Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Total Disconnect

Every day we are faced with plausible stories of poverty, near poverty, the working poor, overburdened food banks, homelessness, petty crime, and even poverty induced depression.

But worry not! Predicated on our wonderful democracy we have the enviable opportunity to VOTE every four years for a new crop of fearless leaders to work diligently to solve our problems!

Hell, we’re so blessed that we no longer need the democratic gift of the vote because our fully homogenized political parties act the same and think the same and God help those that don’t think the same.

The regime in St. Catharines tried to spend its way to prosperity but messed up the balance sheet.

The obscene regional regime protects the most over-governance anywhere in the nation and still they expand and waste!

The Ontario ‘pinheads’ have financially destroyed the province through stupidity and corruption serious enough that some of the ‘stupids’ and all greedy creeps should be jail.

Where do those of the ‘plausible stories’ find the money to pay the increased taxes, fees, electrcity etc., etc., etc.?

Wouldn't you know it! The only one with balls enough to tackle some of the disastrous increases just happens to be a courageous Lady Mayor, and from of all places, Wainfleet, Ontario!
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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Who is Fred Bracken?

Who is Fred Bracken?

The number of citizens determined to hold their government accountable is on the increase and Mr. Fred Bracken is one of them.
Videographer Bracken stood up to the ‘SECRETIVE OLD GUARD’ when Regional Council went in to a humorous tail spin over the public’s right to video the public proceedings.
With so many Canadian Politicians arrested, charged and incarcerated, it makes one wonder why they are so afraid that their constituents might hear, see or God forbid, question?
Chair Burroughs wondered the purpose of the video. Fred Bracken says it’s for accountability.
This happened Dec. 12, 2013 right in front of our local press, who didn’t think it news worthy!
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