Monday, 14 January 2019

A Better Niagara Carries On

On Sunday January 13, 2019 the Citizen’s group known as ABetter Niagara (ABN)’ pulled together about three Dozen motivted Citizens to strategize the continuing of their successful political overview of a corrupted situation in our Niagara Region.

The information session at the beginning of the seminar spelled out there aims, objectives, and
philosophy of non-partisanship.

Participants at the four separate roundtable brainstorming groups included four Niagara Politicians, President and Secretary of the Niagara Landowners Association, environmentalists, property owners and Taxpaying Voters all.

Predicated on covering the inaugural meeting of the ABN ‘News Alert Niagara (NAN)’ recognized that this was an organization to support. Our 5K Facebook friends received three strategically timed shares of each ABN posting.

Much of ABN’s efforts dovetail nicely into our NAN articles railing against the growing corruption taking hold in Niagara.

Hopefully, with several involved interest groups now operating in Niagara and hundreds of similar groups making themselves heard nationally via the internet, corruption can be held in check. (A blog topping 316 thousand page views)   

Saturday, 12 January 2019

An Evening at Henry of Pelham: Journalism

Our very own nationally renowned investigative journalist Grant LeFleche teamed up with the Toronto Star ‘Public Editor’ Kathy English to enlighten about 50 members of the public just what being an investigative journalist entail.
Grant spoke of the diminution of news-rooms and the extraordinary effort put forth to validate each story.
Kathy English explained her role in moderating what the Toronto Star’s reporters write. 
She clarified the inherent element of bias predicated on one’s private philosophy.
Both speakers stated their concerns regarding social media with its lack of accountability on the basis that some postings come from anonymous sources.
The only negative appeared when the Liberal-Socialist in the audience participated in singling out the U.S president for ridicule as if they never heard of the devastation Kathleen Wynne caused, which destroyed the Ontario Liberal Party to non-party status.
Still the questions from the audience were interesting, informative and well thought out. The answers from the presenters were also informative and candid.

NOTE: All comments and presentations on Social Media from News Alert Niagara are properly identified and all articles have a comment section attached.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Under Government Control

What do you call it when Government controls the Citizen’s right to be heard?
What do you call it when Government creates specific rules to stifle Citizen’s ability to present their concerns to their Council?
What do you call it when your government uses their rules to prevent dissent from ever reaching the public through televised council meetings?
How often does this happen? Hard to tell since citizen dissent is prevented by the government!
We are aware of a inexcusable case where Major Ed Smith was prevented from making a valid presentation to the Niagara Regional Council for over a year, which in the end cost most of the regional councilors their job simply by not hearing dissent!
Or the disgrace when the Council sent the Niagara Landowners Association back to their NPCA abusers.
Polishing political image by denying freedom of speech worked well when no one was paying attention, but those days are over. Practitioners of disgraceful deceit must never again be allowed to be in a position of government authority.
News Alert Niagara’ would like you to know that this spurious policy is still in place and is currently being used against Niagara Citizens.
Here’s how it works: To make a presentation to Council you must make application, in writing, to speak to an item on the AGENDA by 09:00 AM on the Friday before the Thursday Council meeting. Your first problem lies in the fact that the AGENDA is not posted until the Monday following your application!
In 2010 'News Alert Niagara' exposed the Niagara Regional Government when they tried to ban the Public from the Citizen’s public forum by publishing two unbelievable articles titled ‘Inventing Darkness’ followed by ‘Perpetuating Darkness’!

Equally as important as Citizens having the right to be heard is the fact that Niagara Citizens want to hear what is going on with their government as evidenced by the results of the 2018 election!
By definition; a government that will not hear dissent delivers ignorance!

Comments or corrections are welcome in the comment section below...

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

NPCA the gift that keeps on giving!

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water along comes a watchdog to burst our bubble!
While the local newspaper spread a note of good cheer of a more cooperative Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) Board 
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s vice-chair James Kaspersetz says he is ready to work with Niagara’s new board members, despite previously denying the Region’s authority to appoint them.

The Watchdog group 'A BETTER NIAGARA' tells us that sharks are still circling the pool.
There's a lot we could say about Kaspersetz, one of Hamilton's appointees to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Board. There's the large part he played in the current chaos at the NPCA; there's his propensity for meddling in Niagara politics; there's his role in the wrecking of the NPCA's Foundation which raised more than $200,000 in the name of charity in 2017 but spent 98% of it on administration and gala parties . . . oh so much we could say, but let's just chew on this: in 2017 Kaspersetz claimed $6,721 for attending 90 meetings. The Auditor General notes how out of the norm this is. She states: “Board members in 28 of the other 35 conservation authorities we surveyed claimed an average of 4 meetings each in 2017.” This is indicative of the mismanagement and lack of accountability the current Board has operated under and which Kaspersetz fully participated in.

