Monday, 1 October 2018

Tax Refund?

Finally the Niagara Citizens are waking up to  the outrageous attack on their hard earned money!

Some Niagara Citizens want a tax refund and they want the big spenders to pay for it! Our heroes of the public purse have gotten away with their skulduggery for far to long! 

They are Finally waking up to the alarm bells set off by the Auditor General of Ontario and the subsequent AG Report regarding the squalid Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority  (NPCA) now called 'Corruption Authority'.

The AGO and Report were in response to the 'alarm bells' rung for years by a myriad of Citizen Groups whose voices have been ignored by squandering political miscreants at all levels of our self-aggrandizing governments!

Now we have armies of irate Citizens roaming our streets posting demeaning posters against Niagara's political miscreants raising their sordid indignant ire and demanding the identity of those involved!


News Alert Niagara acknowledges the efforts of Mr. and Major Ed Smith in pointing out the totally obscene misuse of public funds like his expose` on miscreant big spender and ring-leader Councilor Bruce Timms:
On Dec 14, 2016 @BruceTimms  took Carmen D'Angelo to a "farewell lunch" at the Keg.  He claimed $742.02 for that lunch.  He bought a farewell gift for Carmen, it cost $107.77, he claimed that gift also.  Total $849.79.  That is what the NPCA board is doing with our tax money.

The fact is the consistent leading voice standing against the sordid conduct of the NPCA has been the lonely voice of  Regional Councilor Brian Heit! Others; not so much.
The fear of many is that the AG Report will just blow over and nothing-but NOTHING will change!
When in doubt-Vote them Out!


  1. It is a sad commentary on the leadership that they have gone silent in the wake of the auditor general's report Preston. It is political cowardice of the highest order. For years we have listened to Tony Quirk, Sandy Annunziata, Bruce Timms and all the others as they brag about how the NPCA "leads" the province in so many ways. What they failed to tell us is that they were leading us in a downward spiral of gross mismanagement that was fueled by arrogance and a wanton disregard for personnel and the environment.

  2. Normally when anything is said about the NPCA Tony Quirk responds with a clarification, like how the NPCA won against Ed Smith but paid his costs. I am disappointed that he has not taken the time to clarify to all of us what the Auditor General's report is about, I am expecting from his perspective praise of the NPCA. Sadly I remain waiting for the true meaning from him.

  3. It's election time they hope no one is paying attention and can sneak in at election time. Like Willie Nelson new song "VOTE THEM OUT".