Friday, 14 June 2019

Congratulations to the Niagara Landowners Association

It was and is a great pleasure for 'News Alert Niagara' to follow and report on the decades-long grand effort put forth by the good folks of the Niagara Landowners Association (NLA).
'News Alert Niagara' witnessed a desperate effort to protect NLA Members from unwarranted attacks by the NPCA empire builders on private property owners. 
The NLA members took a stand and for a time stood alone against an completely unaccountable, increasingly extortionary and out-of-control Conservation Authority (CA), which was aided and abetted by all levels of Government and their respective agencies.

The valiant effort of the NLA soon started to attract individuals and other groups to join in the successful dissolution and reformation of the corrupt NPCA and the near wipe-out of the Niagara Regional Council.  
Chamber of the 20% Gang of Niagara Regional Councilors
It's painfully obvious that, at the moment, there is no responsible government to rely on leaving only two alternatives.
One is the political pressure the NLA and many others have successfully brought to bare on elected officials. Political pressure must be sustained to let politicians know that their career will be short if they ignore their electorate. All politics is local!
The other is to be successful in the Canadian judicial system. Stay tuned for exciting news in this regard.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Water at Risk

The aquifers of fresh drinking water extends from Fort Erie in the east and west to well past Wainfleet is under threat predicated on landfilling of a local stone quarry. 
At the Port Colborne Council Meeting of June 10, 2019 we were treated to an interesting juxtaposition with an hour long presentation regarding the twenty year (20) long soil pollution spectacle (still unresolved) caused by metal contaminants in the soil followed by concern for a potential water aquifer pollution threat by landfilling of a stone quarry.

Councilor Bodnar's call for a third party expert to assist in determining 'risk' is certainly in keeping with preventing an even more disastrous, expensive and long term contamination of water supply.
The owner of the former stone quarry has the same right as any other property owner and that is to use their private property as they see fit as long as it doesn't adversely harm their neighbour
Not only is there a serious potential risk of harm to the property owner's neighbour but potential long-term and possibly irreversible harm to every Citizen relying on the water aquifer!
Possibly the most significant decision this Council will ever make  

"We need to protect our groundwater/aquifers for not just us but for the future of our children and grandchildren. If contamination occurs because Port Colborne Quarries wants to fill Pit 1 that is 8 meters deep into our water table with unwanted construction site fill ( so called excess soil); there is a very real risk of contamination. Once our water become contaminated there is no fixing it. This highly vulnerable aquifer reaches many communities in south Niagara from at least Wainfleet to Fort Erie and beyond. Please help our effort - we need human help too !!!!!" -Cindy Cosby

Monday, 10 June 2019

Where is our Leadership?

Or should the question be: Where the hell is our Leadership?
800 Complaints of abusive behavior against innocent Citizens and our leadership has to be asked for oversight? Obviously you can lead a twit to knowledge but you can't make it think!
Documents contain more than 800 allegations investigated by the CBSA about border agents and inappropriate behaviour, including the following:
  • "Officer commented, 'People like you who can't afford to travel always traffic drugs.'"
  • "Threw me on the ground, yelling 'Don't resist'... [other] agents loved this and were laughing."
  • "Hauled into the airport jail and treated like trash."
  • "He called me moron more than once ... mocked my ... accent."
  • "I was roughly frisked ... detained/held for questioning for seven hours."
  • "He attacked me in the baggage claim area ... made anti-Semitic remarks."
  • "He was pushing me with his hands ... started using foul language."
  • "They broke my iPad."
  • "Pulled out a knife in a threatening manner ... stared at me and then thrust the knife into the cardboard box."
The CBSA has a code of conduct, which says officers will act with "professionalism, integrity and respect."
Realy! How about actual Torture
News Alert Niagara tried in vain to alert Erica Johnson and the Go Public team about a sordid and unnecessary torture of two young ladies from the village of Pelham, Ontario perpetrated by an unaccountable Government agency lacking in public oversight.

