Monday, 26 March 2018

Mandates of Tyranny

Speculation is now over. It is proven beyond all doubt that our freedoms are being trampled on.

Our Canadian Liberal-Socialist government has fully declared their tyrannical aspirations by ordering their forces to enter innocent citizen’s homes at will even if the homeowners are absent!

Paramount is the knowledge that someone will get hurt!

Placing blame will follow!

Traditional ideas like these of our Liberal-Socialist government follow a well-worn path of having to be mandated. A mandated treachery of storming the homes of innocent Canadian Citizens places our Liberal-Socialist government on par with some of the worst tyrannical regimes the world has ever known.

This tyrannical sickness is not new. We have ‘Conservation Authorities’ now given trespass rights over private property.

We have Municipal Regimes attacking Journalists!

Putrid regimes hiding an astonishing amount of corruption!
Wrongheaded big spending Liberal-Socialists demanding obedience to their particular morays, philosophies and beliefs with penalties for not doing so. 

The fact is that this Liberal-Socialist sickness has metastasized throughout our society to the detriment of every Citizen.

Canadian Citizens deserve the ability to turf anyone they have ‘hired or elected’ by having the power of a recall mechanism.

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