Saturday, 19 November 2016

Criminals in Control

It’s beyond comprehension that our Canadian leaders would use our preferences and needs to criminally confiscate and steal from innocent Canadian Citizens.
Under the auspices of the bankrupt Ontario Liberalista Government we find a ‘King John/Sheriff of Nottingham’ scenario of government sponsored legalized theft with horrific penalties levied on trumped-up charges that should never apply.

Imagine sitting in a courtroom listening to a judge pontificating his opinion that penalties must be sufficient to deter people from harming our environment. 

Perhaps this judge, fellow judges and prosecutors would do well to consider the abuse of the ‘Thundering Waters’ Provincially Significant Wetland in Niagara Falls, Ontario which the Conservation Authority (CA) has been scheming for its total destruction predicated on development money!

When it comes to the needs and wants of developers, Conservation Authorities simply follow the money.

However, when it comes to innocent families husbanding their own private property the conservation authorities run around our province looking for any excuse to accuse property owners of contravening concocted rules and regulations designed to relieve the citizen of astonishing amounts of money.

Conservation authorities have increased their 'imaginary' control over private property by 120 Meters of so-called wetland. 

Your private property may be dry as a bone but if you improve your private property the ‘Witch Finders’ of the CA come along to fine you $100’s of thousands of dollars because you are within ‘THEIR’ self-procaimed 120 meters of ‘THEIRwetland.

Have you hurt the so-called wetland? No! 

The only thing that has changed is the fallacious claim of the grasping and gouging conservation authority over your private property.

Sadly our appointed justices never ask about the claimed harm property owners have visited on the so-called wetland!

Our appointed justices are assisting the Conservation Authorities to use invented predatory laws to devalue Ontario Private Property and destroy the lives of Private Property Families !

To make matters worse the elites running the unaccountable NPCA are attacking innocent citizens because the citizens are demanding accountability!

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  1. I believe Preston's latest story is why we need to change things up here in Niagara. Two term limits for everyone, be it a mayor or councillor in any of the municipalities in the Niagara region. The same should apply for Regional Government, i.e., Regional Chair, CAO, councillors, etc. Mayors should be taken off the Regional government, like it used to be, when the Region was first formed. These are the necessary changes that will stop the old boys' club from dictating their wishes and ignoring the people who are footing the cost of some of their grandiose ideas. We have way too many Regional councillors using their forever positions as a 'career'. Time to bring in the new and throw out the old. It is however heartwarming to see that The St. Catharines Standard journalists are wise to the whole mess and starting to write about it. Two thumbs up to the St. Catharines Standard and Preston Haskell for their bravery to touch this topic!!

  2. Unfortunately, the Left-wing government in all parts of Canada have become as corrupt as the Democrats in the US. We need someone like Trump to put an end to the erosion of citizens power, and the infringement on property owners rights, as well.
    This entire environment scam is to make money. Thundering waters is a glaring and blatant example of that. Keep the air & water clean, that is the best way to save the environment, not dumping millions of gallons of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence river, as Trudeau and the Quebec government did! Isn't that right, Trudeau??? Stop the Enviro-Scams!