Friday, 8 June 2018

The Grand Niagara Boondoggle

The whole concept of an additional layer of Government as in the Niagara Regional Government is proving to be a major boondoggle! 

The Niagara Regional Government has become a sewer of embarrassing financial sludge overflowing into inappropriate places.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars blowing out of every orifice of our Regional Regime’s Headquarters and all we get is excuses and Bovine-waste by the ton!

For those not paying attention please CLICK HERE to witness the conduct of those you have elected in hope and faith they may properly husband your hard-earned tax money.

You will witness regime Councilor Volpatti (2:20 Minute Mark) bemoaning the fact that her Burgoyne Bridge task force committee can’t get the necessary information to draw a conclusion as to where and why the taxpayer $multi-millions evaporated. Please Note: Councilor Volpatti was the one and only person to stand in place to show concern for the hapless taxpaying Citizen!

Councilor Rigby spilled the beans on how much is going on in secret behind the Citizen’s back and even suggested that the Task Force be terminated before it causes an embarrassment to the regime.

You will witness Mayor and regime councilor Sendzik, who couldn’t be bothered to stay and participate in the task force committee because his feelings were hurt and now wants to shut down the investigation for the same reason. This is the character who first said he had the missing files on a memory stick, which he now denies.

Witness regime councilor Quirk clearly expose the character of the Task force committee’s Machiavellian machinations.

Regime Councilor Augustyn erroneously thinks that we want the task force shut down and to simply make sure the loss of $multi-millions never happens again.

You will also witness the Regime’s CAO D’Angelo suggest that after Four long decades of boondoggle the regime may finally be near correcting how the regime conducts it business.

And there was Regime Councilor Bruce Timms waxing supreme as to why the doubling of the cost could simply be explained away and there was no conspiracy or abuse of public funds.

Of special interest are the number of councilors sitting in silence as if the unaccountable Taxpayer $Millions were of no consequence!

What you won’t witness is concern for the beleaguered taxpayer or for the $multi-millions of unaccounted hard-earned Taxpayer Dollars! 

The Taxpaying Citizens of Niagara are interested in a lot more than simply making sure the $millions upon $millions of their hard-earned dollars won’t go missing in the future!

The Taxpaying Citizens of Niagara want to know, and deserve to know, where and how every single $dollar was spent or stolen! 

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  1. The people of this country are preparing to purge the corrupt cancer that festers in our collective body
    The purging will not be done with VOTES