Thursday, 29 March 2018

More Liberal-Socialist Corruption

Under the discerning eye and approval of our Ontario Liberal-Socialist Government, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) spends $Thousands by using their expanding propaganda department to fly in the face of reality! 

The NPCA claims that just because the OPP couldn't find actual criminal activity the NPCA is therefore absolved from any wrongdoing and that the Citizen of Niagara are wrong. Ask the people who have been abused by this evil outfit if the Citizens have it Wrong! Ask the innocent folk who have been bankrupted and destroyed in questionable and repeated court proceedings! Ask those who have been extorted.

Instead of following Judge Ramsey's directive upon losing their pitiful lawsuit against a Niagara Citizen, the NPCA Board of Directors actually allow their executive to spend taxpayer's hard earned money on misleading and squalid newspaper ads.

Conservation Authorities abuse Citizens from behind a mask of Environment Conservation.

Perhaps no other story epitomizes the tyrannical predilection of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority as that of Mr. Len  Greenaway's story recently written in Niagara this week Newspaper.
The NPCA cannot claim any description other than tyrannical when it accepts donated property and then cuts off common and traditional emergency water supply simply because it has acquired that power!
The NPCA has been getting away with tyranny based on framing their tyranny as conservation!

For more background information on the tyranny of the NPCA   CLICK HERE


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