Thursday, 4 October 2018

Canada’s Privacy Laws

Do you think that Canada’s political parties should follow Canada’s privacy laws?
72% of people in Canada do.1 As does the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.2 And so does the all-party committee that made this key recommendation after studying the Cambridge Analytica scandal.3

But the Liberal government  of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just stated that despite all of this, it does not intend to make political parties follow privacy laws.

Silence from all political Parties clearly indicates their complicity in Trudeau's shame!
This means that there would continue to be no laws or oversight governing how political parties collect, use or store our data – and no requirements for them to disclose if our personal information has been hacked or breached.

Information about our political views is so incredibly sensitive, and it’s totally unacceptable for our political parties to put their self-interest above our privacy and security.
If you think this should change, then you need to make sure they hear your voice loud and clear. Send a message right now.

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