Monday, 9 December 2019

Repeated Investigations - NPCA Still Corrupt

Superior Court Judge Rules against the NPCA - Still corrupt!
Auditor General Comes in - Corruption continues!
Ontario Ombudsman exposes more corruption - so what?
After years of 'News Alert Niagara' doing our best to alert political Authorities of the misbehavior of the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority and being physically abused and having our computers hacked and destroyed, we must now face the fact that the corruption is still systemic.
We put our faith in our gracious new NPCA, CAO Gayle Wood until we learn that she took part in unlawfully withheld public information from the public
The NPCA Web site couldn't even tell the truth regarding the fact that they only complied after they were ordered to do so!
The hope and respect we placed in the NPCA Chairman of the Board, Dave Bylsma has just been crushed by a new Ontario Ombudsman report regarding Code of Conduct violations!
Sadly, we spend $Hundreds of Millions on 3 dozen Conservation Authorities (CA) hell bent on financing their growing empire on the backs on innocent individual Citizens while our precious natural resources are flooded with sewage and our ground water aquifers are polluted far and wide by none other than municipalities and corporations. 
It is obscene for the Ontario Provincial Government to waste precious financial resources on expensive sham organizations operating on a pretense of conservation! 
Many are calling for the conservation authorities to be disbanded and their assets returned to the respective municipalities and under a modicum of accountability by the electorate.
Question: Do we continue waste our financial resources on extra levels of ineffectual government agencies? 

 Following are only a few of the disturbing stories!
Here is a story of a couple who did everything right to start their little business in Welland, Ontario only to be destroyed by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. (NPCA)
On top of going back to college, getting all required permits and even paying $thousands for an environment assessment the NPCA crushed them after their first few sales and on what basis? 
On the basis of connected underground aquifers, a non-existent Black Gum Tree and a dead turtle skeleton in the roadside ditch. 
The Laws permitting this lunacy run closely akin to the old witch-craft trials.

Then there is the story of a couple who made the big mistake of purchasing a so-called ‘Provincially Significant Wetland’ predicated on their love of all things in nature.
Mistake, because taking on the obligation as official PSW managers, they have suffered harassment, extortion and even malicious prosecution, which the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has been known for in the past. 
The Niagara Regional Government not only condones this specious conduct, but they even participate by lending regional staff time and facilities including their legal department.

This crime story began when Conservation authority drained ‘CONSERVATION Land’ onto the White Family farm. Mr. White senior died under the strain of illicit litigation leaving Son Dave and his Mother to carry on defending their innocence against NPCA employee perjurers, who were themselves terminated for not lying good enough!  
Dave complained because the CA was flooding his land. So the Conservation Authority simply changed the designation of Dave’s land to wetland and charged him and his mother with farming a wetland. After four years in court, their entire life savings was sucked out of them. 
The Region’s lawyer, representing the Conservation Authority asked the judge to have Dave White and his 82-year-old mother thrown into prison for 2 years and he also requested a $50,000 fine plus costs and all this in the NPCA’s failed attempt to pad their bank account. 
However, Dave had proven that the Conservation Authority had changed the mapping and the water course flow in the creeks — amongst other things — to suit their own case. 
In the end, the judge saw through the malicious scheme and chastised Niagara Region's Lawyer for using the court system as a weapon against common people. 

Another failed and costly attempt involved the NPCA in a decades long vendetta against an innocent City of St. Catharines, Ontario resident.
A cabal of so called environment protectors unleashed a tyrannical assault, not only against an innocent citizen, but also against the environment that they are supposed to protect!

Perhaps no other story epitomizes the tyrannical predilection of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority as that of Mr. Len Greenaway’s story recently written in Niagara this week Newspaper.
The NPCA cannot claim any description other than tyrannical when it accepts donated property and then cuts off common and traditional emergency water supply simply because it has acquired that power!
The NPCA has be getting away with tyranny based on framing their tyranny as conservation!

Other NPCA tyrannical activities include their attempt to destroy the last remaining 'Wetland Forest' in Niagara Falls, Ontario in favor of Rich Chinese Developers!

NPCA Tyrants take custody of popular hiking forest and immediately sell off healthy old growth trees leaving the tree tops cluttering the hiking trails!

NPCA Tyrants allow millions of tons of Carcinogen toxic waste to be piled hundreds of feet high with-in the urban boundaries of Welland , Ontario for a gift of $5million!

NPCA Tyrants expands authority over private property and people’s homes!

The same NPCA tyrants that lord their authority over private citizens and their private property are the same Tyrants that build commercial banquette halls on our much vaunted UNESCO World Biosphere conservation park paid for by the company that created Mount carcinogen! 

After losing their years-long persecution against an innocent St. Catharines city resident, the NPCA and City convinced a court that by finishing his legal Solar array project he further violated the law under the spurious argument that he created a new development. This corrupted equity theft cost the Citizen additional $thousands!

Consider Jean and Peter Thomas' story because I believe you will find it interesting to learn building a sand ring on your property to exercise horses; will land you in court, fighting for your property rights resulting in huge legal fees, a $600,000 lien on your home and tens of thousands in fines and all because they did NO damage to the environment.

Fifty-six -year-old Jason Geil was sentenced to a 30-day jail sentence and $30,000 in fines on Sept. 26, 2019 NOT for using a dump truck and bulldozer to fill his man-made pond on his own land, but FOR not getting a permit from the CA.

