Monday, 22 April 2019

Niagara Regime at War with Media and Free Speech!


It shouldn't have to be pointed out that those we have elected and hired are now continually attempting to stymie the media and silence freedom of speech! 
It's bad enough that the Niagara Regime has members among their own ranks who deliberately leak sensitive information or even record in-camera sessions but made even worse by Regime Councilors blaming media for their problems. 
The latest attack on the media has Regime Tyrants blaming the media for suicidal folk jumping from the Burgoyne Bridge. Their theme stems from the much needed media reporting of the $Tens of millions near doubling of the cost of construction, which we still have NO reckoning!
This war didn't just start! Hell no! 
This war has been going on for years. The Niagara Regime seems to consider itself to be above the law with the power to control a free press; to make unsubstantiated accusations and to label media as 'Fake News'; confiscate media equipment and refuse to return it; have media physically removed by uninformed police officers; breaking Canada's Criminal Code #423.1 and even setting up a Criminal Mischief violation #430 (1).

Apparently it is the tactic of corrupt regimes to blame and threaten media and free speech for the dastardly crime of exposing the regime's corruption! Concerning is the specter of two former police officers leading the the charge.
The Niagara Regional Regime not only refuses to correspond with their victims, they even control who can who cannot make a presentation to the Regime's Council!
Looks like the purge of Regime Miscreants did not go far enough since some of what's left have proven they can't be trusted. 
So much for "returning that trust"!

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Corruption Continues

Theft by any other name is still theft...
Definition of theft; taking something that doesn't belong to you!
Is it also theft when you illegally give away something that belongs to someone else?
It is theft to accept stolen property!
The only thing worse than theft is theft perpetrated by government authorities!
In Niagara we have suffered collusion, conspiracy, complicity, involvement and corrupt cover-up by past and current government by not protecting the Citizens hard earned money from government insider thieves.

Under the leadership of our new Regional Chair, government thieves have gotten away with attempted diversion of public funds and then absolved their crime on the absurd excuse that the criminals have 'suffered enough'!
So we've gone from ignoring government corruption on the basis that 'we can only make sure it doesn't happen again' to the corrupt miscreant has "Suffered enough"!
Those we have elected and hired would be well advised to listen to their constituents such as the Citizen who wrote "Suffered enough"??? What about the four years of everyone else "suffering" enduring his bullying, arrogance and strong arm tactics? What about the public humiliation of other honest members of Regional Council? What about the blatant conspiracy to defraud taxpayers on a mammoth scale the extent of which is still unknown? His defeat was well deserved - it should not end there 😠The "punishment" should fit the "crime" by Linda Babb

Corruption continues when authorities protect themselves over the interest of their constituents by absolving themselves of crime and corruption, while they call police on innocent media for calling them out.
Those who do not want to be tagged as corrupt should not allow themselves to be associated with corruption. Speak up for yourself!
Steal media equipment and still refuse to return it or even correspond to their victim!

Please note: Those we have elected and hired have received and read the 'News Alert Blog'.
You will notice that not a single one bothered to comment with an correction, explanation or even an objection.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

The Great Carmen (Cover-up)

No not Bizet’s famous opera with its powerful Toreador song.

Hell no! This is the Infamous Carmen of Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority fame with his version of the Tarantella corrupting as much as possible and leaving devastation in his wake.

My first run-in with the now infamous ‘Carmen’ was when he physically assaulted me at a Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) meeting. While attempting to get an overall shot of the guest speaker Carmen grabbed my focusing hand and camera shoving it against my face painfully dislodging my glasses.
Not finished with me yet he then had the NRP called to trespass me from a publicly funded property for the transgression of photographing at a public meeting as part of a lawful and peaceful media effort to garner information for public dissemination.

Worse, he corrupted an NRP officer by having the officer partake in a Criminal Code violation #423.1. manhandling and ticketing a media reporter under threat of handcuffs and jail.

Carmen even went so far as to state to acquaintances that he was going to sue me! This from a corrupt character who never once summoned up enough courage to reply to even one of the 363 articles which always allow for commentary!

Jump ahead to the December 7, 2017 Regional Council meeting to witness the ‘Fiddle Farting’ around regarding the move to in-camera during the middle of the meeting. At the 119-minute mark you will notice that my camera sits on top of my hat which is atop of my folded scarfe. This protects the camera from landing on a hard surface and also stifles the sound of a heavy camera landing on a desktop.

I believe it is precisely this sound of the camera landing on the desktop that the Region wants to hide. They want to hide the evidence which would prove the criminal code violation of Criminal Mischief #430 (1).

The NRP has informed me the Ombudsman was only given a redacted version of the recording preventing him the opportunity to hear the ‘clunk’ of the camera or the change of sound muffled by the placing and removing of the hat.

The Regional Regime tells me I can retrieve my recorder but only if the incriminating evidence them is redacted.

Interesting how quickly our miscreant authorities want to cry about the injury to their reputation and their defamation but think nothing about the reputation and defamation they cause others.

I had to field months of questions about the ‘recorder under the hat affair’, I was the butte of jokes and even suffered newspaper cartoons.

So much for openness, honesty and transparency of our Niagara Regional Regime! The only thing transparent about this new regime is how they still prevent Citizens from publicly presenting to council that which they don’t want exposed simply by keeping it off the agenda.

When I applied to the NRPSB to ask why Criminal Code violations where not being investigated Chair Gale blocked my efforts on the excuse that the NRPSB cannot interfere with day to day NRP operations.

To all those who asked and those interested in knowing perhaps the Regional Regime’s conduct is just reward for exposing their escalating corruption.

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