Saturday, 14 July 2018

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

In answer to repeated questions regarding December 7, 3017 incident as outlined in News Alert Niagara's expose` 'Espionage Niagara' we offer the following interim report.

To reiterate, the reason for the whole episode wraps around an alleged criminal act perpetrated by Regional Councilor Sandy Annunziata who is also the Chair of the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

Contrary to Annuziata'a allegations there never was a recorder hidden under a hat making Annunziata a bald faced criminal liar!

We believe that Councilor Annunziata perpetrated criminal mischief under the Criminal Code 430 (1), when he interfered with the media table and falsely charged that he found a recording device was 'hidden under a hat'.

It's one thing to react to a recording device being found to be in record mode when a media member leaves their seat to visit the lavatory; its another thing to assume that there was any attempt to secretly record an in-camera meeting.

Worse, Region CAO and former CAO of the corrupt Niagara Penisula Consevation Authority, D'Angelo decided to confiscate the recording device without color of right. In fact D'Angelo removed the
media person's hat, coat, scarf, recorder pouch and more importantly a Nikon 810 camera that has the ability to audio record just as well as the Sony recorder.

To date after 7 months not one of the Region's authorities has responded to our request for dialogue nor have they released the stolen recorder!

They not only stole the recorder (and kept it) but they also stole the recordings on the recorder (and have also kept the recordings)! 

The 'recording' on the recorder contains evidence as to whether or not Annunziata committed criminal mischief. Permission was granted to the Niagara Regional Police to share the recording with the Ontario Ombudsman's Office, which is still investigating. It is expected that the recordings will be safeguarded because no court action can be exercised without the recorded audio evidence that is still withheld. 

This interim report has not yet exposed the privation of our hours-long involvement with the Ontario Ombudsman investigators or the hours-long police investigation. 

P.S. It is normal for a professional photographer to suspect their camera to be compromised any time any unauthorized persons take control of it.

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