Saturday, 14 April 2018

Regional Regime Destroys Public Confidence

The politicians of Niagara can take solace in the fact that most of the Niagara Citizens are blissfully unaware of the shameful shenanigans and costly corruption taking place in their Niagara Regional Government.

However, there were several protesters, representing several Citizen Groups, carrying signs denoting their views and signaling that there are informed Citizens willing to let the authorities know of their disgust. 

Regional Chair Caslin courageously stood alone among the protesters asking for their views. Chair Caslin received their views in polite but pointed order, which Caslin claimed he would pass along to the rest of the councilors.

Did Chair Caslin Pass along the concerns of the Protesters? No he did not!

What we did get was more hours of bovine waste regarding still more integrity destroying conduct that never seems to reach a satisfying conclusion.

From Machiavellian criminal activity to missing $Millions our so-called integrity driven Regional Regime spend an inordinate amount of valuable time trying to convince the public that something is actually being done about corruption.

We have the 'Dirty Dozen' Mayors scrounging for all they call get out of the Regional Taxpayer to augment the appearance of their bottom line!

We have the NPCA rat-pack shielding their Citizen-destroying, empire building, unaccountable and corrupt agency from proper scrutiny.

It has gotten so bad the the councilors can't even agree on which third party should investigate the corruption!

Concern is growing that the downturn in Regional Integrity coincides with Ontario's McGuinty-Wynne Liberal Socialist Government.

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