Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Government Control of Private Property

The headline reads 
 St. Catharines to boost spending on urban forest’.
The beautiful illustrative picture above was used as an example of our St. Catharines urban forest

This urban forest attests to the fact that not one of these beautiful trees were planted, scientifically spaced, species selected, or any other hands-on effort by our city's urban forest advisory committee!

It may come as a sort of surprise to some but  one way of increasing our forest cover is to stop cutting grass!
Stop cutting grass you will get tall grass, weeds, and sapling trees and soon you will have a forest.

In actual fact, left unchecked by interfering committees and human hands our city has every prospect of disappearing altogether under a canopy of foliage.

How do you think our Carolinian forest got here in the first place?

Councillor Elliott wants to spend $Millions to double our forest.
He wants to control trees on private property to solve what he says is a crises yet it is the city that mangles and removes our trees and then leaves the stumps behind! 

But 'don't let any good crises go to waste'!
Is he actually suggesting that people are purposely destroying their own lovely trees?

Who believes this bovine waste?

Some are concerned that this is another bureaucratic and cynical attempt to wrench control of your private property? 

The city would be doing well if it is able to properly husband the trees on city property.

Our citizens will do their part by nurturing their own trees on their own private property without the questionable assistance of  the city's urban forest advisory committee.

If Councillor Elliott and his 'urban forest advisory committee' are truly serious then they are cordialy invited to the Carolynian Forest, which is part of Preston Haskell's Millpond Studio of Photography. 

There they can witness first hand how 'the Garden Grows' instead of theorizing.

To assist Councillor Elliot, his urban forest advisory committee and of course the worried budget committee, they may come out and dig up hundreds of saplings for replanting.

Free of charge! After all trees don't grow on money...

Anything to remove the excuse for bureaucracy to steal private property rights!

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