Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Queen of Queen's P

Why was a protest rally held in sub-zero temperature in front of Queen's Park?

A couple hundred individuals from across Ontario stood out in the sub-zero weather to bring a message to the politicians inside. They wanted to air their grievance regarding families struggling to make ends meet under the ever-failing government of Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberalista* socialist regime.

Predicated on crime and corruption with its exponential need for ever increasing tax and fee money to cover-up impoverishment of families they have forced into hydro poverty!

Protesters Were adamant that the problem is political! Some called for civil disobedience!

Queen Wynne describes the fact that Electricity prices in Ontario; twice that of neighboring provinces; as a "MISTAKE"

Look at the list of carpet baggers we get to choose from if the Queen of Queen's P did resign!

“Wynne told 850 Liberal delegates at the party’s annual general meeting that her “government made a mistake” by allowing [hydro] rates to soar.” – Toronto Star

A “mistake”, she calls it. Tell that to the families drowning in debt.

Tell that to parents choosing between paying bills and putting food on the table.

Tell that to the men and women who have been laid off, as jobs are driven out of the province.
 Can't do the job but too ignorant to resign!

They vociferously took their frustrations out on the opposition panderers positioning themselves as heroes in this disgraceful crime against humanity!

Groups are busy signing up many citizens across Ontario to do political battle with Queen Wynne's Liberalista* regime. 

*Liberalista: Canada's version of Venezuela's Sandanista -Socialist 

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