Friday, 6 April 2018

Liberal-Socialists on the Warpathe

Niagara's Liberal-Socialist political rivals reacted to Ford's GO Comments

Considering all the good things promised by the Liberal-Socialist Regime of Kathleen Wynne it is refreshing to hear that there is a potential new leader that would examine any expensive project of the failed Wynne Regime!

Before hysterics set in please keep in mind that we only have Wynne's promise of a GO Service, for what that's worth.

Go Service has been needed for years so why is it only a promise for after the next election?

These same corrupt Niagara Liberal-Socialist politicians who had nothing to say during the nightmare of the Wynne Regime are more vocal regarding Ford's wanting to examine the GO plan.

If Ford is going to properly govern on our behalf, he must examine and re-examine everything our corrupt Liberal-Socialist regime has been up too that has put us on the road to financial disaster.

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