Monday, 30 July 2018

An Extraordinarily Disgusting Story

What do you do when you have something to say but you don’t know how to say it? What do you do when you are sitting on an extraordinarily disgusting story involving people who you once respected; a story so unbelievably disturbing in scope that it challenges your writing skills? 

Just skimming through the hundreds of pounds of crap pretending to represent justice was and is overwhelming.

We’ll just start at the beginning and see where it goes. We’ll give you the skinny; you can decide for yourself.

If you have questions running deeper than our ‘Skinny’ you can delve into the hundreds of pounds of Mr. Wakulich’s correspondence and transcripts spelling out in minute detail a story more consistent with Victor Hugo’s 1850 judiciary.

This story starts with a typical innocent property owner who got caught up in the green energy hysteria. Like most innocent property owners Mr. Willie Wakulich tried to do the right thing by applying for a City of St. Catharines, Ontario permit to erect his desired solar array on his property; his bank of the Henley Rowing Pond.

Wakulich presented his application for the permit only to have city officials write on his application that a permit was NOT REQUIRED!

Willie proceeded with his solar project not realizing the ‘Permit not required’ was not worth the paper it was/is written on!

Enter: The Marvelous Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)
The Marvelous MNR argued in court that Wakulich did not own his land and even categorized Mr. Wakulich’s property was ‘NO MAN’s LAND. Wakulich tried to appeal but his appeal was summarily dismissed by the Marvelous Ministry. In the file #CA009-11 the Marvelous Ministry ordered Wakulich to remove all the solar array infrastructure destroying all of Mr. Wakulich’s expensive efforts.

Enter: Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (Corruption Authority)
Poor Wakulich found himself in a Court being attacked by persecuting Lawyer Kennedy acting for the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) and facing Kennedy’s hour-long harangue before Justice D.T. Vyse who summarily shut Kennedy down on the basis that the worthless piece of paper clearly stated that NO PERMIT WAS REQUIRED and that an appeal would have little chance for the same reason.

Now you might think that would be the end of the matter. 
You might think so, but you would be wrong!

Persecuting Lawyer Kennedy acting for the corrupt NPCA came after Wakulich again; this time with the preposterous concept that because persecuting lawyer Kennedy lost the NPCA case it meant to Kennedy and the NPCA that any continued effort to finish the solar array was now to be considered new development and subject to a NEW violation for which the totally corrupt NPCA could once again financially attack the dastardly and dangerous criminal property owner Wakulich.

Enter: City of St. Catharines’ amazing Mayor Walter Sendzik
Shaken by this second attack, Wakulich turned to his St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik for help. Mayor Sendzik promised Wakulich help; promised to defend the value and integrity of his city’s permit. Instead this amazing Mayor threw Wakulich under the NPCA bus with his city lawyer spouting the odious line that Wakulich should get a lawyer!

Mayor Sendzik once again turned his back on a constituent. Our amazing Mayor Sendzik also failed to uphold the value and integrity of his City Permit making his City permit no more than a warrant for government abuse.

How’s the story going so far? Has this story not yet informed you of the criminal nature of property owner Wakulich?

It gets worse! It gets lot worse and a whole lot darker!

Enter: The Ontario Judicial System………… Ontario’s Money pit
Ontario Justice Tom Froese refuses to address his alleged participation and personal involvement with the NPCA; the very government entity persecuting innocent property owner Citizen Wakulich in Justice Froese’s courtroom.

This following Justice Brett Kelly’s angry recusal predicated on Kelly's past NPCA participation and involvement while covertly presiding as judge in the NPCA persecution of Mark Barnfield. Starring as persecuting Crown for the corrupt NPCA none other than the alleged extortionist lawyer Mickey Cruickshank. 

Justice Froese took such exception to Wakulich correctly identifying himself as William of the Wakulich Family that he barred Wakulich from participating in his own defense. Justice Froese actually proceeded with a one-sided trial with no cross examination of the Crown’s witnesses. No defense what-so-ever!
Please notice that the cover of the Trial Transcript deceptively  claims ‘DEFENDANT NOT PRESENT’!

