Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The Despicable Persecution of ‘the Lady of the Horses’

And who conducted this despicable years-long persecution? Why, none other than the secretive Halton Conservation Authority (HCA)! The Same HCA that the Halton Regional Government allows to hide the identification of the HCA board of directors and allows their HCA to screen presenters that don’t ascribe to their corrupt aspirations. Indicating that the Region of Halton has a mad-dog gang on the loose.

The only way this mad-dog HCA gave themselves control of the Thomas’s property is by continuing to claim ever-increasing meters from the so-called wetland. Perhaps the Ontario Government of Premier Kathleen Wynne should have simply extended their reach by kilometers instead of meters in their effort to steal private property equity especially with their proposed in crease of fines from $10K to a Family-Crushing $50,000.00!  

The HCA claims control of 80% of the Thomas property including their home and barn, which means they could never rebuild or replace, and still they must pay 100% property tax!

Question: How does a $1,000.00 shakedown by HCA to keep the horse-riding ring qualify as environmental conservation?

The court transcripts show that the Lady of the Horses, Jean Thomas has been denied her rights by a justice who followed and agreed to the ridiculous charges of a vindictive HCA prosecutor; the same persecutor that wrote the judgment for the justice.

The court transcripts show that the Thomas’s had to sit through hours, days and years of the persecutors’ musings ranging from the ‘sand ring not a threat to the nearby wetland in over five years’ to ‘removing the sand ring could somehow harm the wetland!’

The same transcripts show that the Justice listened to the same hours, days and years of the persecutor’s barely audible musings only to accept the persecutor’s notes as her final verdict costing the ‘Lady of the Horses’ a grinding financial penalty of over a quarter of a $million and for what? For creating a sand ring between her house and barn for her horses that never threatened a wetland!


  1. Well, Ford is in now. If this is all true, then the HCA should not only be closed down, but refund all losses to her and her estate and family. The means courts cost, loss of income and anything else lost in this action.

    1. This is right down Fords alley. He has a lot on his plate at the moment, but in the next 2 weeks I will do all I can to have a meeting with him. And yes it is all true. Its unbelievable. So much more has been done, I could write a book. Thank God I had someone to help us that has knowledge in bi laws of the Conservation, that I was able to get this far. Thank you.

  2. I hope you get the cash back.
    Liberals need to wake the puck up.
    Nobody wants your pucking nanny state...

  3. Perhaps this should be brought up to Doug Ford to see if he could do anything about what these monsters are doing.