Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Rebuff of NPCA Executive

CAO Mark Brickell and entourage of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority NPCA) pleaded with Port Colborne's City Council not to follow through with their efforts to reign in what council believe is a broken NPCA.  

At every turn the best Mr. Brickell could come up with is to blame the Provincial Regime as the cause for faulty rules of stacking the NPCA Board with 'politicians of no particular skill-sets'. 

Brickell is probably correct considering much of our Citizen's problems with the unaccountable NPCA escalated beyond reason with the advent of the Ontario Liberal-Socialist Regime!

CAO Brickell went on and on with his usual diatribe until council members came down on him like a ton of bricks by pointing to the NPCA conduct especially their conduct that had previously taken place right in Port Colborne's Council Chamber. Check out the Video starting at the 1:13 minute mark or the Council handing the CAO his donkey at the 1:50 minute mark!
Council proceeded with their vote in the face of the NPCA presenters!
Face flushed with anger CAO Brickell stormed out. 

Considering the stated reasons for passing of the Port Colborne motion to dump the current NPCA political Board members is there any reason that Niagara Citizens should not ALSO dump them by voting them out of office?

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