Lack of oversight ALWAYS triggers tyranny as we have discovered the hard way here in Niagara.
In Ontario our problem can be pinpointed to a cabal of corruption with the Municipal, Conservation Authorities and our Ontario Justices.   
Tyranny then was under the worthless husbandry of the Ontario Liberals and low and behold we are suffering Tyranny under the equally worthless husbandry of the Federal Liberals of PM Justin Trudeau. 
Unfortunately there is no guarantee that any of the current political parties will do any better. 
The Citizens of this country are in dire need of responsible Leadership; Leadership free from corruption - NOT busy clutching at plastic straws!

Thursday, 30 May 2019

It's a matter of trust

It is often stated that 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'.

Yet, here we are again being asked to put our trust, our faith into the proven worst untrustworthy and unreliable entity known to mankind - government!
The City of St. Catharines has been trying to gain more CONTROL over private property for over a decade. Their latest excuse for private property control is to 'Save Trees' from the destructive nature of crazed tree killer home owners!
The fact is, the City of St. Catharines' authoritarians are showing their true colors by extending their totally unnecessary reach for the purpose of masking their financial failure and NOT for their love of TREES!
It's not Trees that are in danger - It's the overburdened Home owner!
Heritage district, floodplain, wetland, Greenbelt, etc. are created by our different levels of government to restrict the use of your private
property. More designations will evolve so that eventually all property rights are taken from you, no matter where you live.
Caution: Once control is given it is never rescinded!
Never mind the tragic historical evidence of so many societies that have dissolved into a morass of despair predicated precisely on giving government the very tools by which they can abuse Citizens.
Never mind the horror show of the last Liberal Government in Ontario or the recent corruption of our Niagara Regional Government or the abuses by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

The time to expose this appalling financial assault and bureaucratic control over private property is when the political seduction starts, NOT as 'news' after the fact!
For those still trusting in the 'good intentions' of government, News alert Niagara offers the following eye-opening scenarios for your perusal.

Here is a story of a couple who did everything right to start their little business in Welland, Ontario only to be destroyed by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. (NPCA)
On top of going back to college, getting all required permits and even paying $thousands for an environment assessment the NPCA crushed them after their first few sales and on what basis? 
On the basis of connected underground aquifers, a non-existent Black Gum Tree and a dead turtle skeleton in the roadside ditch. 
The Laws permitting this lunacy run closely akin to the old witch-craft trials.

Then there is the story of a couple who made the big mistake of purchasing a so-called ‘Provincially Significant Wetland’ predicated on their love of all things in nature.
Mistake, because taking on the obligation as official PSW managers, they have suffered harassment, extortion and even malicious prosecution, which the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has been known for in the past. 
The Niagara Regional Government not only condones this specious conduct, but they even participate by lending regional staff time and facilities including their legal department.

This crime story began when Conservation authority drained ‘CONSERVATION Land’ onto the White Family farm. Mr. White senior died under the strain of illicit litigation leaving Son Dave and his Mother to carry on defending their innocence against NPCA employee perjurers, who were themselves terminated for not lying good enough!  
Dave complained because the CA was flooding his land. So the Conservation Authority simply changed the designation of Dave’s land to wetland and charged him and his mother with farming a wetland. After four years in court, their entire life savings was sucked out of them. 
The Region’s lawyer, representing the Conservation Authority asked the judge to have Dave White and his 82-year-old mother thrown into prison for 2 years and he also requested a $50,000 fine plus costs and all this in the NPCA’s failed attempt to pad their bank account. 
However, Dave had proven that the Conservation Authority had changed the mapping and the water course flow in the creeks — amongst other things — to suit their own case. 
In the end, the judge saw through the malicious scheme and chastised Niagara Region's Lawyer for using the court system as a weapon against common people. 

Another failed and costly attempt involved the NPCA in a decades long vendetta against an innocent City of St. Catharines, Ontario resident.
A cabal of so called environment protectors unleashed a tyrannical assault, not only against an innocent citizen, but also against the environment that they are supposed to protect!

Perhaps no other story epitomizes the tyrannical predilection of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority as that of Mr. Len Greenaway’s story written in Niagara this week Newspaper.
The NPCA cannot claim any description other than tyrannical when it accepts donated property and then cuts off common and traditional emergency water supply simply because it has acquired that power!
The NPCA has be getting away with tyranny based on framing their tyranny as conservation!