The Whole persecution of Mr. Wakulich followed the well-worn path of the corrupt NPCA using tax-payer money to repeatedly appeal their losing cases until their prey is financially exhausted and too broke for legal counsel! That’s when the NPCA send in Victor Hugo’s 'Javert type’ lawyers to use our judiciary to financially destroy innocent property owners!

Persecuting Lawyer Kennedy acting on behalf of the corrupt NPCA exposed the truth of the persecution with his astonishing musings of upcoming fine changes to $50,000 and his plea to the court ‘that the court send a message not only to the defendant, Mr. Wakulich, but to others’; others, as in innocent property owners with enough courage and utter audacity to try to defend themselves against a runaway, totally corrupt and unaccountable government agency.

Wakulich was not entangled in a justice system; Wakulich was trapped in a sordid cabal of contemptible deceivers! 

Should kudos go to the NPCA for their stunning ability to corrupt our judiciary, our Regional Government and municipal politicians while receiving financial favours from developers or should righteous contempt go to our obviously fallible judiciary?

Certainly, the NPCA has displayed an uncanny ability to spread its poison to all levels of Niagara’s government.

Folks: If you have read this far please understand that 'News Alert Niagara' is not equipped to sort out the legalize of our court system or the machinations of our authorities.

Simply juxtapose the above conduct with witnessing courtroom justices handing out sentences of $100 for theft of $17,000.00 worth of power equipment or another for holding a knife to the throat a convenience store clerk on the basis that they are in rehab and unlike property owners they have no financial assets for the persecutors to extort!

To Witness an innocent citizen being humiliated with snide comments from the bench is beyond the pale and must be addressed!

Our efforts are to apply common sense to things that defy common sense. We ask that those more knowledgeable and with more expertise than us to justify the scenario we have presented.

Monday, 23 July 2018

The Criminal-Miscreants of Niagara

How can this happen? 
How can everyday folk descend into corruption and even criminal activity once they obtain political power? People we have held in high esteem, admired and even voted for are now emerging as less than an example of dependability and fidelity.

The Ontario Ombudsman’s report is out and available and spelling out its findings in a precise and unambiguous message that left no wiggle room for the miscreant-activists targeted by the report.

Then, just when we thought we had seen it all, the criminal-miscreants in charge of the Niagara Regional Government slithers ever deeper into their criminal-corruption by going behind everyone’s back to secretly hire yet another Toronto legal gunslinger in a failed attempt to speciously alter the Ombudsman’s report in favor of the Criminals-Miscreants in charge.

However, it still doesn’t end! Whispers abound that a criminal-miscreant is urging fellow miscreants to avoid their official meeting in a intolerable effort to prevent quorum thus avoiding accountability until after the election!

It appears that the Criminal-Miscreants of Niagara have no intentions of releasing their grip on the Citizens!

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

In answer to repeated questions regarding December 7, 3017 incident as outlined in News Alert Niagara's expose` 'Espionage Niagara' we offer the following interim report.

To reiterate, the reason for the whole episode wraps around an alleged criminal act perpetrated by Regional Councilor Sandy Annunziata who is also the Chair of the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

Contrary to Annuziata'a allegations there never was a recorder hidden under a hat making Annunziata a bald faced criminal liar!

We believe that Councilor Annunziata perpetrated criminal mischief under the Criminal Code 430 (1), when he interfered with the media table and falsely charged that he found a recording device was 'hidden under a hat'.

It's one thing to react to a recording device being found to be in record mode when a media member leaves their seat to visit the lavatory; its another thing to assume that there was any attempt to secretly record an in-camera meeting.

Worse, Region CAO and former CAO of the corrupt Niagara Penisula Consevation Authority, D'Angelo decided to confiscate the recording device without color of right. In fact D'Angelo removed the
media person's hat, coat, scarf, recorder pouch and more importantly a Nikon 810 camera that has the ability to audio record just as well as the Sony recorder.