This whole 'intolerable' situation as displayed by the miscreants controlling the NPCA is a natural occurrence caused when an elected government relinquishes their responsibility to an unelected government agency.
Perhaps the Regional Council should have changed their meetings from bi-weekly to bi-monthly with  a curfew of 9:00 o'clock. Or better yet, justify to the Citizens the necessity for the Regional level of government altogether! 

After all, it was the regional council that chased abused property owners back to their NPCA abusers! 
It was the Region and the NPCA who siced their common legal beagles to prey upon innocent property owners like some 'Matthew Hopkins Witchfinder' in full extortion mode! 
And it was these same Regional/NPCA miscreants that the electorate finally had enough of! 
According to Ed Smith of 'A BETTER NIAGARA' our elected and hired authorities need a lot more scrutiny and “We’re not done yet!”

Friday, 21 December 2018

NPCA refused to listen until the very end!

Citizens of Niagara tried to tell them; Regional Government tried to tell them ; Now Judge Ramsey has told them in no uncertain terms!
When Dave Barrett identified himself as CEO of the NPCA the judge commented "Allegedly".

Judge Ramsey described the NPCA situation as 'intolerable' and proceeded to rule that the 12 temporary members of the board appointed by Regional Council as of December 6, 2018 were in charge and that the former board members were dismissed.
The whole 'intolerable' situation as displayed by the miscreants controlling the NPCA is a natural occurrence caused when an elected government relinquishes their responsibility to an unelected government agency.
It was the NPCA's wonton abuse of power that caught the attention of 'News Alert Niagara'. Our lonely stories slowly grew until the electorate decided that enough was enough and turfed their donkeys to the curb along with most of the Regional Councilors. The icing on our Christmas cake was the effort of our new watchdog group 'A Better Niagara' with their successful court injunction before Judge Ramsey.  
In the end the miscreants in charge of the NPCA collapsed under public exposure of their own unsupervised repugnant conduct.
The question remains; will the NPCA continue in their Empire Building on the backs of hapless Niagara Citizens or will the new board return the NPCA to their mandate of conservation. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

How does any self-respecting government allow this?

The Despicable Persecution of ‘the Lady of the Horses’.

Now the 'Lady of the Horses' has been hit with a Citizen crushing $600.000 lean on her property.

And who conducted this despicable years-long persecution? Why, none other than the secretive Halton Conservation Authority (HCA)! The Same HCA that the Halton Regional Government allows to hide the identification of the HCA board of directors and allows their HCA to screen presenters that don’t ascribe to their corrupt aspirations. Indicating that the Region of Halton has a mad-dog gang on the loose.

The only way this mad-dog HCA gave themselves control of the Thomas’s property is by continuing to claim ever-increasing meters from the so-called wetland. Perhaps the Ontario Government of Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal henchmen should have simply extended their reach by kilometers instead of meters in their effort to steal private property equity especially with their proposed increase of fines from $10K to a Family-Crushing $50,000.00!  

The HCA claims control of 80% of the Thomas property including their home and barn, which means they could never rebuild or replace, and still they must pay 100% property tax!

Question: How does an attempted $1,000.00 shakedown by HCA to keep the horse-riding ring qualify as environmental conservation?

The court transcripts show that the Lady of the Horses, Jean Thomas has been denied her rights by a justice who followed and agreed to the ridiculous charges of a vindictive HCA prosecutor; the same persecutor that wrote the judgment for the justice.
Question? Who in all levels of government; in our (so-called) justice system is looking out for the Canadian Citizen?
So Far all we have heard from our Conservative government is ignorant silence even though we have kept them fully informed!

The court transcripts show that the Thomas’s had to sit through hours, days and years of the persecutors’ musings ranging from the ‘sand ring not a threat to the nearby wetland in over seven years’ to ‘removing the sand ring could somehow harm the wetland!’

The same transcripts show that the Justice listened to the same hours, days and years of the persecutor’s barely audible musings only to accept the persecutor’s notes as her final verdict costing the ‘Lady of the Horses’ a grinding financial penalty of over a quarter of a $million and for what? For creating a sand ring between her house and barn for her horses that never threatened a wetland!


  1. Well, Ford is in now. If this is all true, then the HCA should not only be closed down, but refund all losses to her and her estate and family. The means courts cost, loss of income and anything else lost in this action.
    1. This is right down Fords alley. He has a lot on his plate at the moment, but in the next 2 weeks I will do all I can to have a meeting with him. And yes it is all true. Its unbelievable. So much more has been done, I could write a book. Thank God I had someone to help us that has knowledge in bi laws of the Conservation, that I was able to get this far. Thank you.
  2. I hope you get the cash back.
    Liberals need to wake the puck up.
    Nobody wants your pucking nanny state...
  3. Thanks its going to be a long battle.
  4. Perhaps this should be brought up to Doug Ford to see if he could do anything about what these monsters are doing.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

NPCA Frustration

caused by an unaccountable gang of corrupt miscreants still attempting to force their will on the Citizens of Niagara!

Now everybody is aware of the frustration that so many Citizens of Niagara have been going through (for years) with this government protected rogue agency.