Saturday, 7 April 2018

Niagara's Toxic Regime

Niagara's new council chamber is pleasing to view but there is a poison lurking that is definitely not in the best interest of the Niagara Taxpayer.

The Standard Newspaper headlines calls for a 'Special Investigation' into the tainted hiring process regarding CAO D'Angelo

St. Catharines Mayor Sendzik said 'it tears at our INTEGRITY' as if the Niagara Regional Council was dripping with integrity!

Could it be that CAO Carmen D'Angelo, and Councilors Bruce Timms, Tony Quirk, Sandy Annunziata, April Jeffs, Frank Campion, Brian Baty and David Barrick received their training from the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA). Together these politicians make up a deadly NPCA rat-pack protecting their empire-building tyranny from accountability to the Niagara Citizens.

'News Alert Niagara' has been raising the alarm over lies, perjury, party politics, skulduggery and even criminal acts while our politicians have sat in shameful silence! 

Our elected politicians just sit there in straight-faced silence while they have been fully aware of some of the most egregious behind-the-scenes conduct of any municipality.

Politicians who fail their constituents do not deserve your votes!

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  1. I agree. Politicians who sit idly deserve to be stripped of their elected rights. Its repulsive what is going on in Niagara, Haldimand, Bruce and many other counties.
    I thought April Jeffs was on the NPCA board?
    Thanks for these articles! Rural routes are under attack!

    Keep up the investigative journalism! We appreciate it!