To date after 7 months not one of the Region's authorities has responded to our request for dialogue nor have they released the stolen recorder!

They not only stole the recorder (and kept it) but they also stole the recordings on the recorder (and have also kept the recordings)! 

The 'recording' on the recorder contains evidence as to whether or not Annunziata committed criminal mischief. Permission was granted to the Niagara Regional Police to share the recording with the Ontario Ombudsman's Office, which is still investigating. It is expected that the recordings will be safeguarded because no court action can be exercised without the recorded audio evidence that is still withheld. 

This interim report has not yet exposed the privation of our hours-long involvement with the Ontario Ombudsman investigators or the hours-long police investigation. 

P.S. It is normal for a professional photographer to suspect their camera to be compromised any time any unauthorized persons take control of it.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

The Grand Niagara Whitewash

Interesting that our fearless leaders of the Niagara Regional Regime refused to ask the trusted Ontario Ombudsman's Office to dig into the details of the hiring process regarding the former CAO of the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, Carmen D'Angelo.

Instead they opted to hire a private law firm stating that the private law firm could and would respond faster.

And they where right! But did the private law firm of ADR Chambers do the job if short cuts were taken.

According to the St. Catharines Standard Newspaper: 'Law firm hired by Region did not contact key sources from Standard’s investigation into the CAO’s hiring'.

'Key sources The Standard spoke to during its investigation say Huberman did not contact them. At least one reached out to provide Huberman with information on the condition of anonymity'.

It appears that CAO, Carmen D'Angelo and his cohorts running the Regional Regime got exactly what they paid for; with Taxpayer money.

They got a report just sufficient enough to partially quiet the discontent among concerned councilors and many thoroughly disgusted Niagara Citizens.

This sordid situation exposes just how much goes on behind the Citizen's back. Citizens of Niagara are growing concerned with the deliberate obfuscation of what is really going on.

Why does 'News Alert Niagara' take this opposing position on Mr. Huberman's very wanting examination of the Niagara Regime's Machiavellian machinations

Perhaps the answer lies in The Standard report outlined in their story as shown below:

"The Standard has learned Toronto lawyer Marvin J. Huberman — assigned to the case by legal firm ADR Chambers which was hired by regional council — did not contact key sources that provided information to The Standard during a months-long investigation into the 2016 hiring of Carmen D'Angelo."

Hiding in plain sight is 'News Alert Niagara' a public entity known by over 260,000 blog page-viewers of hundreds of stories many of which 'out' the corrupt NPCA and in some cases exposing its former CAO Carmen D'Angelo. 

Did Mr. Huberman look for information from other sources? Did he make a public call for others to come forward with information?

Mr. Hubermen would have discovered D'Angelo is a man who supported extraordinary abuse of Niagara Property owners, a man who physically assaulted a photo-journalist, a man that stole a media person's equipment over 7 months ago and still has not returned it. 

Mr. Huberman would have learned that D'Angelo and his NPCA sued a private Niagara Citizen which elicited Judge Ramsey to exclaim: "There are many places in the world where I might expect such a thing to happen, but not in our beloved Dominion.”

In one article alone Mr. Huberman would have developed questions as to why some on our Niagara Regime are so invested in their hire of D'Angelo.

The most meaningful question inadvertently raised by Mr. Huberman was; 'what does it say about a government regime that frightens and threatens its members from giving testimony in an inquiry into improper practices of the Regime?'

The fact is that Mr. Huberman failed in the very efforts for which he was paid (with Taxpayer money) and contrary to Councilor Gale's shameful slam against Standard reporter, Grant LaFleche, who actually did the job (without Taxpayer money).

Councillors passed a motion that said council now considers the matter closed. Really! Perhaps the Citizens will have something to say about this 'Matter' in the upcoming election!

P.S. Some in the Regional Regime say an apology is in order. They are absolutely Correct! The Niagara Regional Regime owes an apology to the Citizens of Niagara!

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