Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Saints of St. Catharines

From the decades long tyranny of Mayor Rigby, with his never ending persecution against what he called 'Pond Poachers' for private corporate gain; the 'Tax & Waste' Era of the Mayor McMullan Dynasty and on to psychotic episodes of the Mayor Sendzik regime, the Citizens of St. Catharines have faced a startling array of inconsistent scenarios.

Stories are coming in of code violations going from being totally ignored to penalties of ridiculous legal court battles.

It's one thing for Niagara's citizens to suffer through alcoholics, perjurers, liars, fornicators, adulterers, connivers, bankruptcy artists and vindictive creeps but its another thing altogether to have these same sordid individuals spouting lofty words like dignity, integrity, honesty, respect and ethics.

It was into this mix that Mr. and Mrs. Camilleri came seeking help. What they got was ignored!

How does the plight of Mr. and Mrs. Camilleri square with the city's braggadocio of "Citizens First"

After 30 years living on Vine Street in St. Catharines the city allowed a neighbor to make changes that suddenly caused flooding to the Canilleri property.

You can read for yourself in the 'Camilleri Papers' to witness how their plea for help has met with contemptuous neglect.

They are concerned that they are up against a City employee situation, which might also explain the psychotic nature of some city decisions or maybe someone wants their property.

In desperation the Camilleris turned to the Niagara Landowner Association (NLA) for help. The NLA turned them over to Erika Furney who Informed them that the landowner group is concerned with all property owners.

The Camilleri case exposes Niagara News Alert's lack of attention to the machinations of St. Catharines City Government.

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