Saturday, 27 October 2018

Out of the Frying Pan...

Is there a discernable political bent to Brock Professor David Seigel?
According to Brock University political science professor David Siegel as stated in an interview with of the St. Catharines Standard, “We are starting fresh," Siegel said. "In particular, most of … the conservative cabal is gone."
Really Professor? Your proclivities are showing, and you are only partly correct! To be correct professor, you would have to include the useless cabal of Liberal enablers along with the equally useless conservatives.
The electorate didn’t remove all but three useless miscreants because they were left or right! The electorate turfed them simply because they were no damned good.
It’s a sad commentary that party-politics is even mentioned, but since the professor sees fit to bring his 'party-politics' into the equation, then let’s examine his proclivities.
The Professor said, 'considering newly elected councilor Jim Bradley's years of experience at Queen's Park, St. Catharines' former MPP is an obvious choice to lead regional council'.
Obvious choice! Really? 
What is obvious is MPP Bradley’s participation in running the once proud Ontario Liberal Party into the ground!
MPP Jim Bradley was much more than just ‘years of experience’.  MPP Jim Bradley was a decades-long Cabinet Member enabling one of worst provincial governments in Ontario’s history! 
Liberal Cabinet member Bradley sat in stealthy silence while Niagara Citizens suffered under a corrupt Niagara Regional Government.
Worse, Cabinet Member Bradley together with his corrupt Liberal cabal enabled and aided the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to become the mess that it has become enabling it to steal equity from innocent Niagara property owners. Bradley was also a member of the Standing Committee on Government Agencies!
Liberal Cabinet Member Jim Bradley's high position in the Kathleen Wynne Liberal Government obviously points to his role in burdening Ontario Citizens with the worst non-sovereign debt in the world.
Surely, it’s time to stop with the party politics with its stark flip-flopping leading to jumping from the frying pan into the fire!
The Citizens of Niagara just purged decades long ‘enablers of crime and corruption’ and Professor, they don’t need another one!

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Equity at Risk

Evidence indicates that our Government has morphed into a desperate monster willing to lower its morals, if they ever had any, in a corrupt effort to feed their appetite for tax, spend, waste and steal.
Traditional income for government is property Taxes, fees and fines. The trouble is the income from traditional revenue sources is no longer adequate. Government has successfully outgrown all safe levels of traditional taxation.
Governments understand the risk of voter backlash if they continue to go after their traditional victims of their financial failure.
Fear not!  Our government has found a way to milk their traditional victims by enjoining surrogates! That is why we have such an over-abundance of overlapping and autonomous pseudo government agencies, none of whom are working on behalf of the Citizen. In fact, what was once our former Conservation agencies have become ravenous revenue agencies duplicating municipal bylaws, shaking down property owners on flimsy made-up excuses, financially ruining innocent Citizens and deliberately destroying families.
Under the criminal leadership of the Ontario Liberal Government the so-called Conservation Authorities have been unleashed to attack anyone with equity, as in private property, disgusting fines leaving our elected officials to pretend that they are above this abominable practice.
Our elected officials have been outed by ‘News Alert Niagara’ predicated on their having received the news articles we have provided them and just as importantly, news articles that received no comment, correction or objection from elected or appointed enablers.
Evidence that our elected and/or appointed is in collusion with conservation equity thieves:
You will notice the not one of our elected and/or appointed Authorities made comment under the disturbing Gail Ross/Rick Scime story:
The same telling silence met the shameful Barnfield story detailing municipal collusion with NPCA : or the expose:
Under the auspices of the Halton Region in collusion with its Conservation Authority we are treated to a shocking story of:
The most egregious expose` is the municipal/conservation authority/judiciary years-long collusion and sordid persecution of an innocent Citizen, Mr. Willie Wakulich:
Even the Ontario's auditor general Bonnie Lysyk’s report points to Government collusion:\
Superior Court Justice Susan Healey dismissed the AG’s application under the Equity stealing Forfeiture law and ordered that Reilly be compensated for an undisclosed amount.
Witnesses, recordings and transcripts tell an extraordinary story of highly conflicted politically appointed justices including justices involved in crimes against the environment and all under the hungry eyes and with the silent approval of our elected equity thieves.
And, as a parting gift to the equity thieves the malevolent Liberal government of Premier Kathleen Wynne increased fines from $10K to an unbelievable $50,000.00! Family destroying fines designed solely to loot the equity of individual property owners.
To date there is no sign that the Ontario PC Government is moving to protect its innocent Citizens even though they have been totally informed of the situation regarding the legalized theft of private property equity.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

A Chair with a broken peg!

Go ahead Mr. Caslin. 

Go ahead and tell the Citizens of Niagara why you allowed your criminal mischief Councilor Sandy Annunziata to pretend he found a reporter's recorder under a hat.

