Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Libranovirus Hits City

In their Collective wisdom or perhaps their collective anger the Citizens of Ontario totally decimated the Kathleen Wynne Liberal Government and for good reason!
Unfortunately, the kwynne-a-virus migrated to the federal government of PM Trudeau. Suffering from kwynne-a-virus Trudeau attempted to give himself dictatorial powers. Fortunately, the Citizens of Canada had clipped Trudeau's wings to the extent that his attempt at becoming a dictator failed in the face of the opposing parties.
Regrettably the Trudeau sickness known as libranovirus has now migrated to our St. Catharines Municipal Government!  Libranovirus has infected political leaders with a dearth of integrity to use a pandemic to declare dictatorial powers. 
The St. Catharines political leaders had no problem coming together 'on-line' for a special meeting to make major decisions regarding taxes and fees pointing to the fact that it is possible to hold council meetings 'on-line' at any time and for any reason putting a lie to the scurrilous excuse to turn power over to the "Mayor's CAO". 
Suffering from Libranovirus our political leaders, of proven low integrity, have deemed fit to bestow dictatorial powers to the City's bureaucrats to make decisions without civilian oversight! 
The problem with this power grab is a little matter of trust. Its difficult to trust a bureaucrat who clearly states that their new laws are posted on the City's website as if all Citizens are computer savvy and connected to the internet. A municipality cannot claim openness and transparency if any part of its Citizenry is left out of pertinent information!

The integrity challenged leaders of our community would do well to look after their own bally-wick as opposed to throwing Citizens under the bus.
Councilors were elected to properly husband our economy, not to rubber-stamp everything the ruling bureaucrats devise and definitely not to sit around your horseshoe listening to people proffering ways to squander our diminishing resources!
Looking at the bright side, it is gratifying to learn that our city is fluent in on-line services and that they are in a position to offer its Citizens, who wish to subscribe, the ability to receive all new posted laws directly to the Citizen's email, with simply a push of a button. Time to cut out the middleman and bring actual transparency directly to the Citizen. 
There is an old adage which says that 'silence is consent'. Perhaps that is the reason that not one of our elected City Councilors deemed it necessary to respond after our blistering article titled
'The Mayor & His Deceivers'. Not even the Councilors we contacted one on one! Not one of our mandarins bothered to challenge us on our content. Not one offered their interpretation or pointed out any misinformation - nothing! So perhaps we can be forgiven if we brag about our veracity.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Reasonable Reasoning to Save Resources

Letter to Premier Doug Ford:
Hello Premier Ford,
I would like to congratulate you and your government for the way that you have been handling this terrible crisis that has put the world on shut down. I also agree with you when you said that we must start to bring back to Ontario, the production of products that we all depend on for our health and security. With that in mind, what could be more important than our own food supply.

Competition from countries where the climate is more favourable to growing vegetables  and fruits, plus the manipulation of large corporations that have bought up and removed nearly all large canning and processing plants from the Niagara fruit belt, has left Ontario with only seasonal products from this province. This is also a problem with provincial slaughter plants that have virtually disappeared from this province for several reasons but the most often reason was because of aggressive interference of non-health related regulations (demanding dual washrooms in a small plant was just unaffordable).
.There is also a shortage of slaughter space in the Federal plants and much of our beef has to go to the United States for processing, which was the case during the “Mad Cow” disaster of 2004 where we could not slaughter our own animals for hamburger. The border closing for over 2 years almost destroyed our cattle industry which has never fully recovered. If this or the next disaster closed the border with the U.S, we will be back in the same situation.
.rFarm-land is also under pressure all over the province, from the municipal official plans with the Conservation Authorities identifying wetlands that for years have been farmed and the Heritage Groups identifying special features to restrict the use of the land. Tree-cutting bylaws are stopping farmers from cutting ‘brush’ on farm fields that they have just bought. Often these are farms where the farming operations have been abandoned often due to health or no one to take over. There should never be a restriction on re-clearing land that was farmed a few years ago. There is no Amazon Rain forest being cleared in Ontario, as virtually all land being cleared was farmed before with horses, then abandoned because of two-wheel drive tractors, and now are again viable with tile drainage.
I would ask all politicians to take a close look at agriculture and see how fragile this sector of our society is and then think of how important it is to be self-sufficient in food especially in the time of crisis. The founding fathers of this nation, who wrote the blueprint for how this new   country, Canada, was to be operated, put the importance of agriculture above everything except mining. They even allowed farmers to cut the trees reserved for the Crown if it was to create fields, fences or buildings.
I think that it is time to put agriculture back in its special place of importance, where it would be again recognized as an ‘essential service’. Let’s stop these special interest groups like conservation authorities and the MNR from morphing the legislation that they get their power from, into something that says they have control over agriculture.
We have all seen on the news how China turned the boats back that had masks heading for North America, because they needed them. No one blames them for doing that but we should never again allow our country to be dependent on the rest of the world when there is a crisis, we must be self-reliant at least in our food supply.
Our lives and those of our families, depend on it.
Tom Black
Beef and grain farmer
Stittsville, Ontario