Other NPCA tyrannical activities include their attempt to destroy the last remaining 'Wetland Forest' in Niagara Falls, Ontario in favor of Rich Chinese Developers!

NPCA Tyrants take custody of popular hiking forest and immediately sell off healthy old growth trees leaving the tree tops cluttering the hiking trails!

City of Welland and the NPCA Tyrants allow millions of tons of Carcinogen toxic waste to be piled hundreds of feet high with-in the urban boundaries of Welland , Ontario for a gift of $5million!

City of Welland and NPCA Tyrants expands authority over private property and people’s homes!

The same NPCA tyrants that lord their authority over private citizens and their private property are the same Tyrants that build commercial banquette halls on our much vaunted UNESCO World Biosphere conservation park paid for by the company that created Mount carcinogen! 

After losing their years-long persecution against an innocent St. Catharines city resident, the NPCA and City of St Catharines convinced a court that by finishing his legal Solar array project he further violated the law under the spurious argument that he created a new development. This corrupted equity theft cost the Citizen additional $thousands!

Consider Jean and Peter Thomas' story because I believe you will find it interesting to learn building a sand ring on your property to exercise horses; will land you in court, fighting for your property rights resulting in huge legal fees, a $600,000 lien on your home and tens of thousands in fines and all because they did NO damage to the environment.

Please Note: Some of these cases are current to the point that they are still ongoing...
Transcripts are Available
Make note of the Council Vote

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

OMG! It's a Crisis!

Everything is a CRISIS; an EMERGENCY; a CATASTROPHY or is the greater preponderance of this 'sky is falling' alarmist diatribe designed primarily to further remove 'wealth and rights' from Citizens.

For a decade the City of St. Catharines, classified the cutting down of trees on Private Property was a Crisis predicated on the premise that this was somehow going to turn our municipality into a sundrenched desert. Has that happened? 
No it has not! 
And it will not!
This is just one more attempt to chisel equity out of the hapless overburdened home owner! 
Just one more attempt to gain control over private property! 
All predicated on our so-called leader's inability to properly husband resources.

The Regional level of government  allowed the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) to financially destroy innocent Citizens on the irrational excuse and fear that a crisis loomed in predicated on the normal activities by Citizens (on their own private properties) even when no harm to the environment ever occured.
The electorate destroyed the NPCA and all but wiped out their Regional Council over disgusting CORRUPTION including fraud, lies, perjury and Criminal Code Violations.


Out of control government agencies operating autonomously using unlimited public funds to abuse Citizens. 
Case in point, our CBA uses their CRISIS of illegal drugs as cover for TORTURE. 


Then there is the National fear of guns 'CRISIS' promoted by our authorities predicated on their own perceived risk if their policies could compel Citizens to rebel.  


Now we come to the DECADES-LONG universal crisis con job of man-made climate change! 
The Global-Cooling-Con didn't work in the 70's; The Global- Warming-Con didn't work in the late 80's; so our treacherous con artists have created a new crisis based on their nefarious claim of man-made climate change.
This man-made crisis allows the perpetrators the ability claim that whatever the situation they can blame it on man-made climate change.
The Chief con-man, All Gore, made alarmist claims such as; the polar ice would be gone by the year 2000.
Our Canadian Con Artists even have the temerity to claim that global warming man-made climate change is growing twice as fast in Canada than the rest of the world!
Climate change is inevitable. 
Man made climate change questionable.
Taxing citizens into poverty indicates moral bankruptcy.
Sending money to incompetents will not affect climate.

The real CRISIS; the real EMERGENCY; the real CATASTROPHY is being borne by the Citizen under a cabal of incompetents trying to hide their inadequacies!

Saturday, 18 May 2019

$Climate Emergency$

The “Climate Emergency” – Is it really an emergency or merely a political move?

It may be that some might accuse me of being a “climate denier” and I will take that with a grain of salt as it seems everyone knows the “climate” changes.  But isn’t it time to speak some real “truth to power”?  This is about the rhetoric Canadians are being fed by the Federal government.

