Sunday, 26 November 2017

Is there any level of Government to help us?

Thanks to social media and a few courageous Citizens like Major Ed Smith, Citizens are slowly becoming cognizant of the fact that the fastest growing entity in our country is corrupt government.

Our society is being buried with 6.4 million laws and regulative authorities propagating like a tragic specter of scales covering a dying fish! 

Worse is the fact that this growing menace of over-governance is becoming tyrannical and increasingly corrupt.

Over-powering society with over-governance will not produce societal enhancement!

Over-powering society with over-governance will and is promoting societal regression

Although our gentle society will need enough abuse to rise to the level of a tax revolt, it is always possible that when push comes to shove any society is capable of rising to the calamity of Romania’s Ceausescu

If in doubt vote them out! The world won't end!

But you will know that the new bunch will understand that they could suffer the same fate.

It's Time

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