"All Struggle is Political" -ph

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Free Tour of Niagara


You or Your Friends, Your Relatives or anyone you know worldwide can take a free photographic tour of  our Charming and Spectacular Niagara by simply clicking HERE.
Now is your opportunity to let everyone know where you live and what it looks like until they are fortunate enough to visit Niagara to see for themselves!

Courtesy of Preston Haskell Photographer

Monday, 23 March 2020

Government Attack on PRIVATE Property

Stop the attack on landowners in East Gwillimbury

We demand the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority [LSRCA] immediately retract its unfair and damaging appeal against the landowners and the town of East Gwillimbury! Please help us
There has been an attack on private landownership and private property in Canada! Our small municipal governments have been asked to regulate private land by conforming to new "comprehensive bylaws" set out by the province of Ontario. These new regulation infringe on private landowners by taking away land rights, use of private property, and devaluing land. This attack has affected people in home sales, future planning, mental stress, property maintenance, retirement plans, lawyer fees, and the human right to be self-sustainable.
The Town of East Gwillimbury proposed an "Official Plan" that would have basically stolen thousands of acres of private land from their owners by enforcing "environmental protection" zones on rural and agricultural land, expropriating away land uses and devaluing it without any legitimate testing or proof that these lands needed protection from their owners in the first place. There was no real effort made by the town or any other direct notice given to inform or educate landowners regarding the depth of these changes (almost like they didn't want them to know).
Through pure luck and determination a small handful of landowners (out of thousands) found out about the new bylaw and spoke out against it in council (town hall) saving thousands of acres of private property from being wrongfully regulated by the government. The new bylaw was voted down by East Gwillimbury Town Council on May 15th  2018 and the landowners were promised that they would be able to keep all the same rights they had paid for when the purchased these lands.
A few days after the bylaw was amended by council the LSRCA appealed the town decision to not conform and demanded these lands be regulated (lots of permit money involved). We the landowners of East Gwillimbury are now fighting once again, not only to save what is ours, but to save the rights and freedoms that we have enjoyed in this country for so long, to save the right to be self-sustainable, to grow food, to have home business, to have animals, and to be left alone from the never ending reach of the government into our pockets!
Now all we need is the LSRCA to retract this appeal and our land will be safe! Our town and the conservation have wasted hundreds of thousands if not millions of tax dollars fighting us already.
We mean to set the stage for the rest of Canada in saying "No You May Not Take Our Lands!"
We demand that the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority immediately retract its appeal against the town of East Gwillimbury, the private landowners, farmers, and business owners, and get back to actually clearing and maintaining waterways and public lands again. Flooding has been very bad this year because they have been insufficient in their actual job. We can handle our own backyards!
Please help us in this fight! We are all neighbors
Thank you
East Gwillimbury Landowners

Friday, 20 March 2020

The Mayor & His Deceivers

During the midterm period, politically considered a safe-zone for passing unpopular rules, regulations and taxesNews Alert Niagara railed against inflationary tax increases in multiples of the rate of inflation. Some tax increases reaching as high as 13+% compounded but not counting other levels of government taxes and fees!
News Alert Niagara believes that raising taxes & fees 4-5-6 times the rate of inflation is predicated on inadequate husbanding of the economy and has lead to increased poverty and homelessness. 

Worse yet, we already have homeowners (and of coarse their children) living in homes falling into ever increasing state of disrepair to the point that we now have families taxed out of their homes with 22% of our children living below the poverty level.

