Thursday, 19 April 2018

Integrity at Niagara Regional Council

Considering the great amount of third party investigation and examination going on at Niagara Regional Council at great expense to the Taxpayer is it not time to ask the question?

Now our Machiavellian Councilors have decide once again to call in a third party to ascertain who leaked a confidential list of applicants for the CAO position to Carmen D'Angelo.

D'Angelo says he welcomes and supports the third party investigation! Is D'Angelo saying he doesn't know how he came into possession of the confidential information or why he failed to disclose it? 

Check out the 57minute mark of the Council's video

Is D'Angelo's personal integrity on display predicated on the fact that he kept secret his having received this confidential information?

Did anyone of the Dirty-Dozen Mayors ask the question of D'Angelo?

How about the NPCA Rat-Pack?

No! Every single politician on Regional Council sat in stunned stupor! 

Before one more dime is wasted on a third party cover-up, surely D'Angelo, who received the confidential list of applicants, should be asked how he got the list and from who!
If D'Angelo won't answer how he came into possession of the confidential list or why he sat on this skulduggery he should be fired for cause and without the corrupt practice of a large $payout.
If our Niagara authorities are unable to do their duty then it is up to the electorate to boot them from office!

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Regional Regime Destroys Public Confidence

The politicians of Niagara can take solace in the fact that most of the Niagara Citizens are blissfully unaware of the shameful shenanigans and costly corruption taking place in their Niagara Regional Government.

However, there were several protesters, representing several Citizen Groups, carrying signs denoting their views and signaling that there are informed Citizens willing to let the authorities know of their disgust. 

Regional Chair Caslin courageously stood alone among the protesters asking for their views. Chair Caslin received their views in polite but pointed order, which Caslin claimed he would pass along to the rest of the councilors.

Did Chair Caslin Pass along the concerns of the Protesters? No he did not!

What we did get was more hours of bovine waste regarding still more integrity destroying conduct that never seems to reach a satisfying conclusion.

From Machiavellian criminal activity to missing $Millions our so-called integrity driven Regional Regime spend an inordinate amount of valuable time trying to convince the public that something is actually being done about corruption.

We have the 'Dirty Dozen' Mayors scrounging for all they call get out of the Regional Taxpayer to augment the appearance of their bottom line!

We have the NPCA rat-pack shielding their Citizen-destroying, empire building, unaccountable and corrupt agency from proper scrutiny.

It has gotten so bad the the councilors can't even agree on which third party should investigate the corruption!

Concern is growing that the downturn in Regional Integrity coincides with Ontario's McGuinty-Wynne Liberal Socialist Government.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Rebuff of NPCA Executive

CAO Mark Brickell and entourage of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority NPCA) pleaded with Port Colborne's City Council not to follow through with their efforts to reign in what council believe is a broken NPCA.  

At every turn the best Mr. Brickell could come up with is to blame the Provincial Regime as the cause for faulty rules of stacking the NPCA Board with 'politicians of no particular skill-sets'. 

Brickell is probably correct considering much of our Citizen's problems with the unaccountable NPCA escalated beyond reason with the advent of the Ontario Liberal-Socialist Regime!

CAO Brickell went on and on with his usual diatribe until council members came down on him like a ton of bricks by pointing to the NPCA conduct especially their conduct that had previously taken place right in Port Colborne's Council Chamber. Check out the Video starting at the 1:13 minute mark or the Council handing the CAO his donkey at the 1:50 minute mark!
Council proceeded with their vote in the face of the NPCA presenters!
Face flushed with anger CAO Brickell stormed out. 

Considering the stated reasons for passing of the Port Colborne motion to dump the current NPCA political Board members is there any reason that Niagara Citizens should not ALSO dump them by voting them out of office?

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Ford Considers Recall

I was taking a picture of Mr. Bernie Law with Mr. Doug Ford the PC provincial candidate for Ontario Premier when Mr. Law said something to me. Ford asked Law if he (meaning me) was a friend. I thought Mr. Ford was reaching to shake my hand. Suddenly Mr. Ford's big hand hoisted me onto his platform! 

Mr. Ford instructed me to hand over my camera to his assistant for a picture of the three of us.

That's when it happened. Standing on a platform in front of a standing-room-only audience of hundreds I quietly told Mr. Ford of my wish to ask him one question. He lowered his ear to me asking; what question? Mustering courage I asked Mr. Ford if he would consider recall legislation?

Mr. Ford replied that he would consider recall legislation based on the conduct of some politicians after they get elected.

He repeated that he would consider it.

MPP Sam Oosterhoff said I could quote him that he agrees with 'Recall Legislation! 

Folks this does not guarantee that we will get recall but this could be the best piece of news so far in this election cycle! 

Recall would put power in the hands of the voter when we get the next misleading lying charlatan or when we discover that we have already elected one!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Niagara's Toxic Regime

Niagara's new council chamber is pleasing to view but there is a poison lurking that is definitely not in the best interest of the Niagara Taxpayer.

The Standard Newspaper headlines calls for a 'Special Investigation' into the tainted hiring process regarding CAO D'Angelo

St. Catharines Mayor Sendzik said 'it tears at our INTEGRITY' as if the Niagara Regional Council was dripping with integrity!

Could it be that CAO Carmen D'Angelo, and Councilors Bruce Timms, Tony Quirk, Sandy Annunziata, April Jeffs, Frank Campion, Brian Baty and David Barrick received their training from the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA). Together these politicians make up a deadly NPCA rat-pack protecting their empire-building tyranny from accountability to the Niagara Citizens.

'News Alert Niagara' has been raising the alarm over lies, perjury, party politics, skulduggery and even criminal acts while our politicians have sat in shameful silence! 

Our elected politicians just sit there in straight-faced silence while they have been fully aware of some of the most egregious behind-the-scenes conduct of any municipality.

Politicians who fail their constituents do not deserve your votes!

Friday, 6 April 2018

Liberal-Socialists on the Warpathe

Niagara's Liberal-Socialist political rivals reacted to Ford's GO Comments

Considering all the good things promised by the Liberal-Socialist Regime of Kathleen Wynne it is refreshing to hear that there is a potential new leader that would examine any expensive project of the failed Wynne Regime!

Before hysterics set in please keep in mind that we only have Wynne's promise of a GO Service, for what that's worth.

Go Service has been needed for years so why is it only a promise for after the next election?

These same corrupt Niagara Liberal-Socialist politicians who had nothing to say during the nightmare of the Wynne Regime are more vocal regarding Ford's wanting to examine the GO plan.

If Ford is going to properly govern on our behalf, he must examine and re-examine everything our corrupt Liberal-Socialist regime has been up too that has put us on the road to financial disaster.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

NPCA Transparency

Yes, that’s right! The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s desperate attempt to convince the Citizens of Niagara that the NPCA is transparent and aboveboard has instead revealed questionable financial activities.

While thousands of dedicated folks from all walks of life spend their time and capital, fund their own transportation, buy their own meals and suitable attire, the NPCA Board of Directors allow their Executives to run wild with a Bank of Montreal Corporate Credit Card.

The NPCA says the OPP found no wrong-doing! Guess they missed double-dipping and maxing out their expense account. (Shades of Region)

The abuse emanating from Conservation Authorities is beyond the pale!