Thursday, 31 May 2018

The True Meaning of HR

Acting on a tip that Mayor Campion and Acting Mayor Konc where going to bring up the months-long delay of allgations concerning the abuse of public funds for self-promotion without Authorization.

The allegations swirled around Regional councilor and NPCA Board member, Anthony Quirk, as can be seen in the accompanying image.

Click LINK to view May 19, 2018 Board Meeting

In all, there seems to be 3 politicians under allegations of abusing the public purse.

Along with Quirk there is also Dave Barrick and Sandy Annunziata both Regional councilors and NPCA Board members. 

No sooner had Mayor Campion even mentioned the allegations when the NPCA Board Chair Annunziata ruled the that allegations of corruption is an Human Resources matter and must be discussed behind closed doors (In Camera); in secret and well hidden from the Hapless Citizens. 

The true meaning of HR is 'Hide Responsibility! 

They call themselves Fiscal Conservatives but it appears to many People that they are no more than squalid chiselers of the public purse.

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  1. Well put. I went to the meeting at town hall last night and Tony Quirk was a no show. I expected to see him given that the flyer stated Meet Tony Quirk.