Monday, 12 March 2018

War on Citizens

Well folks let’s face it the brainiacs in charge of the Niagara Regional Government just had another expensive brain fart!
Yes, that’s right! Please click the blue links for background.
In an extraordinary effort by our Machiavellian Niagara authorities to protect themselves from their vulgar, abusive and violent Citizens of Niagara they are supplementing their crime-spree-spending by hiring professional security officers and adding several expensive cc cameras. 

Let's hope that these new measures are not intended to aggressively abuse the rights and freedoms of Citizens. So far aggressive abuse of citizens has cost Niagara Taxpayers plenty.
The question has got to be who protects the Niagara citizens and Media from 'Aggressive Abuse' by our Niagara Authorities? Forcing several dozen Citizens to vacate to an area lacking seating for over an hour to accommodate their 'mid session In-Camera' is product of arrogance. Denying the right of a Citizen to present to an expensive agenda item is also an 'Aggressive Abuse' of the Citizen. Denying the public from knowing where missing $Millions of hard earned tax-dollars have gone is beyond 'Aggressive Abuse' and is totally unacceptable. Niagara Authorities perjuring themselves against innocent Citizens is an criminal aggression and clearly indicates a tyrannical attitude. 
Fortunately, we just happen to have convenient video evidence precisely archiving each and every Regional Council meeting dating back over several years for all to witness the 'barbarity' being heaped on our failing Niagara authorities. Not
You will not find one shred of video evidence that would lead to the need for this added expenditure for security officers or additional expensive cc cameras!
Speculation has it that this war on Citizens has migrated from the corrupt culture of the unaccountable Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), where 'conservation of our environment' is levered to financially abuse property owners through our court system.
What you will witness is spurious conduct including disgusting animus, party politics of personal destruction and the lack of transparency of a bloated regime.
Since this learned behavior of corruption has become so pervasive it is now being suggested that the tax department start treating Civil Authorities and Politicians the same way they audit business. 

Find out where and how they have acquired their wealth!   

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