Saturday, 11 January 2014

Who is Fred Bracken?

Who is Fred Bracken?

The number of citizens determined to hold their government accountable is on the increase and Mr. Fred Bracken is one of them.
Videographer Bracken stood up to the ‘SECRETIVE OLD GUARD’ when Regional Council went in to a humorous tail spin over the public’s right to video the public proceedings.
With so many Canadian Politicians arrested, charged and incarcerated, it makes one wonder why they are so afraid that their constituents might hear, see or God forbid, question?
Chair Burroughs wondered the purpose of the video. Fred Bracken says it’s for accountability.
This happened Dec. 12, 2013 right in front of our local press, who didn’t think it news worthy!
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  1. I came across this link through a Facebook friend. I appreciate your link to my videos , although they are amateurish in nature. I am learning as I go. I have attended Fort Erie council meetings for a while focusing on how why the taxpayers are paying police who have plead guilty to crimes. Paul Zarafonitis brutalized Mike Farkas, plead guilty, and never got fired. As a matter of fact, he got a new cruiser, and a huge raise. People need to see the correlation between the NRP not holding their own accountable, and the regional council trying to have me banned for filming the public meeting. The regional council and the NRP need to realize that it's the private sector citizens who pay their obscene wages and pensions. Not one of the Fort Erie councilors or John Teal would go on the record. I assume they are too scared of the NRP to even do their job as elected representatives of the people of Fort Erie.

    Gary Burroughs told me to stop filming and I declined. The private citizens own that chamber, not the "temporary workers" who currently call it "home". Burroughs showed his true colors when he ordered me to stop filming even though Cogeco was doing the very same.

    After I declined to stop filming , a regional employee, who is yet unnamed, came up to me and told me I had to leave unless I turned off my camera. I went outside to chat with him and he lunged at my camera and tried to swipe it out of my hand. That was my first video of that night.

    When I returned , Heit and McMullan told Burroughs to have me ejected from the meeting. Can you even believe that? A public servant trying to have a private citizen banned for simply wanting redress from his so called elected representatives.

    I'm going on and on here, but I would like to thank you for doing the job the establishment media will not. How could this not be news? How could government trying to ban a private citizen from a meeting not be considered news?

    The media is in bed with the very government they are supposed to be holding accountable.

    Our poor country lost 60 000 full time private sector jobs in December , while the government grew by 18 200.

    That is a disgrace.

    I look forward to doing more videos. If anyone has topics they would like me to ask the politicians on camera, feel free to send me an email at holdingthemaccountable at yahoo dot ca.

    Cheers and lets do our best holding the regional council socialists accountable.

    Our way of life and our children depend on it.

    Fred Bracken

  2. Not interested in getting under ones skin, but love to rub elbows( on cheeks , foreheads etc)!! Lived in St Catharines for the better part of thirty years, Not that any of my accomplishments are worth mentioning, but at least I am accountable. Unlike these gypsies , I struggle to better myself without riding on a Magic carpet made of Teflon.
    I would be interested in joining this journey of civilian rights with you,