Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Liberal-Socialist Exposed

Just one day after our 'News Alert Niagara' rant about the City of St. Catharines proposal to add a $500 burden to the lives of those living in apartments we are treated to our Mayor Sendzic trying to justify this typical Liberal-socialist bovine waste!

How desperate does a government have to be to financially bludgeon the least affluent of our Citizens?  Let's hope the 'tax& senders' we have hired and elected will find a better way to incentivize more and better accommodation !

Regional Chair Caslin called the proposal 'the most heartless penalty that can be imagined for those who are the most vulnerable in St. Catharines'! 

Caslin also pointed out that 'Ultimately the new tax will be forced upon the Tenants"!

Perhaps our Valiant Mayor Sendzic should ask his fellow elected council members, who support this Machiavellian Proposal, if they are also prepared to kick in $500.00.

Is it too pessimistic to assume that this $500.00 tax grab will do nothing to alleviate the stated situation. On the contrary this $500.00 tax grab will exacerbate the plight of many Citizens.

Sendzik said there are many people living in substandard units in St. Catharines in renovated homes that do not measure up to
building and fire codes. 

Would Mayor Sendzic be surprised to learn that there are many Citizens with no place to live at all; not even a car for shelter or even a mattress?
This St. Catharines Mayor who has now outed himself as an ideology driven Liberal-Socialist proposes a 'Working Group' to provide cover for his regressive view. 

The Citizens, who Mayor Sendzic is prone to throw under the bus, have already provided the mayor with a 'Working Group' backed up by professional staff! 
It's called a Council! 

Sendzic says"There are people living in really bad situations who are afraid to say anything because they don't want to get kicked out," Sendzik said in an interview Tuesday. "If you talk to Betty-Lou Souter (CEO of Comunity Care of St. Catharines and Thorold) Elizabeth Zimmermann (executive director of the YWCA) or Susan Venditti (executive director of Start Me Up Niagara) and the people we are talking to here in the city, they will tell you the situation is dire."

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