Saturday, 5 May 2018

Niagara’s War on Media

The St. Catharines Standard Newspaper finally reported on the effort put forth by NPCA CAO, now Regional Government CAO Carmen D’Angelo and his cronies to have press personnel fired.

Is this not the same guy that received judicial rebuke for his shabby and failed effort to sue Major Smith on behalf of himself and the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority? (NPCA)

Is this not the same guy who physically assaulted ‘News Alert Niagara’ media person Preston Haskell?

Is this not the same guy who threatened Preston Haskell with a lawsuit instead of attempting to correct any contentious issue on the available comment section provided below each article of ‘News Alert Niagara’.

Is this not the same guy who ordered the confiscation of media notebooks, computers and recorders from the media desk of Regional Council?

Is this not the same guy who headed up the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) financial assault on Niagara Citizens?

Now this same guy and his cronies cry foul demanding that the media fire personnel over their claim of ‘Fake News’. 

Carmen D’Angelo and his ilk may think he is an asset to our Niagara Regional Regime but many including ‘News Alert Niagara’ are not so sure.

PS: If Carmen D'Angelo and ilk don't like media attention they should cut the corruption!

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  1. Keep up the exposure of this corruption.
    A show down is imminent !