Explain Councilor Augustyn pretense that he didn't know the owner of the recorder when he was yelling for police.

Tell us why you allowed your miscreant CAO to confiscate media equipment from the media desk.

Give the reason you have twice refused to respond to the reporter's request for communication.

Explain why, after 11 months, you still have not returned the reporter's recorder.
Please explain why you have refused the NRP investigator's request to give the detective permission to hear the audio in his investigation into Criminal Mischief!

And please Mr. Caslin don't tamper with the evidence contained within the audio recording.

Chair Caslin, your conduct and that of your cabal of misfits is forcing another tax-burning court challenge.

Go ahead Chair Caslin explain yourself to the Citizens of Niagara...

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The Despicable Persecution of ‘the Lady of the Horses’

And who conducted this despicable years-long persecution? Why, none other than the secretive Halton Conservation Authority (HCA)! The Same HCA that the Halton Regional Government allows to hide the identification of the HCA board of directors and allows their HCA to screen presenters that don’t ascribe to their corrupt aspirations. Indicating that the Region of Halton has a mad-dog gang on the loose.

The only way this mad-dog HCA gave themselves control of the Thomas’s property is by continuing to claim ever-increasing meters from the so-called wetland. Perhaps the Ontario Government of Premier Kathleen Wynne should have simply extended their reach by kilometers instead of meters in their effort to steal private property equity especially with their proposed in crease of fines from $10K to a Family-Crushing $50,000.00!  

The HCA claims control of 80% of the Thomas property including their home and barn, which means they could never rebuild or replace, and still they must pay 100% property tax!

Question: How does a $1,000.00 shakedown by HCA to keep the horse-riding ring qualify as environmental conservation?

The court transcripts show that the Lady of the Horses, Jean Thomas has been denied her rights by a justice who followed and agreed to the ridiculous charges of a vindictive HCA prosecutor; the same persecutor that wrote the judgment for the justice.

The court transcripts show that the Thomas’s had to sit through hours, days and years of the persecutors’ musings ranging from the ‘sand ring not a threat to the nearby wetland in over five years’ to ‘removing the sand ring could somehow harm the wetland!’

The same transcripts show that the Justice listened to the same hours, days and years of the persecutor’s barely audible musings only to accept the persecutor’s notes as her final verdict costing the ‘Lady of the Horses’ a grinding financial penalty of over a quarter of a $million and for what? For creating a sand ring between her house and barn for her horses that never threatened a wetland!

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Canada’s Privacy Laws

Do you think that Canada’s political parties should follow Canada’s privacy laws?
72% of people in Canada do.1 As does the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.2 And so does the all-party committee that made this key recommendation after studying the Cambridge Analytica scandal.3

But the Liberal government  of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just stated that despite all of this, it does not intend to make political parties follow privacy laws.

Silence from all political Parties clearly indicates their complicity in Trudeau's shame!
This means that there would continue to be no laws or oversight governing how political parties collect, use or store our data – and no requirements for them to disclose if our personal information has been hacked or breached.

Information about our political views is so incredibly sensitive, and it’s totally unacceptable for our political parties to put their self-interest above our privacy and security.
If you think this should change, then you need to make sure they hear your voice loud and clear. Send a message right now.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Tax Refund?

Finally the Niagara Citizens are waking up to  the outrageous attack on their hard earned money!

Some Niagara Citizens want a tax refund and they want the big spenders to pay for it! Our heroes of the public purse have gotten away with their skulduggery for far to long! 

They are Finally waking up to the alarm bells set off by the Auditor General of Ontario and the subsequent AG Report regarding the squalid Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority  (NPCA) now called 'Corruption Authority'.

The AGO and Report were in response to the 'alarm bells' rung for years by a myriad of Citizen Groups whose voices have been ignored by squandering political miscreants at all levels of our self-aggrandizing governments!

Now we have armies of irate Citizens roaming our streets posting demeaning posters against Niagara's political miscreants raising their sordid indignant ire and demanding the identity of those involved!


News Alert Niagara acknowledges the efforts of Mr. and Major Ed Smith in pointing out the totally obscene misuse of public funds like his expose` on miscreant big spender and ring-leader Councilor Bruce Timms:
On Dec 14, 2016 @BruceTimms  took Carmen D'Angelo to a "farewell lunch" at the Keg.  He claimed $742.02 for that lunch.  He bought a farewell gift for Carmen, it cost $107.77, he claimed that gift also.  Total $849.79.  That is what the NPCA board is doing with our tax money.

The fact is the consistent leading voice standing against the sordid conduct of the NPCA has been the lonely voice of  Regional Councilor Brian Heit! Others; not so much.
The fear of many is that the AG Report will just blow over and nothing-but NOTHING will change!
When in doubt-Vote them Out!