Saturday, 18 November 2017

Cabal of Deception

Dateline November 15, 2017: 
Place: Township of Wainfleet Council Chamber
Story: Continuing Deception NPCA
Perhaps without realizing it the board members are simply engaging in 'team playing' predicated on their Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority participation.  

The effects of 'team playing' as set up by our Government is disastrous when it comes to ignoring the concerns of the public. 

Case in point is the Township of Wainfleet council meeting of November 15, 2015.

Once again concerned Citizens braved a cold November evening to demonstrate with picket signs clearly expressing their displeasure with the NPCA.

With the help of excellent live streaming we can witness the NPCA chair first schmoozing the council and then complaining about citizen's
concerns followed by a questionable claim that the NPCA has changed.

The NPCA fudged his presentation with clever 
inaccurate, misleading and sometimes completely untrue statements.

Strange how easy it is for the NPCA to deceive our political leaders even in the face of Citizens who have lived under the horrors of this agency. 

The NPCA makes grandiose claims while describing Citizens as 'fringe groups of complainers'

It is extraordinary that so much time and effort has gone into providing accurate information to our political leaders who have completely ignored their constituents, while blindly accepting the Machiavellian version of the NPCA.

You can witness the second presenter NPCA CEO Mark Brickell launch into an astonishing diatribe of braggadocio regarding the NPCA's efforts in 'Empire Building'!
Even in the face of the third presenter Mr. Ed Smith directly challenging the misleading inaccuracies spouted by the NPCA Presenters, two of the four Councilors still bought into the NPCA version.

You will notice that the tie vote was broken by none other than Mayor Jeffs who is the Conservative Party candidate for Welland MPP and an NPCA Board Member

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