Saturday, 2 June 2018

Niagara's Evil Empire

News Alert Niagara has been constantly trying to do our best to provide information to the Citizens regarding the conduct and aspirations of The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA)!

When asked; Who gave the NPCA Authority over Private Property?  The only answer we got was look up 'Ontario Regulation 155/06'.

We emailed the NPCA and phoned Board member Furtney trying to get the specific written passage that says the NPCA has the authority over private property? Still no response.

It's one thing for the political gang of the NPCA to blame the Liberal-Socialist Ontario Government for the theft of property rights but it is another thing altogether to use those same alleged stolen property rights to blindly use, abuse and destroy innocent property owners! Obviously a little power does go to some people's heads allowing them to act tyrannical when they think no one is watching!
And did the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority heed Judge Ramsay's Guidance? No they did not! What they did do was embark on an expensive (Tax Abuse) and spurious propaganda advertising campaign contradicting the Judge!
Further they ran around to the municipalities with their verbal garbage garnering angry disbelief  and backlash to their outright lies! 

Now we are having to update our 'Study in elected corruption' again predicated the character of NPCA members chiseling from the public purse.

It follows that when you operate a corrupt enterprise, while hiding behind a facade of conservation, you are bound to attract criminal code violators.

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  1. I am hoping with a change in government, an exorcism will be performed in all the conservations authorities across the province.