Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Queen of Queen's P

Why was a protest rally held in sub-zero temperature in front of Queen's Park?

A couple hundred individuals from across Ontario stood out in the sub-zero weather to bring a message to the politicians inside. They wanted to air their grievance regarding families struggling to make ends meet under the ever-failing government of Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberalista* socialist regime.

Predicated on crime and corruption with its exponential need for ever increasing tax and fee money to cover-up impoverishment of families they have forced into hydro poverty!

Protesters Were adamant that the problem is political! Some called for civil disobedience!

Queen Wynne describes the fact that Electricity prices in Ontario; twice that of neighboring provinces; as a "MISTAKE"

Look at the list of carpet baggers we get to choose from if the Queen of Queen's P did resign!

“Wynne told 850 Liberal delegates at the party’s annual general meeting that her “government made a mistake” by allowing [hydro] rates to soar.” – Toronto Star

A “mistake”, she calls it. Tell that to the families drowning in debt.

Tell that to parents choosing between paying bills and putting food on the table.

Tell that to the men and women who have been laid off, as jobs are driven out of the province.
 Can't do the job but too ignorant to resign!

They vociferously took their frustrations out on the opposition panderers positioning themselves as heroes in this disgraceful crime against humanity!

Groups are busy signing up many citizens across Ontario to do political battle with Queen Wynne's Liberalista* regime. 

*Liberalista: Canada's version of Venezuela's Sandanista -Socialist 

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Shoreline Land Grab

Entering our sesquicentennial Canadians are Facing a period of all-out attack by their increasingly squalid governments. 

 After over 150 years who would ever have thought the government would illegally take possession over thousands of private waterfront properties and without compensation?  

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Criminals in Control

It’s beyond comprehension that our Canadian leaders would use our preferences and needs to criminally confiscate and steal from innocent Canadian Citizens.
Under the auspices of the bankrupt Ontario Liberalista Government we find a ‘King John/Sheriff of Nottingham’ scenario of government sponsored legalized theft with horrific penalties levied on trumped-up charges that should never apply.

Imagine sitting in a courtroom listening to a judge pontificating his opinion that penalties must be sufficient to deter people from harming our environment. 

Perhaps this judge, fellow judges and prosecutors would do well to consider the abuse of the ‘Thundering Waters’ Provincially Significant Wetland in Niagara Falls, Ontario which the Conservation Authority (CA) has been scheming for its total destruction predicated on development money!

When it comes to the needs and wants of developers, Conservation Authorities simply follow the money.

However, when it comes to innocent families husbanding their own private property the conservation authorities run around our province looking for any excuse to accuse property owners of contravening concocted rules and regulations designed to relieve the citizen of astonishing amounts of money.

Conservation authorities have increased their 'imaginary' control over private property by 120 Meters of so-called wetland. 

Your private property may be dry as a bone but if you improve your private property the ‘Witch Finders’ of the CA come along to fine you $100’s of thousands of dollars because you are within ‘THEIR’ self-procaimed 120 meters of ‘THEIRwetland.

Have you hurt the so-called wetland? No! 

The only thing that has changed is the fallacious claim of the grasping and gouging conservation authority over your private property.

Sadly our appointed justices never ask about the claimed harm property owners have visited on the so-called wetland!

Our appointed justices are assisting the Conservation Authorities to use invented predatory laws to devalue Ontario Private Property and destroy the lives of Private Property Families !

To make matters worse the elites running the unaccountable NPCA are attacking innocent citizens because the citizens are demanding accountability!

