Monday, 17 September 2018

Dirty Dozen Outrage

Dateline September 17, 2018
Thanks to Regional Councilor Baty the outrage of the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) continues. 

Peeling back the layers of this horror story we uncover a miscreant with a sordid history involving treacherous behind the scenes dealing not in the best interest of the environment and certainly not in the best interest of Niagara Citizens!

Regional Councilor Baty made himself famous as head of the CORK Committee when they actually banned the Public from their Public Forum!

That's right folks. Authoritarian Councilor Baty deliberately tried to block Niagara Citizens from presenting their concerns to the Regional Council at council meetings and in the Public's Council Chamber!

At the time 'News Alert Niagara' asked: 'How can anyone in good conscious vote for people who would consider Niagara Citizens with such contempt? In fact how can anyone respect any Regional Councillor who would protect their ‘Country Club’ from those they refer to as the ‘great unwashed’ whose presence at Council might just interrupt their co-called peaceful, amenable and orderly deliberations?'
The next time Councilor Baty came to our attention was when the Pelham Town Council took
him to task for throwing his Pelham Constituents under his NPCA bus!
Now we find this 'Dirty Dozen' miscreant is not only a failure on the corrupt NPCA Board, The questionable NPCF Board, but also a failure as a Niagara Regional Council!

Councilor Baty perfectly fits the definition of 'Freedom Fighter' because he fights against freedom every chance he gets!

Donors to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Foundation (NPCF) who thought their money was going to conserving land, planting trees, protecting the watershed or any of the other environmental actions that Conservation Authorities normally do, should be demanding refunds from the NPCF since its board spent exactly NOTHING on those activities. Instead, they spent 88% on fundraising and 10% on management/administration. Hopefully the 2% ($3,500) they gave gave away to other groups actually went to real conservation work. Since government funding accounted for $64,750 (31%) of the NPCF's revenue, taxpayers should also be asking why our money is being used to help them throw parties that cost a total of $199,266 in 2017.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Dirty Dozens Strike Again

Dateline September 13, 2018
3:52 Time Mark Niagara Regional Council Meeting
Regional Councilor Bruce Timms, who is also a board member of the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA)  rose to state, at the 3:52 time mark, an increase in the number of NPCA board members.

Worse; Councilor Timms indicated that 2 new non-elected members would be appointed by the Region predicated on their environment and conservation qualities! 

Really! And just what was the environment and conservation qualities of the dirty dozen when they first came to the NPCA?

Speculation has it that councilor Bruce Timms is setting up a method for the NPCA to cherry pick the new non-elected candidates molded in their own image; in the NPCA mind-set and of the character of themselves and their ilk
The Machiavellian machination of these sordid members of the NPCA are predominately the cause of the Niagara Region's dysfunction!

The sordid conduct of these 'Dirty Dozen' miscreants represent a very real danger to our environment, to Niagara Taxpayers, and to all property owners.

The uncontrollable corruption of the NPCA flourished under the Ontario Liberal Government. 

It remains to be seen if the Ontario Conservative government with allow the NPCA to continue in its present disgusting form of abusing citizens.

When in doubt - vote them out!

Friday, 14 September 2018

Niagara's Shameful Ten

It took years to finally crack the code of silence posed by the corrupt machinations of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA).

As things came into focus 'News Alert Niagara' started to compile a dossier titled; 'A study in elected corruption'. We are currently working on update #7.

News Alert Niagara started to pay attention from the first time we were invited to cover the annual general meeting of The Niagara Landowners Association (NLA) held at the Beacon. Speaker after speaker rattled off horror stories of tactics used against property owners by the NPCA.

At first it was somewhat intimidating trying to alert Niagara Citizens as to just what the corrupt NPCA was up to while they hid behind the deceptive misnomer of 'conservation'. We suffered Physical Assault, Criminal Mischief and damaging hack-attacks on our computers.

However, we are pleased to report that other citizen groups, news outlets and individuals are joining the fray.
Until recently the plaintiff cry of thousands of members of Ontario Landowners of Ontario (OLA) fell on deaf political ears of the Provincial Liberal Government. When the President of the Land owners begged for help from the regional regime, the decades-long Councilor George Marshall orchestrated his fellow councilors to throw the Property owners under the NPCA bus. 

Of the many stories that can be found in 'A study in elected corruption', surely the two most disgusting stories are The Willie Wakulich Story closely followed by The Barnfield Story.