Perhaps it was the embarrassment of the News Alert Niagara articles that caused the City of St. Catharines to sensor our emails to our City Councillors. 
The question arises as to the origins of the laws that create this state of diminution of such a great swath of society. How does it happen? When does it happen? Without our being aware we are suddenly living under deleterious laws that are mysteriously enacted and of coarse enforced.
Eventually society gets a notice like the following sent to all homeowners:


The City's Machiavellian Mandarins sends out a notice of property tax changes in your tax bill but you have to be Sherlock Holmes with forensic audit ability if you want to speak to the changes before your failing council; the same council that approved tax and fee increases in multiples of inflation! They'll be happy to tell you that this is their modern version of openness and transparency!
The City of St. Catharines covertly
passed its major change to its property tax formula that effectively speeds up their ability to create homelessness!
They then have the temerity to add an administration fee of over $1,075 on the back of their victim who is already financially beaten down to the point that they are losing their home!
The problem is that no one knows when this serious tax change was quietly passed by the City of St. Catharines Council. It wasn't reported in the corporate media. Not a mention!

So, News Alert Niagara decided to investigate.

Our St. Catharines City Clerk informed us that the 15 page report under item #4.5 (hidden in the middle of 10 such tittles) was unanimously voted on in open session of council starting at 14:00 minute mark without discussion, public or otherwise.
Questions: What about the other 9 items passed unanimously without public discussion? Must we ferret out every item? No wonder council meetings have been cut in half from weekly to bi-weekly! 

Here is what we found. 

The first thing we found is that the speed-up of the property tax scheme was improperly concocted out of public view and then passed surreptitiously. However the clerk did inform us that public notice was posted on the city website. Perhaps we missed that website notice in our tax bill!
Second, its astonishing that our Mayor and His Deceivers supported this clandestine speed up of tax collection with their unanimous vote and even more astonishing is that they still claim Transparency.
They rolled their new tax change scheme into a carefully contrived collection to hide their scheme from the public as can be witnessed during the open council meeting and again following the in-camera session of March 18, 2019:
Third was the disappointment in learning that there are folks which we once held in high esteem among the Mayor and his Deceivers who came freshly out of an in-camera meeting and immediately concealed what they had done!


Should politicians tout their tax predilection as bragging rights in the next election?

PS. we held up this article 5 days for our City councilor to get back to us after his investigation. No City Councilor! 

Friday, 13 March 2020

The Meeting You Missed


Guest Speaker: Robert Ciuppa who is a retired police officer, served 38 years with the NRP.
Robert Ciuppa dealt with internal matters, his involvement was with the court system, the  topic: how to receive justice in the court system.
Officer Robert Ciuppa's very enlightening presentation touched of a flood of audience participation.
We heard about the horrendous abuse of property owners by the muni-tyrants from a Fort Erie Property Owner!
Information flowed freely from NLA Members who are assisting property owners involved with litigation regarding serious and often illegal abuses by municipalities.
The whole conference clearly indicates that the Property Owner's plight is deepening and becoming far more widespread.
The tenner of the conference revealed that the struggle is primarily with our own government. 

Meeting Place
Silverdale Community Centre
4610 Sixteen Road, St. Anns, ON
(for GPS purpose put in Lincoln, ON)

For interesting stories about property owners go to: 


Monday, 9 March 2020

City Censors Emails

After Watching Elaine Manocha's passionate plea before the St. Catharines City Council (43 Min Markregarding the embarrassing resurgence of Graffiti Scribble plaguing our city, News alert Niagara published a February 28, 2020 article titled 'Graffiti Scribble'.
The defining message in our article was: 'we proffered a solution'. We felt confident that the message would get through to the committee that there might, just Might be a positive avenue of attack leading to a solution to abhorrent City-wide Graffiti Scribble.
It came as a surprise that following council's great effort, not to mention the expense, of 2 hours of graffiti deliberation that 'News Alert Niagara' would receive not a single response from those we have hired and elected.
Possibly something went wrong. Possibly a mistake. So on March 5, 2020 we resent the article to our City Council. We not only resent the Article but, as is our custom, we sent it with 'Request Read Receipt'! 
                                                         Nope! No mistake!
Very difficult for a group such as a City Council to in-unison black out email correspondence. 
Had to be a deliberate censoring of public email. Any administration who would stoop to deciding what an elected official can or cannot read is an administration that would stoop to anything! 
Lets talk integrity.
News Alert Niagara does not for one minute believe that every single councilor decided in unison to block our email. 

News Alert Niagara charges that the City of St. Catharines has immorally and unlawfully interfered with the right to email our councilors and/or for our elected councilors to be denied.
It is inconceivable that our elected officials would countenance the censorship of their incoming email!  On the other hand they don't know what to do about Graffiti Scribble!

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching!