Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The World of Political MisLeaders

An NPCA delegation of misleaders made their now infamous presentation trying to convince Niagara Municipalities that the agency has cleaned up it's act and that the sins of their past was in their past. These Misleaders spout truncated nonsense like: "we only follow the Act" leaving out of coarse the fact that they interpret the act different ways for different circumstances!

Even while making there claim that they have changed they proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they are the same old deceiving fascists that they have become by providing council and only the council with a bogus sheet of truncated and squalid tripe as fact! 
Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS a foul mouthed lying bully member of the board is allowed to disparage our judiciary simply because the NPCA lost their illegitimate lawsuit against a private citizen!
Once again Ed Smith stood up to the NPCA informing the Port Colborne Town Council as to the true character of Niagara's NPCA.
Albert Garofalo explained the recent loss of Carolinian Forest under the NPCA regime's direct charge.   

Councilor Butters made a valid point by quoting trial Judge Ramsay;
“There are many places in the world where I might expect such a thing to happen, but not in our beloved Dominion” 

Councilor Elliott handed the NPCA Delegation their Donkey when he asked: "Have any of you even listened to the citizens?"

The NPCA should be disbanded


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Is there any level of Government to help us?

Thanks to social media and a few courageous Citizens like Major Ed Smith, Citizens are slowly becoming cognizant of the fact that the fastest growing entity in our country is corrupt government.

Our society is being buried with 6.4 million laws and regulative authorities propagating like a tragic specter of scales covering a dying fish! 

Worse is the fact that this growing menace of over-governance is becoming tyrannical and increasingly corrupt.

Over-powering society with over-governance will not produce societal enhancement!

Over-powering society with over-governance will and is promoting societal regression

Although our gentle society will need enough abuse to rise to the level of a tax revolt, it is always possible that when push comes to shove any society is capable of rising to the calamity of Romania’s Ceausescu

If in doubt vote them out! The world won't end!

But you will know that the new bunch will understand that they could suffer the same fate.

It's Time

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Government Attacks Canadian Democracy

On November 21, 2017, lawyers for the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), a conservation authority formed under the Ontario Conservation Act, argued in Ontario Superior Court they are not a government entity, rather a charity, and therefore have the rights of a corporation, or, should the court decide conservation authorities are a government entity, then they should be afforded the rights of a corporation as Canadian public interest is not served by allowing citizens to defame or question government entities.  

Arguing municipalities are corporations and therefore able to sue for defamation flies in the face of Canadian civil liberties and the democratic process. We must protect citizen’s rights to express their opinion and, by extension, freedom of the press, otherwise we begin down a dark path whereby citizens are afraid to question our government and Charter Rights are meaningless. 

The very fabric of our democracy is at stake: it is not only our right but our duty to question our elected officials and the integrity of the system. 

The public interest is not well preserved by allowing this action to continue – it is putting the interests of the government ahead of the interests of its citizens. To say that the government’s right to a good reputation supersedes the rights of citizens to speak out against the government is archaic and completely contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is not only our right to question, it is our fiduciary duty and the basis of our democracy.  

This is no longer simply about seeking accountability from the elected officials who sit on the NPCA Board of Directors, nor it is about their reputation, but is a direct attack on Canadians everywhere.
Is the Region of Niagara, and the municipalities who form it, aware that this is the tactic being used to justify tax payers footing the bill to sue a private citizen? Is this an opinion which the Board of Directors of the NPCA share? Do Canadians want their tax dollars being spent arguing citizen’s civil liberties are meaningless? 
Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA executive was allowed to bring an expensive, improper and losing lawsuit against a whistleblower private Citizen, Major Ed Smith.

It is the authors opinion, Canadians will be shocked and outraged by the pursuit of this line of thought; it is a direct affront to those who have fought for Canada, democracy, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and those who laid the foundations of what we now proudly call home.  

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

When is Corruption not Corruption?

Sitting through another court case in a long line of court cases involving the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority I was nearly floored when the case struggled to conclude whether or not the (NPCA) is or is not a government agency!

I thought I had seen it all when the NPCA Chair told the Wainfleet Town Council that the NPCA was a conservation agency as opposed to a preservation agency and now not a government agency at all but a charity!

For the NPCA to deny that they are a government agency just to attack a whistle blower is despicable!

To employ very expensive Toronto Lawyers with their 40 pounds of documents arguing every little nuance that the whistle blower should have determined the facts of his report by getting the NPCA side of information is ridiculous. Asking the NPCA for anything is, in itself, an exercise in futility. 

The NPCA has a foundation (NPCF) in which you must specifically inquire or go without answers.

The question has got to be; where is the NPCA Board of Directors on these matters or are they just a bunch of rubber stampers hog-tied by confidentiality contracts?

Are we to assume that it’s not Corruption when the corrupt NPCA says it’s not corruption?