Monday, 25 June 2018

NPCA Exposed-Again

So, there you have it! All wrapped up in an expose` as to the true character of our corrupt empire building Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) and all contained in a short presentation by delegation representative headed up by Chuck Jansen.

Their presentation to the board of the NPCA was a simple plea for help to save their homes from lake erosion, which by the way, Board Chair Annunziata claimed was the original purpose for the NPCA.

During this presentation you will learn that the NPCA has been doing what the NPCA does best. You will learn that the NPCA (and their ilk) has been conducting surveys regarding lake erosion for decades to give the appearance of doing something. And just what has the NPCA (and their ilk) done with all their surveys? 

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING!

News Alert Niagara clarified the situation in an article titled 'Contempt' where you will find the utter contempt with which the NPCA (and their ilk) concerned themselves with the 'original purpose' of lake erosion.

You will observe that now in the eleventh hour and coming under the spotlight of public scrutiny the tone and tenor of their rhetoric  miraculously changes to concern; not concern for the alarming situation of lake erosion, which they have been well aware for many years, but concern for the worrisome fact that the ignoble NPCA will possibly garner public disfavor.  

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