Thursday, 9 November 2017

Poor Excuse for Money Bags Morneau

Just what is the renowned writer Andrew Coyne suggesting in his poor excuse for Money Bags Finance Minister Bill Morneau in his National Post Story. 

Well isn't that nice! 

Proves the point that if Mary Dawson, the Ethics Commissioner fails the ultra rich Finance Minister is absolved because he is apparently too ignorant or too arrogant to realize that it is not proper to use his position to steer financial advantage to the very entity to which he owns stock.

It would be bad enough if this bovine waste where an isolated incident but it's not. Political and bureaucratic corruption is prevalent across the board and across all political lines. 

Worse is the sound of silence emanating from our political leaders!  

Not one of our disgusting political parties is even mentioning recall legislation or term limits!!!

The Corruption Grows!


  1. What a shame you idiots in central Canada keep electing idiotic Liberals just because their name is Trudeau. His father was a moron as well, but you didn't care because it did not affect you. NOW it does, and it is STILL the fault of western Canada. How does that work? Did WE hold a gun to your head to make you go into debt to the tune of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS? I think not!! By the way, the west is more than the province of Alberta. We ALL pay equalization TO Ontario and Quebec because you are the POOR PROVINCES. Find a decent map of payments and you will see it has been MANY years since money went from central Canada to ANYBODY.

  2. The knowledgeable People who voted in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, who tried to follow the Campaign through reading the National Post, the only possibility in avoiding the distinctly Biased to The Liberal Party. This especially True for CBC and their supplicant clones as the Proven Corrupt Liberal Party bought the CBC with Tax-payer Funding as they always do.

    Anyways as "Little-Andy" Coyne, once again riding on His Father's reputation, as the Ottawa swamp sewer dwellers are prone to do; finagled a trip with expenses paid by the Tax-payer, as always in Ottawa for any of the knee bending suck-up Journolists.

    Anyways; as I sllid on the sewer sludge, my apologies; Little Andy made promises to Bring the CBC bias to the National Post if He captured the Big Perk of the time; attendance at the Billtererberg soirée to get the European "Old Money" direction of the Progressive/Socialist/Liberal/Democrat/National Socialism/Communism/Fascism/ agenda at the same time as Merkel received Her Direction.

    Anyways again; viewership at the National Post continued the decline and Canadians continue to move hand-in-hand at our benighted Liberal Leadership to gain favour for the Ottawa Sewer Sludge by the Old Money Europeans trying to get Their money away from the absolute muck-up which has been made of the Europe Union & German/ Sweden/Denmarks future in remaining a Liberal Socialist Country steadily succumbing to Sharia Law & the European Bulwark of Sharia Law.