Please click on the blue links for more of the story!

The shameful ten pictured above are all NPCA Board Members who sat by in a silent cover-up of the outrageous and despicable conduct of their NPCA either through ignorance, ineptitude or larcenous attitude.

Then there is the seldom mentioned Regional Councilor Dave Barrick who is not a Board member of the NPCA but is on the executive of the NPCA.

Worse, after their glaring failure as overseers of the corrupt NPCA, these same feckless individuals expect us to re-elect them to our Niagara Regional Council, no doubt, predicated on their extraordinary and historic shameful example! 

But, just what is their shameful example? Perhaps they would like to point to their involvement in allowing the NPCA to corrupt our judiciary?

Maybe they could brag about allowing the NPCA to contaminate everything they come in contact with; or their  corrupt financial practices; or their abusive employee relations?
Now after two (2) specious, expensive, and deceptive Machiavellian style cover-ups promoted by the same miscreants designed to throw the public off their scent, we are finally having the Ontario Ombudsman for an investigation we can rely on!

The worst thing these political miscreants should take credit for is the metastasizing of their NPCA corruption to the Niagara Regional Government by foisting their sordid NPCA, CAO Carmen D`Angelo to the CAO position of the Niagara Region, where he immediately started with his sordid shenanigans!  

P.S: Its not a matter of political Right or Left; its a matter of Right or Wrong!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Politicians All Sound the Same

Remember, Every Politician we ever voted for all sounded the same; said the very same things; promised the very same promises until elected.

Once elected they morph into an unreachable  know-it-all donkey more interested in their seat-heating status than the Constituents they pledged to serve.

How can you determine which candidate you can rely on?

You can't!

That's why good government would give its Citizens recall legislation to weed out thieves, liars and charlatans!

That's why bad government Won't!

Take Care My Friends...

Friday, 7 September 2018

Whistle-Blower Protection

What whistle-blower protection?

Nothing but fancy words of deception to placate the Citizen!

The concept of whistle-blower is exposing nefarious activities! Exposing nefarious activities must trump any non-disclosure agreements and/or contracts and for the good of society, must be protected.
Our feckless politicians won't pass strong whistle-blower legislation for the same reason they deny recall legislation. They tell people that they are Citizens only then to treat people like subjects!

We don't need to go outside of Niagara to find abuse of whistle-blowers! 'News Alert Niagara' points to the sordid CAO of the Niagara Regional Government, Carmen D`Angelo as a prime example of a whistle-blower abuser. 

Miscreant CAO Carmen D`Angelo has been attacking any and all who he thinks is spilling the beans on his sordid activities.

To date our sordid CAO Carmen D`Angelo has sued and threatened to sue employees of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA); sued a Niagara Citizen for which the courts handed him his donkey; tried to have the editorial staff at our local newspaper fired predicated on his dislike of articles exposing him; used taxpayer money to hire high-priced Toronto lawyers to carry out his intention to sue 'News Alert Niagara'! 

All of this sordid situation has taken place under the opaque gaze of the NPCA Board of Directors!

Now we find, through third-party investigators, that we have regional staff, under D`Angelo, that are  fearful of losing their jobs if they dare come forward with pertinent information for a legal investigation into his inappropriate conduct!
Again we ask; Where is the so-called whistle-blower protection? No! Where the HELL is this so-called and deceptive whistle-blower protection that is supposed to guard against nefarious conduct?

Sadly, we have a few heavily conflicted insiders who refuse to understand why CAO Carmen D`Angelo is so unwanted!

Summery from the group 'A Better Niagara'
This a great summary on the Region's CAO scandal but it doesn't go back far enough. It starts in the early years of the current Regional Council when D'Angelo, a Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board member, takes a leave of absence from the board and gets a contract from the NPCA for which no paper trail exists. Then he takes another leave of absence and is hired to be CAO of the Conservation Authority where he proves so useful to the Caslin Cabal that he goes from being CAO of the NPCA, that has a $10 million budget, to becoming CAO of the Region which has a $1billon budget. That's quite a meteoric rise! Throw in a few lawsuits against citizens and ex-employees, the biodiversity offsetting scheme for Thundering Waters, an Auditor General's audit, the gutting of the NPCA's conservation functions, the bullying and harassment of a board member and you have quite a toxic stew.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Court of Convenience

Once again our court system is used to abuse!

In the St. Catharines Standard Newspaper we are treated to another lopsided story.

