Friday, 31 March 2017

Grand Announcement

We are Proud and Pleased to announce that 'NEWS ALERT NIAGARA' has been ACCEPTED as a professional member of the ONLINE NEWS ASSOCIATION

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How Much Does Corruption Cost YOU???

Niagara Regional Chair Caslin Announces the extraordinary news that Niagara’s ‘doing fabulous'.

Missing among Chair Caslins rosie words was the specter of those 'doing more fabulous' than others!

The Deloitte Canada report regarding Crime, Criminals and Police Investigations indicate that criminal conduct is 'doing fabulous' and has moved from the streets to the very core of our officialdom.
Disturbing is how quickly the Deloitte Canada report has been labeled a witch-hunt. In fact the silence from all levels of government is Deafening! 

You can count on less than the fingers on one hand the number of those we have elected and/or hired that are willing to protect their constituents by speaking against corruption.

$Millions here and $Millions there; pretty soon the hapless Niagara Citizen winds up paying an extra 25% on property taxes etc. for outright theft, extortion, misappropriation and astonishing machinations.

News Alert Niagara may not be the first but we are joining with those who believe that it is absolutely vital for all levels of government and government agencies be held accountable.

Therefore NAN may be the first to call for government and government agencies to be held to the same standards and accountability as Canadian Business and Canadian Citizens. 

Considering the level of corruption it is imperative that government clearly understands that a forensic audit could descend on them at short notice and at any time.

For that same reason the Citizens of Canada need term limits!

And in case the electorate falls for the best liar a 'Recall Mechanism' must be introduced immediately. 

Perhaps your friendly local politician can explain why Canadians are being denied! 


Saturday, 25 March 2017


News Alert Niagara is pleased to announce our Tenth Anniversary of ‘The Mirror on Line’ Quarterly Magazine.

News AlertNiagara (NAL) operates as an official on line News and Opinion Media service weighted toward key Niagara issues. 

On Saturday the 25th of March 2017 NAL surpassed the 100k mark with all time history of PageViews and last month Page views of over 25k

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Friday, 24 March 2017

NPCA Silent Board Failure

The NPCA Board is silent on the efforts of Chair Bruce Timms and former CEO Carman D’Angelo to convince the public that a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW) could be relocated under a scheme labeled Bio-diversity offsetting.

The NPCA Board is silent on the fact that they refuse to follow their own Mandate.

The NPCA Board is silent on the Coyle Creek PSW destruction by a local developer.

The NPCA Board is silent on the disgusting creation of Mount Carcinogen.

The NPCA Board is silent on the cash gifts from a toxic pollution purveyor.

The NPCA Board is silent regarding the persecution of Niagara property owners*.

The NPCA Board is silent regarding extortion against property owners.

The NPCA Board is silent while the NPCA develops commercial enterprise on PSW and UNESCO World Biosphere Park.

The NPCA Board is silent regarding NPCA’s withholding FOI information.

The NPCA Board is silent NPCA’s contempt toward Citizens.

The NPCA Board is silent regarding NPCA’s public proclamation of Transparency.

The NPCA Board is silent as to their vote for a lawsuit against a Niagara Citizen.

The NPCA Board is silent as to who pays for their lawsuit against a Niagara Citizen.

Board Chair Annunziata was shocked by a committee member's letter indicating a lack of confidence in the NPCA Board of Directors!

The NPCA Board’s silence clearly indicates they should lose their political positions.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Libtards at Work

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Ernie Hardeman questioned the Premier about the high hydro costs facing business in Oxford County. He used Vuteq in Woodstock as an example. 

“Vuteq, one of the largest employers in my riding, said that on a single bill the charge for the electricity they used was about $38,000, but when you add on this government’s global adjustment and other charges the final monthly bill was $385,000. 

Can the Premier explain why this major employer is paying more than $350,000 or 90% of their bill for extra charges?” 

Hardeman says no explanation was provided by the Premier or the Ministry of Energy. He says the recent announcement from the Liberals to reduce Hydro costs by 25 percent will not help companies like Vuteq. 

“In the past few months it has been announced that Oxford is losing 1,000 jobs – and this government’s hydro rates for businesses are putting more at risk and yet the government’s hydro announcement does nothing to help the major businesses we have left, like Vuteq.” 

Craig Cadman Absolutely ridiculous! Iowa is offering companies to move from Canada with guaranteed $0.04 per kW/hr, same with South Carolina. The city of Buffalo is so confident they can get companies to move that they have set up a permanent office in Ontario to help with the transition. How many more jobs is the Liberal government willing to push away? And stop blaming Wynn alone...her cronies are just as much to blame!

NPCA: How much does a free audit Cost?

Only The Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority (NPCA) think that they don’t answer to the ‘Special Interest’ Taxpayers that pay them?

Niagara's Municipal Authorities have heard enough and are calling for Ontario’s Auditor General to probe NPCA’s books.

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