Sunday, 13 May 2018

Strategic War on Corruption and Crime

Corruption and crime has been and is still escalating in our governments!

Individual Citizens and Citizen Groups operating individually in their private silos have had little to no effect in stemming the tide of crime and corruption or the ever-growing government overreach.

Operating as individual platoons is perfect as long as they also channel their effort to the common cause. The greatest weapon against crime and corruption among governments and government agencies is information.

Anyone doubting the level of crime and corruption need only to follow everyday news reports. In the Region of Niagara alone we are suffering $100 of millions missing or unaccounted for. We have hungry and wasteful governments and empire-building government agencies financially abusing Citizens! We have slovenly governments developing astonishing and extraordinary rules and regulations deliberately designed to allow more abuse of Citizens.

Criminals are breaching all levels of our government and we the people are letting it happen by hiding our light under a bushel; by failing to publicly expose the corrupt and by failing to publicly challenging corrupt activities!

Oh! Sure, we are battling in isolation from our groups and associations and even secretive groups but with limited effect.  The criminal abusers are still brazenly operating behind legal cover while ‘well-intentioned folk’ organize and strategize during their traditional monthly meetings. 

The bravest try to challenge the rigged legal system in courtrooms steeped with conflicted interest that sadly serve your/our very same adversary.

 Although it is very important for our champions to continue their efforts of sorting through the legalities/illegalities of corrupt authorities and the vital importance of our supporting their efforts there is a second front that seems to be overlooked.

That second front is the necessity to shine light on any scoundrel or cabal of scoundrels hiding in the dark adversely affecting the well-being of society. It's exposure they hate and it's Social Media that terrifies them. Social media and Bloggers drive them crazy!

For instance, our dozens of Conservation Authorities present themselves as 'angels of the environment' while hiding the fact that they control who can and who cannot present to their board of directors; their conduct when abusing Citizens and hiding their proclivities from municipal authorities and worse, hiding their exploitation of citizens from the public.

In Niagara we take on anyone and every governing body that’s acts inappropriately. The fact that we have been attacked for our efforts says it all. The Articles we publish are public for all to read and for all to respond. Our record speaks for itself. Log on to News Alert Niagara to get a sense of what we are up to and how we are going about exposing crime, corruption and misadventure.

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