Monday, 25 June 2018

NPCA Exposed-Again

So, there you have it! All wrapped up in an expose` as to the true character of our corrupt empire building Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) and all contained in a short presentation by delegation representative headed up by Chuck Jansen.

Their presentation to the board of the NPCA was a simple plea for help to save their homes from lake erosion, which by the way, Board Chair Annunziata claimed was the original purpose for the NPCA.

During this presentation you will learn that the NPCA has been doing what the NPCA does best. You will learn that the NPCA (and their ilk) has been conducting surveys regarding lake erosion for decades to give the appearance of doing something. And just what has the NPCA (and their ilk) done with all their surveys? 

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING!

News Alert Niagara clarified the situation in an article titled 'Contempt' where you will find the utter contempt with which the NPCA (and their ilk) concerned themselves with the 'original purpose' of lake erosion.

You will observe that now in the eleventh hour and coming under the spotlight of public scrutiny the tone and tenor of their rhetoric  miraculously changes to concern; not concern for the alarming situation of lake erosion, which they have been well aware for many years, but concern for the worrisome fact that the ignoble NPCA will possibly garner public disfavor.  

Monday, 18 June 2018

Niagara's Big Spenders Strike Again!

Starting with big spender Councilor Bruce Timms promoting the proposition that Regime Councilors should each have added allowance to promote themselves as they see fit; to the rant from foul mouthed lying bully Quirk proclaiming that he will continue self-promotion on the public dime to the 'saw what I saw' pilferer Councilor Barrick and alleged miscreant criminal mischief maker Councilor Sandy Annunziata elucidating their deceitful concept of pilfering! Watch from the 1:00 hour mark of the council meeting

Perhaps their abuse of the Taxpayer might have got a pass if the pilferers had just promoted what the regime has accomplished without the personal self-aggrandizement alleging that whatever good things the regime is accomplishing are somehow predicated on their individual and heroic efforts.
Even the much vaunted Regime Councilor Bart Maves contends that over 30 Regime Councilors acting individually promoting themselves is somehow the same as the Regime's Council, as a whole, promoting itself as a single body. 

Throughout the debate one valid point was made regarding the difficulty in getting information out to the constituents.

Absolutely! That's the point! These 'Hero's'  concern clearly indicates their desire to tell their Constituents while not wanting to hear what their Constituents have to say!

If public funds are made available for these miscreants to propagandize to the Constituents then the same amount of funds should be made available for Constituents to respond!

Niagara Citizens do not want to pay to have more than 30 'know-it-all' regime members spewing their personal propaganda instead of one voice spewing the regime's propaganda! 

Perhaps they should take a lesson from their arrogant Ontario Liberal counterparts before the fall Municipal election.

It's bothersome that we have elected selfish morons gaming our system!

PS: These cleaver pilferers are more than just financial weasels on Our Regional Regime's payroll; they have also snagged positions on every 'better paying committee' including the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority where they stay mum on the poisoning of  Niagara's Water Supply; abusing innocent Niagara Citizens and even extortion!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Citizen's Health Sold for Money!

People have been waiting for answers and explanation from our Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority, The Niagara Regional Regime, The Criminal Liberals of Queens Park, The Failing Federal Government or even the insidious silence from The City of Welland!

News Alert Niagara has been raising the alarm to no avail. Not a single person of authority has responded to our charge of toxic poison entering the Welland River and into our source of drinking water!

Instead we face an astonishing level of suspicious security shielding the project from prying eyes complete with alleged electronic jamming against drone surveillance!

To knowingly transport toxic poison from the world's most infamous 'Randal's Reef' of the Hamilton Harbour steel mills to the bank of our Welland River drinking water supply is criminal and those perpetuating this tragedy should be jailed!

Why the Sleaze?
Why the secrecy?
Why the Cover-up?
Where is the integrity? 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Get it Straight

President Trump did the job where all others failed but if the Trump deal fails because a murderous dictator reneges it must be Trump's failure?

Monday, 11 June 2018

Good People are hard to find...

                                                                                             ...Niagara Finds the Other Kind

Niagara Regime's Sewer Lives up to its reputation
Crime, Corruption & uncontrolled sleaze 

It's discouraging to see elected officials using their elected position for personal gain. Is it relevant that these three characters are officials of the corrupt 'Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

How low can you go to actually abuse your position by having the Taxpayer foot the bill for your personal propaganda as in the self-promotion propaganda posted below? Answer Below

Answer as to how low these people can stoop...
Not a single member of the Niagara Regional Regime has ever apologized to the Taxpaying Citizens, on their own behalf or the conduct of others, for gangsterism, unaccountable and missing $Millions, misrepresentations, undue secracy, conspiracies, crime & theft, bullying, criminal mischief, outright lying and even perjury!

As it was with the recent Provincial disgrace our Niagara regime has become nose-blind to the stench of their own sewer!

Anyone disagreeing with the above assessment please enter your corrections in the provided comment section below...  

P.S. It's not an integrity Commissioner this regime needs, it needs a good Sheriff! 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

SO! What is your message to America?

Great Message! NOT!

Ask yourself, what is to gain by having a weakened America?

If you are not a fair trader then you are no trader at all!

Friday, 8 June 2018

The Grand Niagara Boondoggle

The whole concept of an additional layer of Government as in the Niagara Regional Government is proving to be a major boondoggle! 

The Niagara Regional Government has become a sewer of embarrassing financial sludge overflowing into inappropriate places.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars blowing out of every orifice of our Regional Regime’s Headquarters and all we get is excuses and Bovine-waste by the ton!

For those not paying attention please CLICK HERE to witness the conduct of those you have elected in hope and faith they may properly husband your hard-earned tax money.

