Monday, 11 June 2018

Good People are hard to find...

                                                                                             ...Niagara Finds the Other Kind

Niagara Regime's Sewer Lives up to its reputation
Crime, Corruption & uncontrolled sleaze 

It's discouraging to see elected officials using their elected position for personal gain. Is it relevant that these three characters are officials of the corrupt 'Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

How low can you go to actually abuse your position by having the Taxpayer foot the bill for your personal propaganda as in the self-promotion propaganda posted below? Answer Below

Answer as to how low these people can stoop...
Not a single member of the Niagara Regional Regime has ever apologized to the Taxpaying Citizens, on their own behalf or the conduct of others, for gangsterism, unaccountable and missing $Millions, misrepresentations, undue secracy, conspiracies, crime & theft, bullying, criminal mischief, outright lying and even perjury!

As it was with the recent Provincial disgrace our Niagara regime has become nose-blind to the stench of their own sewer!

Anyone disagreeing with the above assessment please enter your corrections in the provided comment section below...  

P.S. It's not an integrity Commissioner this regime needs, it needs a good Sheriff! 

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