Please Note: Some of these cases are current to the point that they are still ongoing...
Transcripts are Available

Friday, 6 December 2019

Niagara Regime - Corruption Continues

The results of the year long Ontario Ombudsman's report are in and our Niagara Regime's councilors have spoken!
Well, at least two of them did. Councilor Heit and Councilor Huson. 

Councilor Heit gave a lengthy expose` of the crime and corruption systemic to the Niagara Regime's operations. Councilor Heit elucidated the cabal involved in the sordid Machiavellian attempt to deceive the Niagara Constituency by their comrade Marvin Hubermen in his hoax report.
Councilor Heit also exposed the inadequacy of the Ontario Ombudsman. 
Councilor Huson gave a 'Brilliant' rendition of not being previously aware of the past Regime's sins in the face of continual informative bombardments from several media including 'News alert Niagara'.
The rest of the 25 Councilors present sat in stunned silence with nothing to say when given the chance to comment on our Niagara Regimes disgrace. All mouth and expertise when talking to their constituents! 
Did any of the silent councilors mention how many constituents are demanding financial restitution or how many are demanding jail time for the miscreant perpetrators? 
The collective silence displayed by Regional Councilors clearly suggests that the corruption at the Niagara Regime is not over.
The best Quote of the Special Meeting was from Chair Bradley (207 min. mark) when he inadvertently tipped us off re: "the issue would go to the Niagara Regional Police and should they see fit..."
Is that the way the unaccountable cost of the Burgoyne Bridge was handled? Have we ever been apprised of the missing $Millions.
Can't wait until we hear the same old refrain that "we'll just have to make sure it will never happen again".
But, we know it will happen again because there is NO consequence for corruption.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Illiteracy is Dangerous

On Monday May 13 'News Alert Niagara' Raised the alarm of what the Canada Border Agency (CBA) was doing to innocent Citizens. We found the story in the Pelham Newspaper 'The Voice of Pelham'.
Our post was titled 'Canada Tortures its Innocent Ladies'.
Domenic Caruso of 'your vote matters' and 'Voice of Niagara' took exception to the images of a bare bum illustration of a victim of the CBA and Forced the Bare Bum to be covered.

 Domenic Caruso proceeded to bar me from both of his sites 'your vote matters' and 'Voice of Niagara' 
This guy would have a fit looking at the images on the ceiling of the 'Sistine Chapel'.
But that's not why I'm writing this alert!
I'm writing this to alert everyone to the potential risk to your Facebook presence by contact with Domenic Caruso or his Blogs. 
.Following is the chain of story and comments posted on the 'Save Wainfleet' site:
What does the NPCA stand for?
What does the NPCA stand for?

  • Domenic Caruso What does that have to do with a post about the Federal Election???

    Its no wonder why people are confused about politics when blogers blog a topic and force a conversation off topic.
  • Preston Haskell Domenic Caruso Sorry Sir, but in the Link in question states 'have you considered all the issues'. The prospect of groundwater contamination is definitely one of the issues facing the City of Port Colborne Councilors and should be of concern to everyonSee More
  • Domenic Caruso Ok... Thank You.
  • Cindy Cosby Preston Haskell how do we connect the groundwater aquifer to the federal election ? Most of the legislation and governing bodies are provincial. Preston, huge thank you for supporting the high risk of aquifer contamination cause and the need to prevent it from becoming an unwanted fill dumping ground. It is a wet quarry being 8 meters deep in to the aquifer - it should be a passive lake if they just shut off the 24/7 pumps. Wainfleet groundwater is at risk too. September 9th is Protect Your Groundwater Day. Domenic Caruso thank you for your work too.
  • Domenic Caruso Thank You.Cindy 😃
When I tried to reply to Cindy Crosby with the following:
There is an old maxim, truism, saying that points the way and that is that "all politics is local". Every politician and bureaucrat is responsible for whatever the issue. They have every duty to speak up! They prefer to let on that an issue is not in their purview, their level of government, their issue. Certainly, pollution is one of the issues that concerns everyone including various levels of government. If A federal politician isn't being vocal about the issues concerning local constituents, then vote the bum out of office predicated on the fact that they are no good for anyone!

I suddenly found myself blocked for hours from Facebook for the third time following Domenic Caruso!
Voice Of Niagara
Be Aware and Share.

Again Blocked following Domenic Caruso's attack.
So much for the 'Voice of Niagara' a site that shuts down a voice that alerts Citizens to the Risks they are facing. Denying the free speech of others cannot be considered the 'Voice of Niagara'.
By silencing 'News Alert Niagara' proves that your Voice does not matter to 'Your Voice Matters'!
Domenic Caruso says that articles such as:
And the equally valid: which concerns the Drinking Water at risk for so many people should be blocked from facebook.
Domenic Caruso does'nt want 'News Alert Niagara' Corrupting his Followers!

We do our best

P.S. Description posted for 'Your Voice Matters': 
This site will be open to all political parties and opinions and ideologies because that is how we learn and grow. Please share your stories, your dismay, your ideas for a future Niagara and Canada. I just need to repeat again, ANY AND ALL posts speaking of ANY acts of violence or illegal activity will be deleted by the Admins. We have kept this page an open page to avoid accusations of censorship , that being said, we will delete anything that goes against the FaceBook Ethical Code Of Conduct.