Saturday, 22 October 2016

Wanted: More Heros

Julian Assange surrendered his comfortable lifestyle to alert America of corruption so grave as to threaten the destruction of the nation.
 Sheltering in an foreign embassy basement from murderous U.S. gangsters, Julian Assange released information leading to revelation regarding criminal control of the U.S. government. 

Julian Assange may not be the hero to drain the swamp but he is the hero that exposed the fact that there is indeed a swamp of corruption  that must be drained
 ...and here we thought that the USSR was the evil empire !

The evil empire is controlled and protected by self-serving long-term politicians concerned primarily with their position on the government's gravy train!   

Term limits for all politicians coupled with severe penalties for anyone who would harm heroes like Julian Assange would be a good start to cleaning up the tyranny present in all government leadership.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

When is a Tax not a Tax ?

ALL and ANY monies removed from a citizen by any level of government is always to be recognized as a Tax.

When your government turns on you it will make decisions predicated on what is good for the government and no longer for what is good for those that hired and elected them.

Because governments face push-back on raising taxes they pass taxes off as fees regardless of fairness to or damage done to the individual Citizen.

Citizens have long accepted the idea of Tax & Spend but we have entered an era of Tax & Waste and even all out corruption!

Governments are turning to the Association Of Municipalities Of Ontario (AMO) to get strategies on cheating their citizens by skimming monies with less push-back.

To cover their inability to properly govern our governments are now taxing RAIN WATER and everything they think they can get away with!

Our governments are even taxing the AIR WE BREATH!  

In 2015, B&B operator was charged $170.54; this year she was told she would have to pay $621.50

Is it reasonable to assume that the Citizen's B&B becomes dangerous to the public every twelve months?

Considering the conduct of our Governments and their willingness to abdicate any sense of decency predicated on self-inflicted dependence on money the only way, short of violence, is to deprive the government of certain 'Fees' or even a full blown tax revolt!   

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Liberalista Premier Wynne Pulling the Plug

The anti-citizen socialist government of Liberalista Kathleen Wynne is at it again!

Ignoring the fact that Ontario law prohibits energy companies from depriving Ontario families of heat during our life-threatening Canadian Winter. 

Ontario Premier Wynne is planning to introduce PREPAY HYDRO METERS to protect energy corporations from poverty stricken Citizens!

This was predictable because the same policy advisers in Queen's Park, who wrote the “Greed” Energy Act and fled Toronto, are now hiding in Ottawa as the most senior advisers of the federal Liberal Party.

The cozy relationship between the Prime Minister and the Ontario premier is bad for all taxpayers.

To picture a pre-payment electricity meter, just think of a parking meter that you load with money in order to park a vehicle. 

The difference between a parking meter and a PREPAY HYDRO METER is a matter of life and death.

News Alert Niagara is calling for charges of ‘Crimes against Humanity’ if even one Citizen or the Child of one Citizen is lost! 

Hydro Rate Protest Planned For Queens Park
November 23, 2016 from 12 to 3 p.m.
Esther Barlow is promising an electrifying fight outside the halls of power. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Great Pretenders

Pretending that all's going well hasn't been working and it won't be working any time soon!

It's all well and good to put a brave face on a depressing situation but not to the point of deception.

Consider the missing names of commerce and industry that once graced the Chamber of Commerce Roster. The current roster is sadly short if you remove the list of small service enterprises!

We can pretend that we don't have 50% more politicians per capita than any other region in Canada. Worse these same politicians don't want to even talk about anything that just might threaten their individual position! 

While these politicians have been pretending that all's well, OUR major Commerce and Industry have moved away to greener pastures. OUR major Commerce and Industry which were once the source of Niagara's prosperity and the magnet for workers from all over Canada. 

Instead we must place our future hope and trust in a train service for our unemployed to try to find work elsewhere.  

We even pretend that Socialist Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is somehow going to deliver us from evil poverty.

A wise man once said that government is not the solution to our problem but Government is the problem!

Our Socialist Liberal Government (s) are proving beyond all doubt the destructive nature of Socialism. 

We no longer have to point out the devastation socialism has rendered to center of once great American Cities or the squalid destruction of Sovereign Nations.
For the very first time a few brave souls stood out in the rain and cold to make their point.

Property owners who have had their property rights taken from them have decided to inform the public of how Corrupt Municipalities through their equally Corrupt  Conservation Authorities are perpetrating absolute tyranny under the 'Shield of Law' and in the 'Name of Justice'.

Times they are a changin...


Monday, 10 October 2016

Protection of Public Participation Act

Ontario Passes Law to Protect Freedom of Expression

Province Works to End Strategic Lawsuits That Stifle Free Speech

Today Ontario passed an act that protects freedom of speech on matters of public interest.

The Protection of Public Participation Act, 2015 will allow the public to participate more freely in public discussions without fear of retribution by giving them a better way to defend themselves against strategic lawsuits, commonly known as SLAPPs (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation). The threat of a strategic lawsuit, which can be lengthy and expensive, is often used as a means to intimidate or punish opponents and discourage others from speaking out.

The new act, which will become law in Ontario upon Royal Assent, contains a number of elements that will reduce the risk of citizens being threatened with legal action when speaking out on matters of public interest, including:  
  • A new fast-track review process that will allow the courts to quickly identify and deal with strategic lawsuits
  • New protections for individuals from defamation lawsuits when their concerns are reported to the public through a third party, such as a blogger or a reporter
  • Faster and less expensive procedures at boards and tribunals that will allow parties to make written submissions about legal costs instead of making submissions in person.
Improving access to justice supports the province's strategy to build Better Justice Together, a commitment to make the justice system simpler, faster and less expensive for all Ontarians, and is part of the government's plan to build Ontario up. The four-part plan includes investing in people's talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario's history, creating a dynamic and innovative environment where business thrives, and building a secure retirement savings plan.

Quick Facts
  • The majority of strategic lawsuits are filed in court as claims of defamation (libel or slander), have little or no merit, and are often dropped before proceeding to trial.
  • The Protection of Public Participation Act, 2015 is based on extensive stakeholder consultations and the consensus recommendations of an expert advisory panel to provide a faster, more efficient process to address strategic lawsuits and provide greater clarity for the parties involved.
Background Information
“I am pleased to see our government play a leading role in ending litigation that stifles free speech. This law embodies the values of justice, fairness and equality—all hallmarks of our great nation—by allowing citizens to speak out on public issues without fear of retribution.”
Madeleine Meilleur
Attorney General