Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Fascists Strike Again

Congratulations are in order for the Municipality of St. Catharines, Ontario!

They must be pretty proud of themselves for finding and proffering a way to raise 'CASH' without affecting city authorities!

Did the city brainiacs come up with this proposed by-law on their own or is this another scheme emanating from AMO; You know, AMO the Association of Municipalies of Ontario where they share all the ways to screw the citizens with the least amount of backlash!
While our charities are struggling trying to support people in jeopardy, our City authorities propose an additional burden on these same people of up to $500.00! This mere suggestion indicates that these are not the authorities we need!


Instead of supporting those who share their homes, our liberal-socialist ideologues follow their Ontario counterparts in attacking our least affluent! 

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