Sunday, 25 November 2018

24 new Regional Councilors and...

none of them considered to be good enough to replace former Chair Caslin.

What a crock of CA-CA! 

     Niagara voters elected the best they were offered in the belief and hope that every single one of them had the ability to fulfill all duties assigned to them!
Did the Voters make a collective mistake?
     The back room political power brokers are once again trying to impose their will on the Citizens of Niagara by attempting to seat as Chairman of our Region one of Creepy Kate Wynne's stealthy machiavellian architects of the failed Ontario Liberal Government.
     In fact, Bradley was so successful that he helped to drive the liberal government into the ground and without party status!
The electorate voted for change!
Bradley is not the change Niagara needs!
Bradley is the antithesis of change!
Keep him in a councilor's chair where we can observe his brilliant contributions! 

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