You will witness regime Councilor Volpatti (2:20 Minute Mark) bemoaning the fact that her Burgoyne Bridge task force committee can’t get the necessary information to draw a conclusion as to where and why the taxpayer $multi-millions evaporated. Please Note: Councilor Volpatti was the one and only person to stand in place to show concern for the hapless taxpaying Citizen!

Councilor Rigby spilled the beans on how much is going on in secret behind the Citizen’s back and even suggested that the Task Force be terminated before it causes an embarrassment to the regime.

You will witness Mayor and regime councilor Sendzik, who couldn’t be bothered to stay and participate in the task force committee because his feelings were hurt and now wants to shut down the investigation for the same reason. This is the character who first said he had the missing files on a memory stick, which he now denies.

Witness regime councilor Quirk clearly expose the character of the Task force committee’s Machiavellian machinations.

Regime Councilor Augustyn erroneously thinks that we want the task force shut down and to simply make sure the loss of $multi-millions never happens again.

You will also witness the Regime’s CAO D’Angelo suggest that after Four long decades of boondoggle the regime may finally be near correcting how the regime conducts it business.

And there was Regime Councilor Bruce Timms waxing supreme as to why the doubling of the cost could simply be explained away and there was no conspiracy or abuse of public funds.

Of special interest are the number of councilors sitting in silence as if the unaccountable Taxpayer $Millions were of no consequence!

What you won’t witness is concern for the beleaguered taxpayer or for the $multi-millions of unaccounted hard-earned Taxpayer Dollars! 

The Taxpaying Citizens of Niagara are interested in a lot more than simply making sure the $millions upon $millions of their hard-earned dollars won’t go missing in the future!

The Taxpaying Citizens of Niagara want to know, and deserve to know, where and how every single $dollar was spent or stolen! 

Monday, 4 June 2018

Who Dunnit?

• Appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and more than 75 other constitutionally sound federal judges, 30 of which are serving.
• Reinstated an expanded Mexico City Policy blocking foreign aid from being used for abortions.
• Cracked down on illegal immigration and “sanctuary cities.” As Attorney General Jeff Sessions put it: “The lawlessness, the abdication of the duty to enforce our laws, and the catch and release policies of the past are over.”
• Issued an order killing two federal regulations for every new one. In actuality, 16 were cut for every new one in his first year, saving billions.
• Engineered a historic tax cut that will save money for more than 80 percent of American households.
• Withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, ending the threat of U.S. governance by international bureaucrats.
• Reversed onerous Obama environmental rules that gave the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ham-handed authority to destroy the coal industry and abrogate landowners’ rights.
• Kick-started America’s energy sector by curtailing regulations, facilitating the Keystone XL Pipeline and opening up vast federal areas to oil and gas exploration.
• Presided over an economic and stock market boom, lowered unemployment and brought manufacturing jobs back to America from overseas.
• Rebuilt the nation’s military, destroyed ISIS and faced down North Korea’s “Rocket Man.”
• Issued an order enforcing First Amendment protections for religious liberty.
• Restored the freedom of military chaplains to espouse biblical morality, and essentially reversing Mr. Obama’s transgender military policy.
• Revoked the Education Department’s order that public schools allow gender-confused males access to girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.
• Cracked down on sex trafficking. President Trump signed a law allowing states to move against sex-ad Internet sites, and the Justice Department on April 6 seized and shut down, which carried ads for prostitution, including trafficked children.
• Overhauled the mismanaged Veterans Administration and giving veterans more health care choices.
• Replaced Obamacare incrementally, beginning with a repeal of the individual mandate.
• Imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship and revising Mr. Obama’s deals with communist Cuba.
• Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and repairing damage that Mr. Obama did to the U.S.-Israel relationship.

• Worked with Central American nations to crack down on MS-13 gangs.

Liberals Just Don't Get it!

It's not me! I'm the good guy! I had nothing to do with the despicable treatment to Ontario Citizens!

It was all Wynne's fault! "Her unpopularity was crippling the campaigns of Liberal candidates across the province!" 

Sorry Jim but we're not that gullible. You and every single Liberal politician was joined at the hip and in lock-step creating extraordinary anger and hatred of your party; not just Kathleen Wynne, who you now bravely and despicably throw under the bus!

Bradley, you sat in silence throughout all of the Liberal corruption and abuse that was heaped on Ontario Citizens.

You couldn't speak up then so shut your mouth now!


Saturday, 2 June 2018

Niagara's Evil Empire

News Alert Niagara has been constantly trying to do our best to provide information to the Citizens regarding the conduct and aspirations of The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA)!

When asked; Who gave the NPCA Authority over Private Property?  The only answer we got was look up 'Ontario Regulation 155/06'.

We emailed the NPCA and phoned Board member Furtney trying to get the specific written passage that says the NPCA has the authority over private property? Still no response.

It's one thing for the political gang of the NPCA to blame the Liberal-Socialist Ontario Government for the theft of property rights but it is another thing altogether to use those same alleged stolen property rights to blindly use, abuse and destroy innocent property owners! Obviously a little power does go to some people's heads allowing them to act tyrannical when they think no one is watching!
And did the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority heed Judge Ramsay's Guidance? No they did not! What they did do was embark on an expensive (Tax Abuse) and spurious propaganda advertising campaign contradicting the Judge!
Further they ran around to the municipalities with their verbal garbage garnering angry disbelief  and backlash to their outright lies! 

Now we are having to update our 'Study in elected corruption' again predicated the character of NPCA members chiseling from the public purse.

It follows that when you operate a corrupt enterprise, while hiding behind a facade of conservation, you are bound to attract criminal code violators.