Monday, 2 April 2018

Viva Les Bloggers!

In the grand scheme of things there is promise for the future of news dissemination.

While nearly every bit of news and opinion can be found online it is asinine to hear detractors piss and moan about the existence of Bloggers. What they really mean is the existence of online news that they cannot control.

The fact is that the rapidly diminishing main stream newspapers disparage Bloggers predicated primarily on self-interest and self-preservation, while they are involved in slowly strangling access to public comment. Mainstream news is consolidating into an unhealthy gang of single source control of vital news and opinion.

Bloggers cover the news in their unique personal way, ignoring political parties, professional affiliations, public posture and with or without superfluous permission. 

10-year old reporterHilde Kate Lysiaksaid “Do Whatever it takes to get to the Truth!”

‘The proof is in the pudding’ is more than an ‘Old Saying’! Take a quick look in the Comment Section below each of the hundreds of News Alert Niagara Articles and you will discover the veracity of Bloggers. 

Not a single member of our Niagara political regimes have challenged our veracity on any of our 300 articles through the free use of our comment section!

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