The Federal government is on the brink of passing a motion to implement a “climate emergency.”  But what the Federal government is not telling Canadians is that if they do implement this purported “emergency” they also can implement a number of other things.

Then there are the purported experts saying Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world.  According to reports the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, etc., are as well.  So, how can any 2 countries be warming faster than any other country?  (Minister McKenna – climate, pollution, carbon “knows no borders,” or whatever the “word of the day” is).  If all of these countries are warming faster than any others, at the same time, doesn't that say their information is in conflict with the others?

The concern for Canadians should be that our Federal government is looking to implement forms of martial law.  That’s what happens with government uses “emergency powers.”  It’s under the “Emergencies Act.”  This should be frightening to all Canadians as there is doubt that it is truly needed.  Not to mention that the Court of Appeals, in the Saskatchewan, has already ruled on this.

4. The emergency power 
[200] Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, David Suzuki Foundation, and Intergenerational Climate Coalition submit the Act can be sustained under the “emergency” branch of the POGG power. … 
[201] The intervenors contend that the national peril posed by climate change is an emergency … David Suzuki Foundation analogizes the Act to war-time powers, saying that neither wars nor climate change run on fixed timetables. …
[202] These arguments cannot prevail. … However, the factual record before the Court cannot sustain a view that the climate change challenge is in any way short run or that the Act is intended to have, or is expected to have, a life of limited duration. This is unlike wars as typically understood. …”

Are Canadians prepared for Martial Law?  It would seem that there are more questions, than answers, regarding the information the Federal government is disseminating and creating this law under.  Is this what Canadians elected, our government, to do? So, the question – Is this truly a “climate emergency” or is this merely a political move by a political party to get their own way?  Remember SNC and Wernick stating that Trudeau will get it done “one way or another”?

Elizabeth F. Marshall,
Director of Research Ontario Landowners Association

Author – "Property Rights 101:  An Introduction”
Board Member/Secretary – Canadian Justice Review Board
Legal Research – Green and Associates Law Offices, etc.,
Legislative Researcher – MPs, MPPs, Municipal Councilors,
President All Rights Research Ltd.,
I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.  

Editor's belief that $Climate Change$ is just another Tax Grab from a Corrupt Government!!!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Canada Tortures its Innocent Ladies

Torture in Canada? Surely Not! Perhaps its just a matter of interpretation, perspective or the 'punishment fits the crime', or 'that only happens in third world situations! 
So when does a physical "in-depth" examination turn into torture?
Certainly a body scan or a hand pat-down is not considered Torture.
How about a strip search with a squat and cough of innocent Canadian Ladies?
Would it border on torture to endure a full body cavity search?
What would it be called for an innocent lady to be forced to hover above a toilet so officers could watch suspected drug balloons to drop out?
These officers had no compunction of using sleep deprivation to torture these innocent ladies. 
Just what was the outcome of their horrendous efforts? Nothing! Absolutely Nothing! Nothing on their persons. Nothing in their luggage. No indication of drug residue on the hands or belongings. So their illogical conclusion was that the ladies must have swallowed Balloons of dope. 
History is laden with excuses to justify water boarding, whips, chains,  and even torture machines. 
After all look at the sorry excuse used to justify the torture Canada did on two innocent young ladies  from the Village of Pelham Ontario upon their arrival at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

Authorities know that policy does not trump rights.
News Alert Niagara tried in vain to get our border security's version of this sickening story. We repeatedly asked our MP Chris Bittle to get us in touch with the appropriate authorities and yes we did supply MP Chris Bittle with the same link for his convenience. Starting in April we asked MP Bittle three times just for contact information to get the official story. At the time of publishing nothing
It has been said by some of the greatest minds and has been accepted as a maxim that it is better 100 guilty persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer.
Seems our border agency has a different standard.
Jayden Robertson says that all travelers seeking entry to Canada, including Canadian citizens, may be subject to in-depth exams.

Typical abuse of power , which disparately needs external supervision!

Anyone with a different perspective can make their opinion known in the comment section below.

Kudos to 'The Voice of Pelham' newspaper for their courage in bringing this story to light!

Please Note: This story was supplied to CBC's Fifth Estate

This is by far our most disturbing story !
Please Share the Hell Out of it!!!