Friday, 16 March 2018

The War on Citizens Continues

In a snit over the local newspaper articles questioning the Town's convoluted financial schemes, the Pelham Authorities have revealed their war on citizens by removing the council chamber media desk.

Because few people believed the regime's 365page explanation of a $700,000 discrepancy in a suspicious land deal, it is certainly no reason to trash the newspaper's city hall display of newspapers or refusing to correspond with the media!
Mistrust deepened when the Mayor's posse involved the accounting firm of PKMG in a simple accounting and then passing that inadequate accounting off as a definitive forensic examination of absolution.
The fact is that many of the Pelham Citizens are concerned over their Machiavellian Regime's over-spending and debtOther levels of government along with Non-Pelham Citizens are becoming alarmed by the Pelham Regime's financial shenanigan. The voice of Pelham has been chronicling the issue as best they can on behalf of those same Pelham Citizens. 

If the Regime can't square with the media then the Regime's conduct becomes suspect and without squaring with the media, the Regime's authorities should realize that they are going to war against their own Citizens and more importantly, voters, voters who depend on an independent source of information.

Canadian Government Steals Rights

    The enemy of the Citizens of Canada are the very tyrants that we elect and hire to govern on our behalf! 
    Case in point is the tyrannical theft of property rights by the denial of 'Land Patent Grants'! 
    The theft of the Land Patent Grant denotes a government no different than any other tyrannical dictatorships throughout history. 

Socialism: Ideas so good they have to be mandated! 

    The Liberal-Socialist government has terminated the rights of private property owners the sanctity of their property. They have revealed their continuing war on Canadian Citizens by allowing municipal and government agencies the right to trespass on private property without permission or notice.
    The conduct of the unaccountable Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) proves the point.

    St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzic, through his Regional Councilor and NPCA Board member Bruce Timms took no time resurrecting a 2.5 yr (30 month old) minor flooding situation to allow the NPCA to take control of private property. 

Queen Elizabeth Letters Patent

For all you doubting Thomases out there who thought land grant patents where nothing but bits of paper, get a load of this. It is the preamble to the constitution brought back from Britain by Pierre Trudeau in 1982. It contains proof positive that letters patent is the highest form of legislation in the land and without them, there would have been no constitution. The Queen issued a letters patent to make this possible. She would not have had to do that if they were worthless pieces of paper.

of April 17, 1982,
proclaiming in force the


Attorney General of Canada

ELIZABETH THE SECOND, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories QUEEN, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

To All to Whom these Presents shall come or whom the same may in anyway concern,

A Proclamation

Whereas in the past certain amendments to the Constitution of Canada have been made by the Parliament of the United Kingdom at the request and with the consent of Canada;

And Whereas it is in accord with the status of Canada as an independent state that
Canadians be able to amend their Constitution in Canada in all respects;

And Whereas it is desirable to provide in the Constitution of Canada for the recognition of certain fundamental rights and freedoms and to make other amendments to the

And Whereas the Parliament of the United Kingdom has, at the request and with the consent of Canada, enacted the Canada Act, which provides for the patriation and amendment of the Constitution of Canada;

And Whereas section 58 of the Constitution Act, 1982, set out in Schedule B to the Canada Act, provides that the Constitution Act, 1982 shall, subject to section
59 thereof, come into force on a day to be fixed by proclamation issued under the Great Seal of Canada.

Now Know You that We, by and with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada, do by this Our Proclamation, declare that the Constitution Act, 1982 shall, subject to section
59 thereof, come into force on the seventeenth day of April in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty-two.

Of All Which Our Loving Subjects and all others whom these Presents may concern are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.

In Testimony Whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed.

At Our City of Ottawa, this seventeenth day of April in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty-two and in the Thirty-First Year of Our Reign.

By Her Majesty's Command
Registrar General of Canada
Prime Minister of Canada


Monday, 12 March 2018

War on Citizens

Well folks let’s face it the brainiacs in charge of the Niagara Regional Government just had another expensive brain fart!
Yes, that’s right! Please click the blue links for background.
In an extraordinary effort by our Machiavellian Niagara authorities to protect themselves from their vulgar, abusive and violent Citizens of Niagara they are supplementing their crime-spree-spending by hiring professional security officers and adding several expensive cc cameras. 

Let's hope that these new measures are not intended to aggressively abuse the rights and freedoms of Citizens. So far aggressive abuse of citizens has cost Niagara Taxpayers plenty.
The question has got to be who protects the Niagara citizens and Media from 'Aggressive Abuse' by our Niagara Authorities? Forcing several dozen Citizens to vacate to an area lacking seating for over an hour to accommodate their 'mid session In-Camera' is product of arrogance. Denying the right of a Citizen to present to an expensive agenda item is also an 'Aggressive Abuse' of the Citizen. Denying the public from knowing where missing $Millions of hard earned tax-dollars have gone is beyond 'Aggressive Abuse' and is totally unacceptable. Niagara Authorities perjuring themselves against innocent Citizens is an criminal aggression and clearly indicates a tyrannical attitude. 
Fortunately, we just happen to have convenient video evidence precisely archiving each and every Regional Council meeting dating back over several years for all to witness the 'barbarity' being heaped on our failing Niagara authorities. Not
You will not find one shred of video evidence that would lead to the need for this added expenditure for security officers or additional expensive cc cameras!
Speculation has it that this war on Citizens has migrated from the corrupt culture of the unaccountable Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), where 'conservation of our environment' is levered to financially abuse property owners through our court system.
What you will witness is spurious conduct including disgusting animus, party politics of personal destruction and the lack of transparency of a bloated regime.
Since this learned behavior of corruption has become so pervasive it is now being suggested that the tax department start treating Civil Authorities and Politicians the same way they audit business. 

Find out where and how they have acquired their wealth!