It's not what's written in the story that is disconcerting; it's what is left out.
What's left out is the unprovoked physical attack on a citizen protester who was exercising his legal right to protest in a public place. A thug decided to physically assault the citizen protester ripping the protesters sign away from him and throwing it into traffic.

Of course that started a serious contretemps with the thug getting a punch in the face. It is stated that the citizen protester went too far in continuing the fisticuffs for which he received a sentence of incarceration.
The news story makes no mention of our court of convenience holding the thug accountable for instigating the whole sorry episode!

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Niagara's Self-Made Men!

In the history of the Niagara Regional Government when have protest pickets appeared at the entrance of Niagara Regional Headquarters? When if ever have there been protest pickets calling for Jail time anywhere in Niagara?
Not until Chair of the Niagara Regional Regime, Al Caslin saddled the Citizens of Niagara with a known miscreant in the person of CAO Carmen D`Angelo formerly the sordid CAO of the Corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority!

Worse! Behind Regional Council's back Chair Caslin forfeited his Integrity by secretly extending his sordid CAO Carmen D`Angelo a three year contract extension plus an astonishing golden parachute

Stunning is witnessing our councilors trying to make sense out of the regime's crisis under the constant stare of the sordid CAO and his NPCA henchmen with their incessant attempts to derail any and all solutions!

Tens of $Millions missing; $millions wasted, excuses, cover-up and all we get is Caslin's total disregard for taxpayer's hard earned $money.

It is unimaginable that the only protest picket sign that hasn't shown up yet is:

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Good New Bad News

The Ontario Ombudsman is going to investigate the hiring of the Niagara Regime's CAO Carmen D`Angelo and all the crime and corruption committed by people who have forfeited their Integrity.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Niagara's unindicted Co-Conspirators

It's hard to believe that there are Niagara Authorities that have generated such an overwhelming amount of bad press and still manage to avoid criminal indictment!

A great deal of the bad press wraps around the corrupt conduct of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA)

Click HERE to peruse the most outrageous and disgusting atrocity perpetrated on innocent Niagara Citizens by the corrupt NPCA as allowed by the above co-conspirators on the NPCA board .

All ten of the above NPCA board members bring their pitiful leadership malevolence to our Niagara Regional regime by their participation as Regional Councilors. 

It gets worse! We also have the former NPCA CAO Carmen D`Angelo who has been elevated to the CAO position for the region not to mention that Regional Councilor Dave Barrick is an NPCA executive!

Irony lies in the fact that all the silent miscreants of misery involved in corrupt conduct now expect our VOTE!

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Saturday, 25 August 2018

$Million Dollar Miscreants NIAGARA

Dateline August 23,1018
The shabby politics of our Niagara Regional Regime has deteriorated to the point that a concerned Citizens had to blast Chair Caslin from the gallery (during recess) in order to get Chair Caslin to back down from his ridiculous opinion that he alone has dictatorial powers. 

What is not so clear is the cult-like support and their misplaced loyalty for their sordid CAO Carman D`Angelo especially in the face of overwhelming evidence of his stunning behavior.

With dozens of reports supplied to the Niagara Regional Regime and its Councilors covering D`Angelo's tenure as CAO of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, its unimaginable too many just how he was chosen for the regime's top job.

What is not surprising is the NPCA board members/Regional Councilors doing their best to impede any attempt to reconcile the situation.

Councilor Celina Volpatti lamented in the August 22,2018 Edition of 'The Voice' "What offends me the most is how they destroy a person in public. This is a man [CAO Carmen D`Angelo] with a family. They are destroying a person for a political motive." 

We'll have to assume that Councilor Volpatti was unaware of the destruction Carmen D`Angelo visited on so many innocent Niagara families; bankrupting families; destroying marriages during his tenure  as NPCA CAO.
May we suggest enlightening reading: An Extraordinarily Disgusting Story

No one is trying to destroy D`Angelo for political reasons! Frustrated Regional Councilors are fighting to restore Citizen's lost confidence caused by the appearance of corruption, backroom dealing and possible criminal activity!

D`Angelo obtained his position by nefarious means and now he is busy bringing his malevolent brand of governance to OUR (not Caslin's nor D`Angelo's) Niagara Regional Government!
CAO Carmen D`Angelo is already a $Million dollar miscreant with the cost for 8 special council meetings. Niagara Regional Council has spent an inordinate amount of expensive council time trying to address CAO D`Angel's unlawful and ignorant Conduct.