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Secrets and Lies

 Lies, spin, deception & secrecy turns decent governance into a corrosive sludge of sewage

City of Niagara Falls

Date: 2016-11-03

The Ombudsman received a complaint that council for the City of Niagara Falls violated the Municipal Act when it voted in closed session to commit $10 million towards a proposed partnership with a post-secondary institution. The Ombudsman found that the discussion did not fit within any of the closed meeting exceptions and that as a result, council was not entitled to vote in closed session on a resolution directing staff to proceed with the partnership. ​

Investigation into the closed meeting

held by the City of Niagara Falls on February 10, 2015


Paul Dubé

Ombudsman of Ontario

November 2016

1     In July 2016, our Office received a complaint about a meeting held by council for the City of Niagara Falls on February 10, 2015. The complaint alleged that council violated the Municipal Act, 2001 when it voted in closed session to commit $10 million towards a proposed partnership with a post-secondary institution. The complainant also indicated that this matter was not included on the meeting agenda and that council did not report back in open session following the vote.

2     Lies: Their is no place in government for lies, spin, deception or secrecy!

  More and more we are finding these vices in all levels of our governments and agencies. These vices inevitably lead to corruption and crime!

  Distrust and contempt of the citizen is expanding distrust in politicians!

Example: The mayor of Niagara Fall, Ontario clearly stated that a trip to china garnered a benefit of a $1.5Billion investment for the City. 

Total Lie! The project was already in the works months before the China Vacation! 

Accountability demands that liars, spin-masters, deceivers and those operating behind closed doors be fired for cause!

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Taxing Air (Carbon Hoax)

Just another Socialist TAX GRAB perpetrated by TAX & WASTE governments!
Initiative 732 in Washington was a landmark attempt to address climate change and was expected to raise $2 billion annually through higher prices for gasoline and fossil fuel-fired electricity. But it deeply divided environmentalists and made groups like Sierra Club aligned with the fossil fuel industry that also opposed the measure.

The preponderance of  our current crop of Canadian Governments could not properly husband our economies if they absconded with every dollar in the country!!!

Worse, these socialistic brainiacs would gladly take every dollar YOU EARN and then expect YOU to thank THEM for the food stamps!!!

Friday, 11 November 2016


The Ontario Government(s) have declared war on its citizens!

Evidence of unwarranted conflict is everywhere!

The Ontario Liberal government under Premier Kathleen Wynne continually  schemes of ways to attack citizens; driving them into poverty in an effort to hide their Tax & Waste predilections.
Under Premier Kathleen Wynn's government, municipal governments have morphed into improper conduct (including crime) that has been increasing exponentially. 
Under municipal governments our health care, environment, housing, employment, poverty, education, economy and just about all of our institutions are in jeopardy! Corruption is rife! $100 of millions of taxpayer money stolen! 

Premier Wynne's insane policy regarding electricity is second only to the Liberalista's atrocious environment policy! 

In Niagara the conservation authority  refuses to accept an enlightening audit, to display transparency and to open their books to the taxpayers. Worse, the Regional Government's councilors (11 of which are NPCA board members) shielded their equally corrupt NPCA from accountability.

The NPCA became so jaded that the CAO Carmen D'Angelo* would order his administration's officers not to deliver reports to the Citizen Liaison Committee with media present. Mark Brickelldirector operations immediately sat down and refused to give his report. Yet Mr. DAngelo had no problem sending communications specialist for the NPCA, Micheal Reles (uninvited) to spy on a totally private citizen group meeting! A war over accountability!  

It Gets Worse! Much Worse! 

The NPCA under the CAO, Carmen D'Angelo and Chairman of the Board, Bruce Timms has threatened citizens with a lawyer letter suggesting a slap suit in an effort to hide their conduct!

Click here to read the article by Doug Large on 'Niagara at Large'... 

Click here for opposition MPP's concerns and information regarding the NPCA on CKTB Radio...  

Our problems are definitely political! It's enough that our current crop of shabby politicians know that their days are numbered!

Why would any government agency go to war against the taxpayer that funds them instead of doing the right thing by opening their books ?

*NPCA CAO Carman D'Angelo, A man reputedly fired repeatedly from his previous job and apparently willing to break our criminal code and contravene our constitution.

*NPCA CAO Carman D'Angelo, considered the best the Niagara Regional could find after a months long search for a new CAO!     
Wonderful !!!