Monday, 18 June 2018

Niagara's Big Spenders Strike Again!

Starting with big spender Councilor Bruce Timms promoting the proposition that Regime Councilors should each have added allowance to promote themselves as they see fit; to the rant from foul mouthed lying bully Quirk proclaiming that he will continue self-promotion on the public dime to the 'saw what I saw' pilferer Councilor Barrick and alleged miscreant criminal mischief maker Councilor Sandy Annunziata elucidating their deceitful concept of pilfering! Watch from the 1:00 hour mark of the council meeting

Perhaps their abuse of the Taxpayer might have got a pass if the pilferers had just promoted what the regime has accomplished without the personal self-aggrandizement alleging that whatever good things the regime is accomplishing are somehow predicated on their individual and heroic efforts.
Even the much vaunted Regime Councilor Bart Maves contends that over 30 Regime Councilors acting individually promoting themselves is somehow the same as the Regime's Council, as a whole, promoting itself as a single body. 

Throughout the debate one valid point was made regarding the difficulty in getting information out to the constituents.

Absolutely! That's the point! These 'Hero's'  concern clearly indicates their desire to tell their Constituents while not wanting to hear what their Constituents have to say!

If public funds are made available for these miscreants to propagandize to the Constituents then the same amount of funds should be made available for Constituents to respond!

Niagara Citizens do not want to pay to have more than 30 'know-it-all' regime members spewing their personal propaganda instead of one voice spewing the regime's propaganda! 

Perhaps they should take a lesson from their arrogant Ontario Liberal counterparts before the fall Municipal election.

It's bothersome that we have elected selfish morons gaming our system!

PS: These cleaver pilferers are more than just financial weasels on Our Regional Regime's payroll; they have also snagged positions on every 'better paying committee' including the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority where they stay mum on the poisoning of  Niagara's Water Supply; abusing innocent Niagara Citizens and even extortion!

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