be raised: where the hell is the outrage?

The only outrage emanates from the Tax and Spend liberal socialist crowd aimed directly at anyone who attempts to derail their Gravy Train. 

Its worthy of note that the requested forensic audit of the shadowy, corrupt and tyrannical Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) has been taken off the table! Could that be because the entire NPCA board of directors and even some of their executives are politicians? 

QUESTION: Does it make any sense that a conservation authority is made up of politicians of doubtful conservation expertise in proper husbanding of our environment as opposed to a healthy cross section of invested citizens?