Thursday, 19 April 2018

Integrity at Niagara Regional Council

Considering the great amount of third party investigation and examination going on at Niagara Regional Council at great expense to the Taxpayer is it not time to ask the question?

Now our Machiavellian Councilors have decide once again to call in a third party to ascertain who leaked a confidential list of applicants for the CAO position to Carmen D'Angelo.

D'Angelo says he welcomes and supports the third party investigation! Is D'Angelo saying he doesn't know how he came into possession of the confidential information or why he failed to disclose it? 

Check out the 57minute mark of the Council's video

Is D'Angelo's personal integrity on display predicated on the fact that he kept secret his having received this confidential information?

Did anyone of the Dirty-Dozen Mayors ask the question of D'Angelo?

How about the NPCA Rat-Pack?

No! Every single politician on Regional Council sat in stunned stupor! 

Before one more dime is wasted on a third party cover-up, surely D'Angelo, who received the confidential list of applicants, should be asked how he got the list and from who!
If D'Angelo won't answer how he came into possession of the confidential list or why he sat on this skulduggery he should be fired for cause and without the corrupt practice of a large $payout.
If our Niagara authorities are unable to do their duty then it is up to the electorate to boot them from office!

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