Friday, 16 March 2018

The War on Citizens Continues

In a snit over the local newspaper articles questioning the Town's convoluted financial schemes, the Pelham Authorities have revealed their war on citizens by removing the council chamber media desk.

Because few people believed the regime's 365page explanation of a $700,000 discrepancy in a suspicious land deal, it is certainly no reason to trash the newspaper's city hall display of newspapers or refusing to correspond with the media!

Mistrust deepened when the Mayor's posse involved the accounting firm of PKMG in a simple accounting and then passing that inadequate accounting off as a definitive forensic examination of absolution.
The fact is that many of the Pelham Citizens are concerned over their Machiavellian Regime's over-spending and debtOther levels of government along with Non-Pelham Citizens are becoming alarmed by the Pelham Regime's financial shenanigan. The voice of Pelham has been chronicling the issue as best they can on behalf of those same Pelham Citizens. 

If the Regime can't square with the media then the Regime's conduct becomes suspect and without squaring with the media, the Regime's authorities should realize that they are going to war against their own Citizens and more importantly, voters, voters who depend on an independent source of information.

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