Friday, 9 November 2018

NPCA Aided and abetted by none other than...

Kathleen Wynne's stealthy Cabinet Minister MPP Jim Bradley the Minister of Government Agencies, The Environment and several other Ministries plus Cabinet President And Liberal Party leader.

Cabinet Minister MPP Bradley sat in stealthy silence while his constituents suffered under the enabled corrupt conduct of the NPCA.
Under tyrannical ideology Bradley allowed the NPCA to expand its control to a whopping 120 Meters from waters edge wiping out equity of property owners and all to feed the need of his Ontario Liberal financial failure.
Under tyrannical ideology Bradley allowed the NPCA to expand equity-stealing fines from $10k to $50 for any minor infraction unless, of course, to pay-up-front $thousands in extortion to have your infraction overlooked! 
MPP Bradley was a silent participant in private property equity theft and as usual feigns innocence.
It's Bradley and his ilk who silently allowed the NPCA to fester and metastasize into a Niagara Region wide embarrassment that destroyed our Niagara Regional Council!
Bradley did enough damage including driving the Ontario Liberal Party into the ground with the very humiliating loss of party status. Bradley is the epitome of the worst of party politics! If insider Bradley had a modicum of integrity he would have stayed silent!

This study in elected Corruption (Update #8) is the culmination of years of observation and through the effort of many organizations and a small army of dedicated Citizens in the face of absolute secrecy.
.If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely then surely the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) epitomizes  corruption of power predicated on the NPCA's opinion that they answer to no one, are accountable to no one according to their stated belief in the Ontario Government act that created their absolute authority. 

Never in the history of Canada have so many been deceived by so few!


  1. Very interesting that Jim Bradley is being called out in this article when a great many at the NPCA, the Region and Niagara municipalities remained mute. Respectfully, what is the motivation for this commentary when it fails to lend balance to this very important conversation?

    1. Bradley was power behind the hateful conduct of creepy Kate Wynne!